Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 24

Chapter twenty-four

Try to slip past his defense, without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong, the things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you, and I pray to God he hears you!
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend, somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life.

How to save a life – The Fray <-- Such an emotional song, I have a hard time not crying because it reminds me of that sad scene in Scrubs lol

Play the video when you start reading, trust me!


Wind whipped at my face while the cold rain bit into my skin. Images of Seychelles’ face were flashing behind my eyelids every time I blinked and I could feel the tears building in my eyes. I shook my head and ran after an empty cab, the howling winds made it impossible for them to hear my shouting and the amount of scared people made it impossible for them to see me. I threw the door open and jumped in. I blurted out Seychelles’ address and with a curt nod the cab driver drove off.

Now it was a waiting game.

The airport was forty-five minutes away from her house, if I was lucky, and I hated that I had to sit in a cab while Seychelles could be hurt... could be stuck under the debris of the house... could be dea- No! She wasn’t dead! She wasn’t dead! She wasn’t dead! I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and mumbled it. The words became a mantra, I began to need to hear my own mind say it over and over again just to give me a little speck of hope.

It was all my fault.

I growled angrily and punched the head rest in front of me, making the cab driver jump and ask if I was alright. I just told him to drive faster. She wanted to come to the airport with me. But I told her to stay at home, where it was ‘safe’. I told her I was going to fix the structure of her house, but I didn’t. I couldn’t fix it because of the rain but I should’ve tried harder! I left her there by herself when I knew it wasn’t structurally sound. It was all on me and now she could be dead! Dead!

I swallowed back a sob.

I never told her I was in love with her... and now I may never have the chance to.

I clenched my jaw. The memory of the last time I saw her seemed to be stuck in my mind’s eye now and it made my heart clench painfully. I watched her, while I sat in my car, as she stared at me begging me with something in her eyes, with nothing but nature’s tears separating us. Maybe she would’ve been better off if I had never met her. Maybe if I’d brought her to the hospital that very first day, instead of my home, she wouldn’t be missing while a hurricane roared threateningly around us.

It’s all my fault!

“Here, Sir” The cab driver drawled and I threw a handful of cash into the front seat, which could’ve possibly been four times the amount of the trip... I wouldn’t know, nor did I care.

I jumped out into the pounding rain and my eyes widened as I took in what was left of Seychelles’ house. It was nothing but a pile of bricks, wood and shattered glass. I immediately saw Cole standing on top of the fallen house and was shouting Seychelles’ name. “Cole!” I shouted and ran over to him. His head snapped up to me.

“Ray, where the hell were you?! I’ve been trying to call you for ages-“

“It doesn’t matter, I’m here now. Have you been able to find Seychelles?!” My heart was hanging on the edge of a cliff by its heart strings for his answer. But his answer wasn’t any good...

He shook his head slowly, throwing another look back at the house. “No... there’s too much wooden beams everywhere and I can’t lift them. Her car’s still here so I know she should still be here but... I just can’t find her!”

I growled in frustration, in anger and in worry before running over to where her front door would’ve been. “Seychelles! Seychelles answer me! Where are you?!” I yelled throwing bricks away and lifting up beams of wood, not caring of the multitude of splinters that seemed to split into my skin. Cole had joined me and I looked over his way, “Where the hell is the rescue team? The police? The ambulance? Why the f*ck aren’t they here?!”

“It’s a small town Ray, they’re scattered all over the place since more houses were destroyed. I only came to check on Shell and I found her house like this”

Lightening cracked the black sky and the rain never paused a beat. I was soaked to the bone and cold as hell but my need to find Seychelles was so beyond my own understanding that I was acting on pure adrenaline alone. Where the hell was she?!

“Seychelles!” I jumped over the debris and began searching farther in the middle, careful not to fall to stab myself on anything. I never stopped calling her name. I never gave up hope. I just continued on shouting and pulling beams up, throwing it over my shoulders before doing it again.

And then I saw something.

A foot.

“Seychelles!” I cried in exhilaration. If I thought my emotions were on high alert already, it was nothing compared to how scattered they were now. I found her, I found her, I found her! “Seychelles can you hear me?! Talk to me please!”

We were where her bedroom used to be and she was trapped under her bed, which had had the thick main support beam lying over the top of it. “Ray...” My eyes widened when I could barely hear her sweet, sweet voice croak out my name. “Help... pleas-“

“Seychelles, keep talking. Keep talking to me baby. Stay with me. Are you okay? Are you hurt?” I was throwing off other debris from the beam so I could lift it but she wasn’t answering me anymore. “No! Cole! Help me, quick!”

Cole ran over and gasped when he saw her foot sticking out from under the bed and quickly we cleared the beam. “Ray, she’s trapped underneath. The bed is pinning her down” Cole explained when he peeked under the beam to check on her. “She’s unconscious...”

“I’ll lift the beam, you up turn the bed. We need to get her out of here ASAP!” I ordered him. He nodded and got into place as I gripped the beam. It was heavy. Very heavy. Bit by bit I heaved it up, my body shook and my legs cramped but I lifted it higher and higher until I heard Cole able to remove the bed. I roared as I threw the beam aside and it landed heavily with a crash.

Then I saw her.

She was every bit the beautiful angel. But she was unconscious and she didn’t look so well. She was still clutching at her pillow and reminded me of a scared child. I immediately swooped down and tried to cover her body from the rain as my tears mixed with the rain drops running down my face. “Seychelles, baby... please. Wake up! Wake up!” I cried, but all I got was her croaky groaning as her head flopped to the other side.

“We can’t move her Ray...” Cole said from behind me, already taking his phone out to dial the ambulance.

“She just moved her head though... I think her spine may be alright but she doesn’t look good Cole. I am not leaving her out here in the rain to wait for the f*cking ambulance! We need to take her to the hospital!”

Cole looked unsure but didn’t fight me. So, with as much care as I could, I gently lifted Seychelles from the wreck and the pillow tumbled out of her arms. Cole helped me walk through the pile of wood, bricks and glass and soon we were making it to his car. I slipped into the back and laid Seychelles out ready for Cole to speed to the hospital. As we reached the main road I saw Tom in another cab and we stopped next to each other while he and Cole lowered their windows.

“Cole, Ray! Where the hell is Shell?” He shouted, worry colouring his tone.

“She’s hurt bad, Tom. She’s unconscious, just meet us at the hospital. We’ll talk there” I shouted through Cole’s open window. He nodded and in a matter of seconds both cars were on the way to the hospital.


It’s been hours.

It’s been too long.

Where were the doctors? Where were the nurses? Where was anyone who knew anything about Seychelles?!

I turned again, completing another lap of my pacing. After we arrived at the hospital everyone immediately jumped to help Seychelles and Tom, Cole and I were left, soaking wet, to wait in the waiting room. Tom had brought our bags so we were able to change into something dry and after some persuading Cole left to go home with a promise from us that we’d let him know how she was, whenever we found out. If we ever find out, I growled mentally. Tom had been worried about Seychelles as well. For the first three hours he would ask every doctor and nurse if they’d heard anything but now, though still worried, he was back to his normal self and flirting with all the female nurses. I don’t even know how many hours had passed anymore, all the seconds, minutes and hours had moulded together into a big blur.

“Seychelles Roberts?” My head snapped up faster than a ricocheting bullet and was at the doctor’s side two seconds flat.

“Yes, Seychelles Roberts. How is she? Is she alright? What’s wrong? What happened-“ The doctor held his hand up just as Tom came to stand by me with a grave face.

“Are you family?” He asked, his eyes darting between us.


“Yes” I interrupted Tom, “He’s her brother and I’m...I’m her boyfriend” I didn’t miss the sideway glance from Tom but we didn’t say anything else, instead just waiting for the doctor to talk. I wasn’t sure if he believed me about Tom being her brother considering the look he threw us so I spoke again. “Please Doc, she doesn’t have any other family. Can we see her, please!”

He sighed and nodded. “In a moment. Seychelles mainly suffered cuts and bruises from the collapse of her house but she did have a clean break in her left tibia and several fractured ribs. She really was quite lucky that that was the extent of her injuries. As for visiting her, I can only ask one at a time. Our wards are quite full and are becoming crowded-“

“Is there any single bed wards available?” I asked with furrowed brows.

“Uh, well yes but-“

“I want her moved to one of those. I don’t care if I have to pay for it her entire stay but I want her to have her own room” I adamant that she had the best and not too impressed that she was in a crowded ward. The doctor spluttered momentarily but nodded.

“I’ll uh, I’ll see what we can do. Now, if you would like to see her, follow me” Tom and I were on the doctor’s heels as we walked down the hall and into the ward. I was at Seychelles’ side immediately but she wasn’t awake.

“Is she okay though, Doc?” I asked worriedly. He nodded.

“Just give her time. It must’ve been traumatizing having to go through what she went through alone. I’ll go see what I can do about that room for her, I’ll be right back”

His words bit into me more than he had intended. It must’ve been traumatizing to go through what she went through alone. I couldn’t hate myself more than at this moment. Well, except when I found out her house collapsed, that is. I made her go through all this alone and the same realisation that it was entirely my fault rested on my shoulders again. I raised my eyes to caress her pale face.

“I’m so sorry Beauty” I whispered as tears began to cascade down my cheeks. “This is all my fault. I did this to you... please, wake up baby. I need you”

I felt a hand pat my shoulder. “She’s alright, Beast. She just needs to let her body rest a bit. Come on, let’s get you a coffee and hopefully they’ll be able to have moved her by the time you finish it”

Just like always, Tom had my back and I was grateful that he came back instead of continuing on the flight. It took him an hour to get me away from her bed and even as we sat at the hospital cafe I was nowhere near good company. “You really like her, don’t you?” He asked calmly.

“I’m in love with her, Shaw” I replied truthfully.

“So why the hell were you leaving?” He asked, not even looking surprised that I admitted how I felt about her. Why the hell was I leaving?It was a good question... why was I leaving? The conversation Seychelles and I had just a few days ago filled my mind when I asked her how she’d felt if I left.

“I would be happy for you, Ray. If you decided to go back to the Air Force I would be proud and happy for you, because it’s what makes you happy”

I squeezed my eyes tightly. I was an idiot. She never told me she would be happier if I left, or anything close to it! She was really telling me that she wanted me to be happy; that she’d be happy if I was happy. Damnit! I clenched my fists... I was happy when I was with her. I should never have left. I should stayed with her without a second thought.

And I never planned to leave her. I planned to win her heart.


By the time Tom and I made our way back to the wards the nurse informed us that Seychelles had already been transferred to a private room, much to my pleasure. We walked into her room and I felt instantaneously better at the private surroundings. I placed a bunch of pink tulips into the vase by her bed and bent down to kiss her forehead. She was slightly clammy and still unconscious and I was worried as to why she wasn’t waking up. Peeking out from under the thin sheets I could see her casted leg and I rubbed my thumb mindlessly over it.

“She’ll be fine, Beast” Tom clapped my shoulder once again. “Do you want to check on your mom?”

I did, but I couldn’t leave her. I needed to be here for her. “I can’t leave her, Tom” I whispered.

He nodded. “Alright. I’ll go to her house and watch out for her. You take my phone and I’ll let you know how she is alright? And don’t worry... Shell will be okay”

I didn’t move my gaze from Seychelles, instead just nodding and soon I heard the door close behind as. Seychelles and I were alone in her private room and I all I could do was stroke the back of her hand while cursing myself for being so stupid. All the times we made love and I would constantly murmur my love for her, sometimes I’d speak louder so that she would maybe hear me... but I guess she never did. Frustration coursed through my veins. Why in the hell was I feeling so emotional and lost when I should be stronger than this? I needed to harden up.

Tom called a little while later and I breathed another sigh of relief when he let me know that mom was perfectly fine. He offered to come back so I could get some rest but by the sound of his muffled words I could tell he was already back to eating my mom’s cookies or muffins or whatever else she had baked. I could practically hear his grin when I told him to eat my share too since I refused to leave Seychelles’ side and he quickly hung up to do exactly that.

With every passing hour that Seychelles didn’t wake up, I sat by her side just taking in every feature of her face. It was cut up and bruising pretty badly just like the rest of her body but she was still the most beautiful person I’d ever laid eyes on. Her eyelashes stroked her cheekbones and her hair was brushed out around her face while her lips and skin were still pale. Why wouldn’t she wake up?

I’d asked the doctor so many times and his answer was always the same. “Just give her time, Ray. She needs to let her mind cope and body to rejuvenate” And so I continued to hold her hand while I listened to the steady beeping of her heart on the monitor beside her.



And she’s safe!

How do you think she’ll react to seeing Ray there?

Sorry about the wait guys I had a couple of busy days. Went to a Blues Festival with some friends and my daughter – Loved it!!!, then visited the parents the day before babysitting my god daughter and then this morning... Phew! Who liked my facebook page? They know what happened lol.

I’ll give you a brief description!
-Normal morning watching cartoons with my daughter while the fiancé sleeps upstairs
- Next thing I know, there’s 5 cops outside my house with a warrant to search my house
- Yes, I know... ‘dafuq?!’, is quite a useful phrase at that moment
- Explanations were made and they searched the house – we have nothing to hide and therefore wasn’t actually bothered by it, just a little confused and I was in shock.
- They terminated the search like 15 mins later because there was nothing to be found

All in all they were lovely men and we joked around with them while they searched the house. Would it be weird if I said it gave me ideas for a one shot story?! Lmfao! Oh my... My uneventful life just had one hell of an eventful morning.

Anyhoo... enjoy lol.
Nix <3

PS. This chapter is dedicated to all my fans who told me they cried during the last chapter... especially the ones who cried in public hehe. <3

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