Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 23

Chapter twenty-three

Rain poured over our naked bodies as Ray lifted me out from the water. His phone had been completely drenched, as well as our clothes, and without any hesitation he bent down to pick everything up while still carrying me. “Ray I can walk, it’s okay. You just passed your physical, don’t injure yourself now” I shrieked.

Ray didn’t budge. He just held me tighter and placed our clothes and his phone between our chests. “If I’m going to be leaving so soon, I’m not going to let you go until I absolutely have to” He replied.

Oh yes, Ray was leaving. Soon. It was only hours away, really, until he left me and he was right; I didn’t want him to let me go. I caressed his entire form with my eyes, watching as every drop of rain smoothed over him. The wind picked up and blew coldly against our wet bodies, making Ray quicken his steps towards my house. As soon as we entered the warm house he barely stopped to shut the door before he was walking us into the bathroom and turning on the hot water.

“Don’t want you getting sick now, do I?” He grinned. I didn’t realise I was shivering, I was too focused on watching Ray move as he dumped everything on the floor and carried me into the shower. The hot water felt almost as though it was burning me, but it was only because my body was so cold and Ray was quick to remedy that.

His mouth honed straight for my painfully erect n!pple and sucked hard, pulling it with his teeth until my moans echoed around the bathroom. He tweaked and pinched the other with his hand as his mouth worked me completely senseless. It felt almost as though he wanted to make up for any lost time we had and I couldn’t complain in the slightest. “How are you feeling? Not too sore?” He mumbled against my brea$t.

“N-no” I stuttered. It was almost too difficult to speak when his mouth doing everything in its power to disable my senses.

“Good” He lowered me slightly and I felt the thick head of his er*ction probing at my entrance. I closed my eyes and purred; I wanted him. Again, and again and again! Instead of thrusting in like I thought he would he teased my bud with his tip, circling it around and around before moving it back to rub at my entrance. I was whimpering, why was he torturing me like this?!

“Ray! Please! What are you waiting for?!” I cried. I tried to push down on him but he pulled away. Only when I stopped trying to take control did he plunge into me. Our moans simultaneously burst past our lips and I could feel Ray’s engorged member prod directly on my bundle of nerves.

“This is only going to be quick, Seychelles. I want you in that bed” He growled and I screamed in delight as his pace quickened and could only be compared to a jack hammer. He felt amazing! His skin against mine, rubbing over me and in me. Before I could warn him, I was already tipping over the edge of my climax and screaming out his name, but he wasn’t finished! He slammed me against the tiled wall and pumped into me while his head bent to the crook of my shoulder, burying his face into me.

I could hear him murmuring something but I just couldn’t hear what, but at the moment nothing mattered but the amount of pleasure coursing through my body as another orgasm rocked me mindless. “Sh*t!” Ray cursed and he pulled out again before climaxing.

“Holy damn” I panted feeling a little dizzy. “Do you ever get tired?!”

He grinned and sucked on my neck before speaking, “I only plan to stop when you pass out from over exhaustion” He growled huskily into my ear. Holy sh*t! My eyes widened. His words had me getting wet all over again just at the mental picture of him thrusting into all night.

In the back of my mind I wondered how long I would actually be able to last before I passed out. Already I was feeling light headed from an over load of pleasure but I was determined to outlast Ray. Yeah... good luck with that. Ray was drying himself off and already he was hard again. He turned to me and dried my body off meticulously and with every dried skin exposed he would kiss it softly.

How was he able to put me on edge with a few kisses here and there? It was like he was some sort of god made solely for the pleasure of women... for me, and before I knew it I pushed him hard against him chest. It caught him off guard and he stumbled onto my bed, bouncing lightly and he threw me an amused face. “Well, you got where you want me... so what are you going to do to me?”

Oh, he was naughty.

I smirked at him before moving to straddle his waist, sitting only just above his saluting member and brought my lips to his. “I want you to lie back and enjoy. Just feel” I purred, using his words back at him. His moan made me smile and I moved my lips slowly to kiss down his jaw and neck. I moved lower and lower until I came to his n!pples and, with a look through my lashes at him, I bent down and bit just hard enough to make him gasp.

I teased him the way he’d been teasing me and took my time to make sure he was as wound up as he’d made me. I could hear Ray murmuring my name, his hands would clench as well as his jaw but he laid still for me. I kissed down his ribs, kissing every bone until I got to his abs. With the tip of my tongue I swirled over each of the bulging muscles and watched them tighten as Ray moaned loudly.

I grinned and chuckled, proud of how well he was staying still for me, and didn’t torture him any longer before moving down to take him fully into my mouth. A strangled cry came from Ray and I pressed my hands down over his powerful thighs to keep his legs from moving as I bobbed my head down lower and lower. Cramming every inch of him into my mouth I could feel him throbbing against the back of my throat and I gagged before moving back to slide my lips lightly over the length of him.

“Holy sh*t, Seychelles!” He rasped gripping the sheets tightly in his hands.

I purred with him in my mouth and my eyes fluttered shut as I pleasured him over and over again. I teased the tip, running my tongue over the little ridge on the underside of the head as I caressed his sacs. Suddenly my body was lifted and swivelled while my shriek was muffled by his member and I groaned in ecstasy as Ray lowered me over him and immediately thrust his tongue into me.

I was lost in the bliss he was inflicting on me that I forgot what I was doing. “Don’t stop!” Ray begged me against my folds and I began to deep throat him again, taking in as much as I could over and over again. It was like a never ending circle of pleasure passed on from Ray through my body and returned as I flicked my tongue over his member.

“Beauty, I can’t take much more!” Ray growled. I believed him. Ray was as hard as rock and standing up in wet perfection. I was on the brink of my orgasm and I wanted him pounding into me now. As though reading my mind Ray’s rough hands gripped my hips and lifted me forward to straddle his waist facing away from him before plunging into me without any hesitation.

I screamed in pure joy. He was so hard, so ready and so engorged it felt as though he was piercing me straight to my throat; he was  so deep, so wondrously deep and hitting my g-spot so perfectly I climaxed instantly! Ray didn’t let me calm down, however, he lifted me up by the hips and slammed me back down again and again, hitting my spot just right continuously until I begged him to come for me, to have his release. Tears of bliss brimmed in my eyes and with one final scream from me he pulled me down while thrusting upwards and pulled me off before coming violently over his stomach.

I was crouched over his legs, all my limbs shaking with exhaustion and unable to hold myself up any longer I collapsed to the side of Ray on my bed. I heard him clean himself up and soon was spooning me from behind. “I love hearing you scream my name, Seychelles. Your voice is so raw and just the sound of it makes me want to come. Damnit, where have you been all my life? I just can’t seem to get enough of you” I smiled tiredly as he peppered soft butterfly kisses over my neck and down my shoulder blades.

Ray and I made love all through the night and into the early hours of the morning. Sometimes rough and fast, sometimes slow and powerful but no matter how we did it, it was always beautiful and always ending with multiple orgasms. I couldn’t remember when I passed out, but I remembered thinking that Ray was true to his word about not stopping until I passed out from over exhaustion.

I woke up to the flash of lightening outside. I stuck my hand out to find a warm, but empty bed and cracked my eyes open to see that indeed the bed was empty. I heard the shower running and smiled. Wow... just wow. Last night and, well this morning, was unbelievable. I rolled over and groaned when I felt aches in places I didn’t know even existed. It was no wonder that Ray passed his physical. He was a bloody beast in bed, and shower, and floor, and beach and... well... he was just a beast, full stop.

There was just one problem now.

Now I’ve had a taste of his physical side how in the hell was I supposed to let him go? I loved him. I was in love with him and so many times last night I nearly screamed it out for him to hear. I peeked at the clock and the bright red numbers read two-thirty in the afternoon. Huh, I couldn’t remember the last time I slept in until the afternoon.

Then again, a sex marathon with a sexual god would do that to you.

The shower stopped and after a minute Ray opened the door with a towel wrapped low around his waist with steam flowing around him. Damn... he is so perfect.

Ray smirked, “Why thank you. Though I’m pretty sure you’re the definition of ‘perfect’, Beauty”

My face coloured, oh my God, did I say that out loud?

Ray sat on the edge of the bed and lowered his lips to passionately lock with mine. It was so emotional it took my breath away. He pulled back but pecked me once, then twice more. “How are you feeling this mor- well, afternoon?”

“Sore” Came my reply instantly, “But feeling perfect”

“Just as you should” He smiled. Silence fell over us and I began to feel self conscious, though I was pretty sure I should’ve been passed all of that.

“So... will you spend time with your mom today?” I asked softly. “Before you leave?”

“Actually, I was hoping to spend my last few hours here with you... if that’s okay?” His eyes were searching mine; looking for something I just didn’t know what.

“I’d love that Ray, as long as your mom doesn’t mind me stealing you away from her”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind” He whispered before removing his towel and crawling over me.


We made every hour count.

Not one hour was wasted away on trivial things, although anything we did whether it was rolling around the bed, eating or just talking was worthwhile. It felt like we were in our own little cocoon. The rain never lifted or eased off, if anything it became worse and soon the hope that his flight being pushed back was possible. Outside, grey rain pounded heavily that I could barely see the beach anymore.

“Damn” Ray cursed.  “Seychelles, do you mind if I borrow your phone? Mine is completely useless now from the rain”

“Oh sure” I tossed him my phone and took out his clothes from the dryer, tossing it to him as well. He’d been wandering about the house in a towel all day and though it was great for easy access, it was a major distraction. Not that either one of us complained.

“I need to call Tom and see if our flight is still tomorrow or if it’s been pushed til later” He seemed nervous, maybe he was feeling the same way I was? I could only hope. He dialled Tom’s number and held the phone to his ear, not bothering to move away but instead pulling me to sit on his lap. “Shaw, how’s mom? Good... any news about our flight tomorrow?”

He stayed quiet while Tom’s voice buzzed through the speaker and as he listened his thumb stroked my hip. I leaned my head against his hard chest and listened to his steady heart beat. I loved the sound of his heart, it seemed stronger than others and made me think that his heart was just bigger than most. I listened to his heart beat and mentally noted how it would eventually beat the same time as mine before going off track again, but all of a sudden it quickened and I looked up at his face to see a grave expression.

“I see... So what time will we need to leave for the airport? Got it. I’ll be over there at thirteen hundred hours. Bye” He hung up and hung his head to lay on top of mine.


He sighed. “The flight’s still going through. It’ll be at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon but I told him I’d be over there at one so I could say goodbye to my mom and pack”

Coldness swept over me. Any more hope of keeping him for longer was swept out from under me and I bit my lip. As though the weather felt our angst the wind blew harder and shook the house while rain hammered heavily against the roof and walls. “Well then, let’s not lose any more time yeah? We still have seventeen more hours together”

Seventeen hours wasn’t enough.

In fact, seventeen hours flew by in what seemed like a few minutes. We didn’t sleep that night. We spent every moment wrapped in each other bodies, making love and locking lips. With every hour that passed the love making seemed to feel more emotional. Our bodies, having only been properly introduced to each other, were saying goodbye in the only way they could. We were covered in sweat and finally our bodies collapsed from overuse.

“Are you hungry?”  Ray whispered to me.

I shook my head, food was nowhere to be found on my mind. I just held him closer. My eyes burned from fatigue but I refused to give in. I could sleep when I cried myself to sleep when he left me, but for now I refused to let them close. I circled my finger over the hickeys I left all over Ray’s chest and splayed my hand over his heart.

I love you, I chanted in my head. I love you, I love you, I love you! I wanted to tell him. I felt as though I would burst if he didn’t at least know... but then what was the use? He was leaving, and who knew for how long? There was no point in telling him anymore. I missed my chance. I wouldn’t tell Ray that I was ridiculously, completely and head over heels in love with him... ever.

My phone began to beep. The alarm we set when Ray had to leave to drive to his house. I held him tighter. No! “Seychelles, I need to go” He croaked. I didn’t speak, instead I just let him slip through my fingers as he stood up and dressed in the same clothes. I felt hollow, like an empty shell void of any feelings as I watched him pull his shoes on. Finally he turned to me and held a hand out.

Immediately I went to him and he hugged me so ferociously I couldn’t breathe. “I’ll come with you to the airport” I squeaked.

He shook his head. “The weather is terrible, Beauty. It’s dangerous and I won’t even let my mom go to the airport either, Tom and I are just going to take a cab to the airport”

“I don’t care, Ray, I just want a few more minutes with you” I begged, but for once Ray didn’t give in.

“I can’t let you baby. Please, don’t make it harder for me to leave you” Before I could ask what he meant his lips came crashing down as he showed me how much he’d miss me with his kiss. My tears fell down my cheeks and mingled with our connected lips and before I knew it his warm lips were gone, leaving nothing but the tingles I always felt when he kissed me and the saltiness of my tears. “Goodbye, Seychelles. I promise to write to you”

He caressed my cheek with his rough thumb but quickly pulled away. He opened the front door and ran to his car. I couldn’t even hear the engine start over the howling wind but I did see his eyes pierce mine before he looked away for the last time and drove down the driveway, disappearing into the grey sheet of rain.

I stared at the empty driveway for who knows how long, with the entire house shaking dangerously, before running to my bed and crying in a ball. Choked sobs wracked my body as I cradled the pillow he used to my chest. His scent stuck to the material and I inhaled it trying to feel closer to him, even though he was currently driving farther and farther away from me.

“I love you, Ray” I cried into his pillow knowing he’d never hear it from me.

[Ray’s POV]

“You’ve been unnaturally quiet, Beast” Tom commented as we sat side by side in the airport waiting for our flight.

I grunted in response but continued to stare at the television that was showing the news. Everything felt bland. People, planes, machines... everything was simply white noise as I sat there hating myself for not being strong enough to tell Seychelles how I truly felt. All through our love making for the past two days I’d mumble how much I loved her... but never loud enough for her to hear me.

The yellow, orange and red colours of the weather channel showed us the more affected areas and I noted how our town was covered completely in the red zone.

“-a hurricane. Police and firemen are urging everyone to stay indoors. Rescue teams are being dispatched to all houses closest to the beaches and...- I have just been informed that already, five houses have been severely damaged and-“

Tom’s phone began blaring and he snatched it up quickly, his face turning pale. “-I’ll tell him. Thanks Cole. Let me know if anything comes up. Bye”

I wanted to vomit. I felt like I already knew what was going to come out of Tom’s mouth. “Tom...” I whispered with wide eyes.

He gulped. “That was Cole. He’s been trying to call you... It’s Shell. Her house collapsed and they can’t find her...-“

I didn’t wait to listen to anything else he said. I was already running out of the airport ready to hail the closest cab.



No one saw that coming... did they?

I meant to finish writing this yesterday but I fell asleep haha!

Nix <3

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