Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 28

Chapter twenty-eight

The salty breeze was warm and pushed my hair around my face as we broke apart for air. My lips felt swollen but I couldn’t care less! Ray proposed, he proposed! Ray and I were engaged to be married! Never in my entire life had I ever assumed that I would be lucky enough to find someone like him, let alone have him want to spend the rest of his life with me. I felt like I was on cloud nine and wasn’t about to come down any time soon either.

I entwined our hands together and lifted it above his head so they lay on the soft sand together. I brought my lips back to his and sucked his bottom lip in to nibble on while I crawled up to straddle him. I was wound up so tightly and I didn’t care that we were out in the open on the sandy banks where anyone could possibly walk in on us... I wanted Ray and I wanted him now. I’d put myself on the pill as soon as I could after leaving the hospital and silently thanked myself for it.

He thrust his tongue into my mouth and tasted mine but I was in no mood for lingering kisses right now. Slowly I pulled away and kissed down his jaw feeling the slight stubble prickling against my kiss swollen lips. I kissed along the strong line of his jaw and down to his Adam’s apple where it bobbed as he swallowed. Inching lower, I broke our hands apart, but as I kissed down his neck my fingertips trailed down his arms letting me feel every dip of his muscles.

I grazed my teeth along his collar bone but continued to move my hands down, feeling his strong, wide shoulders and every rib down to his trim waist and narrow hips. I pushed my fingers under his shirt pulled it upwards letting my fingertips grazed along his skin again and a low moan escaped Ray’s lips as he sat up a little to help me remove his shirt. I threw his shirt aside and brought my lips down again to suck on the skin above his rapidly beating heart.

I teased his n!pples with my tongue and lips while I scraped my nails lightly over the hem of his jeans. I could feel his abdomen tensing and his pulse practically thudding against my lips and I grinded my core against his now straining bulge. I popped the button open and removed his jeans along with his boxers and bit my lower lip as my eyes landed on his pulsing er*ction. A pearl of moisture glistened on the tip and I was quick to lower my mouth to leisurely lick it up with the flat of my tongue.

I laid between his legs and my hands moved to caress his sacs, massaging them gently, as I slowly eased the head of his manhood past my lips. He was hard and hot and my eyes fluttered closed as his hands brushed my hair back from my face and knotted it to the back of my head while he pushed my head lower to take more of him in. Inch after inch filled my mouth until it was hitting the back of my throat and just when I couldn’t handle it any more he tugged my hair back letting my lips glide back up.

“Ah sh*t, Sechelles!” He gasped as he repeated the same pushing and tugging on my hair but all I could concentrate on was the need in my core building with every stroke of my mouth over his length and how much harder he was growing in my mouth. Saliva was pooling in my mouth and with every tug of my hair it left his er*ction glistening and waiting to be tasted all over again. Suddenly he tugged me back enough for my mouth to release him with a wet pop and his head fell back as he panted heavily. “I’ll come if you do that anymore, Beauty!”

I grinned and crawled up his body throwing my baggy shirt away along with my bra. “Maybe I want you to, Beast” I purred.

He shook his head while gazing at me under hooded eyelids. “No Beauty, I want you right there with me when I do come”

Suddenly he flipped me over and tore my shorts and panties off all the while bringing his mouth down to my chest. His teeth took hold of my n!pple and he tugged gently while he grinded his length over my dripping core. He let his length tease my folds as he thrust his hips, but never easing inside of me. The head of his manhood rubbed my cl!t over and over and I was quickly speeding closer to my climax. He moved his teeth to tug on my other n!pple and I cried out in need.

“Ray! Oh God... please!” I cried out loudly.

He moved up, still grinding his length through my folds, so his face was directly in front of mine. “Open your eyes Seychelles. Open them! Look at me baby and don’t take your eyes off me” He panted. I pried my eyes open and I could see in the reflection of his lust-filled eyes my own dilated, hooded eyes. “I love you Seychelles”

His words were so heartfelt, and exactly what I’d needed to hear. It tipped me over the edge and my climax hit me like a tsunami. “I love you, Ray!” I screamed as my climax took over, and Ray chose the epitome of my climax to thrust into me hard. My back rose right off the sand as my pleasure piled higher and higher and my hands flew up to the back of his shoulders digging my nails into the smooth skin.

It seemed as though we were passed taking our time and going slow because Ray was pumping into me hard and fast and I was loving the power behind every thrust. With every upwards stroke his hips would hit mine and the slapping sound of our sweaty bodies filled the empty beach. I clawed at his back in ecstasy as he pounded into me it and soon he was lowering himself onto his elbows to cage me in as he gazed deeply into my eyes.

“Tell me again” He panted, his eyes searching mine as he slowed his thrusts and began rotating his hips.

I brought my hand up, with my engagement ring shining in the moonlight, to cup his cheek as I arched my back but still holding his gaze. “I love you, Ray. I love you, I love you, I love you!

I chanted it over and over, whispering it solidly to him, as he began to pump harder and faster again. He closed his eyes tight, but not before I managed to glimpse a lone tear fall down his cheek, as he buried his face into the crook of my neck just before we climaxed together with my name rolling off his tongue.

After our breathing slowed down and we regained enough energy, we dragged ourselves back to the house and started all over again in the shower. We made love through the night calling each other names and our declarations of love as our climaxes rendered our bodies useless.


“Finally! A day off!” I beamed sleepily as the sun spilled through the open windows.

I’d been waiting almost three months after Ray proposed for a proper day off where I wouldn’t have to bother with work and today Ray and I had decided to paint the house. We weren’t really too fussed with the colours and decided to paint the main walls a calming blue. Last night we’d already tossed protective sheets over everything and everything was waiting for us whenever we were ready.

I yawned wide and covered my mouth with my hand and I grinned again when the sunlight caught the diamonds of my ring. I loved it, it was absolutely stunning. It was way too much, obviously, but Ray had pushed that he wanted me to have it. A sparkling diamond sat comfortably in the centre of the white gold ring while the band swirled around it with smaller diamonds like waves swirling around a surfboard. At least, that’s what Ray told me it reminded him of when he saw it. It was easily the most expensive and dear item that I’ve ever owned and frankly, it scared me to wear it because I was scared I’d lose it! I silently congratulated myself for still having it after three months of being engaged.

The smell of coffee wafted to me through the open bedroom door and I crawled out of bed wearing only Ray’s t-shirt. Ray stood at the kitchen bench only wearing boxers as he stirred the teaspoon in his own mug of coffee. “Could I grab one too, Ray?” I asked once I perved on him enough... for now.

He lifted his head and nodded towards my own steaming mug of coffee and I grinned. He seemed too perfect to be true. “Good morning sleepy head. You slept in later than usual” He smiled as he sipped at his coffee.

I shrugged and sat on the stool sipping at my own before answering. “You ready to paint the house today?”

“Sure. It’d be nice to see this place with some colour” We chatted about which rooms we’d tackle first and agreed to get it all done today, even if it meant the house would stink of fumes. “Alright. Well, I’ll just change and we’ll get started”

“Shame... I quite like seeing you in my shirts” He smirked. “I’ll change as well though”

I didn’t quite think painting the walls would be such a messy job...

Maybe I was doing it in an odd way but I had blue paint up my arms and splatters across my black t-shirt and a cotton shorts. I looked over at Ray and burst out laughing. Blue paint had been splattered and smudged over his hair and face as well as his clothes and hands. He looked somewhere between a man and a smurf on steroids.

I walked over to him holding my paint brush up and swiped it across his cheek, “It looks like you missed a spot, Beast” I joked.

He stared at me with wide eyes before a smirk grew on his face and the next thing I knew he was chasing me around the house with a thick paintbrush dripping with blue paint while I screamed and laughed. “You threw the paint at my face! Who does that?!” I laughed hysterically.

“You started it, Beauty! Now you pay the consequences!”  He guffawed.

In the background I heard ringing and dashed past Ray to the computer where we had an incoming Skype call. “Oh Ray! It’s Tom, he’s calling from the base” I called out to him as I pressed the answer button. Tom’s face flicked on the screen just as Ray dumped a whole bucket of paint down the back of my shirt. I screamed and laughed throwing myself at Ray as I rubbed as much paint over him as I could. “I can’t believe you did that!” I laughed.

“Well... this is much more interesting than porn” Tom said with an amused face filling in the screen.

Our heads snapped to the screen and, somewhere under all the blue paint, we were both blushing. “Shaw... you had a reason for calling?” Ray asked.

Tom leaned forward closer to the camera and nodded vigorously. “Sure did! I actually called to talk to Shell, Beast. Not that you’re not interesting or anything... but I need to talk to your fiancée”

My eyebrows rose in surprise. Firstly, because he sounded so serious; and secondly because he needed to speak to me. “Oh... what’s up Tom?”

“Look Shell, I know the deal with the whole maid of honour thing where she helps you with all the organisation but I needed to talk to you because I am demanding that I take over the decorations for the wedding” I quirked an eyebrow at Tom on the computer screen before glancing over at Ray who stared at him like he lost his head.

“You” I said pointing at the screen, “Want to be head of the decorations?”

“Yep!” He replied popping the ‘p’. “But maybe only for the reception... how’s that? That includes the table settings all the way to the cake topper”

I stayed silent, waiting for him to shout that he was joking or laugh it off but he just stared back at me nodding every once in a while. “You’re serious...”

“Course I’m serious!”

Ray bent down so he could fit into the screen, “Did you get knocked sideways over there? Or maybe got heat stroke? Are you actually asking to be in charge of the decorations for the reception, Shaw?”

Tom scoffed. “I’m stylish! Trust me! I am the best man!”

I turned to look at Ray and he shrugged. “It’s up to you, future Mrs Hodges”

I giggled and sighed scrunching my face little before answering Tom. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you... but if you mess this up on purpose I will set my fiancé on you”

“So... that’s a yes?”

I cringed. “That’s a yes”

Tom whooped and did a quick fist pump as the men in the background laughed. “Alright, you two enjoy having your smurf sex! And chill Shell, I have everything under control. All you have to do for the reception is pick the cake and show up!” Then, with one last grin he logged off.

“Oh God... what did I do?”

“You don’t have to let him, you know” Ray comforted me as he swiped his thumb over my eye to remove some paint. “I don’t know what’s gotten into him all of a sudden, I rarely ever do, but if you’re worried that something could go wrong just tell me and he’s out of the decorating business”

I sighed and drew little heart patterns on his skin; it was almost like finger painting again, and shook my head. “No, he seems like he has something on his mind for the reception and I don’t think he’d ruin it on purpose... right?

“Right” Ray answered, but he sounded a little uncertain himself.  “Come on... you’ve been a naughty girl, and now you’re all dirty. I guess it’s up to me to clean you all up” Ray suddenly picked me up in a bridal hold and walked us to the shower where I was sure the tiles would end up completely blue.

[Wedding day]

“Rose... what if he regrets asking me and I walk out and he’s not there?” I panicked to my maid of honour. “Or-or what if he refuses to say ‘I do’?!”

Rose, my friend from college lived over in the next town and had moved back here once I asked her to be maid of honour and told her that we had six months to plan the wedding. In college, while I studied subjects that were more about fitness and nutrition, she leaned more on the arts and had a real passion for photography. She was ridiculously shy due to the fact that she was more curvaceous than she’d like but she failed to realise just how beautiful she was.

“Shell, seriously? I’ve seen the way Ray looks at you! I’ve never seen anyone more in love with their partner... it’s almost embarrassing to be in the same room as you two!” I tore my eyes away from my panicked face in the mirror to look straight into Rose’s baby blue eyes that were framed by her chestnut hair. Her plump lips turned into a smile and just like that I felt more at ease. She always did have a calming nature.

“Thanks Rose. I knew there was a reason I made you maid of honour” I grinned.

I turned back to the mirror and let my eyes trail over the simple pearl wedding dress I wore. The front was modest and had little flower patterns towards my throat, but it was the back that drew the attention; the back was low cut and the silky material was held together by two thin straps that criss crossed between my shoulder blades. My hair was let down in loose beach waves but was covered by a lace veil and my jewellery was kept to a minimum with me only wearing my engagement ring and diamond studs.

“It’s time, Shell” Rose smiled handing me my bouquet of red roses. I took a deep breath and followed her out of the changing room of the waterfront restaurant and together we walked towards the entrance doors where Sandy met us.

“Oh Shell!” She sniffed. “You look beautiful!”

“Stop Sandy, or you’ll make me cry!” I chuckled. Sandy took my hand held it in the crook of hers as we waited by the doors with Rose. I remembered when I had asked Sandy, without a moment’s hesitation, if she would walk me down the aisle and she readily agreed as she burst into tears of happiness. The memory made me smile and I hugged her arm tighter. Behind the doors I could hear the low chatter of people and the squawking of seagulls as they probably circled above when suddenly they fell silent and the sound of a ukulele being strummed filled the air.

The humming of a familiar islander voice soon followed and he began to sing. “Somewhere over the rainbow way up high. And the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby-i-i...”

Rose turned to me with excitement and happiness showing in her eyes, “I’ll see you out there, Shell!” She threw me an encouraging smile and walked through the doors out of sight.

“Okay” Sandy whispered, “It’s your turn sweety”

... Someday I’ll wish upon a star. Wake up where the clouds are far behind me-ee-ee. Where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops that’s where you’ll find me oh...”

I took a deep breath and held Sandy’s arm tight as we walked through the doors and into the bright afternoon sun that beamed warmly down on the pier. The wooden boards clacked with my every step and it seemed as though everyone in town had come along to help us celebrate this beautiful occasion.

Chairs were lined up on either side of the wide pier and white, satin ribbons were strung out and flapping in the breeze. However, my eyes had landed at the end of the aisle to the tall and incredibly handsome and sexy man dressed in his airman uniform. He looked positively drool worthy and my eyes caressed every inch of him just as I knew he was doing as well. As we reached Ray, Sandy placed my hand over Ray’s and he bent down for her to kiss him on the cheek.

“I’m so proud of you, Rayray” She whispered through her sniffles before smiling at me and turning to sit in the front row.

... and I think to myself. What a wonderful world...”

“You look absolutely breath taking, Beauty” Ray whispered huskily. The music faded off and together Ray and I turned to face the front, our hands never letting go of each other.

“You may now kiss the bride!”

Cheers erupted and I beamed widely, squealing as Ray dipped me low and pressed our lips together for the first time in our marriage. My eyes fluttered shut, and I forgot all about the many cameras clicking behind us as we demonstrated our love for each other for everyone to see. A minute passed when Ray finally pulled back and brought me upright again. I was momentarily dizzy from Ray’s incredible kisses when Tom’s infectious laughter came from behind us.

“The Beast has been tamed! I can’t believe you finally tied the knot, man!” Tom joked with an arm around Ray’s shoulder before walking over to me and spinning me around in a circle. “Seychelles Hodges! It’s got a nice ring to it huh? You’re like a sister to me now!”

He passed out hugs before excusing himself to ‘look over the final touches of the reception’. I was a little worried what he had in store because he was adamant about keeping his decorating a secret from both me and Ray, but the worry was quickly pushed aside as everyone came up to congratulate us.


“Move a little to your left, Ray... great! Now I want to try a few different shots here but we’ll start with a kissing shot okay?” Rose was in full professional mode as we stood under the pier and she brandished her expensive looking camera around.

“I think I like all this photo taking if it means that I get to kiss you over and over” Ray smiled. His dimples were on full display all day and I melted every time I saw him. His dimples coupled with his airman uniform and I was just about ready to jump him!

We spent an hour taking wedding photos after the ceremony and when Rose finally finished she packed up her camera and we all walked up to the restaurant together. “What do you think Tom’s done with the reception?” I finally asked out loud.

“I have no idea...” Ray answered a little bewildered himself.

We walked through the doors and another cheer erupted from everyone as we went to take our seats. I was actually impressed. The inside of the room was decorated impeccably with fairy lights glowing above across the ceiling. The tables were covered with white tablecloths and sprinkled with red rose petals while the centrepieces were a single red rose standing inside a glass case. It looked slightly familiar, yet I couldn’t remember where I’d seen it before. Ray walked us to the main table where Sandy, Rose and Tom were sitting and everyone stood up as we reached our seats, only sitting once we both did.

The reception was going remarkably smooth and Tom wouldn’t let me lift a finger. The decorations were beautiful and yet I still couldn’t remember where I saw something similar to it. It was finally time for us to cut the cake and Ray held his hand out for me as he led us down to the main floor where the three tiered caked Rose and I chose was being rolled out. As I looked at it I frowned slightly... was that...?

Suddenly everything clicked into place and I burst out laughing. I laughed so hard that I had to let go of Ray’s hand to clutch at my stomach and I could hear Ray finally joining me along with Tom, who was in hysterics. Sitting on the top of the wedding was the cake topper Tom had chosen, it was a figurine of Belle and Beast from the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when they were dressed in their ball clothes.

Tom had carefully based the entire reception theme on Beauty and the Beast!

I hugged him tightly, my eyes still watering from laughing. “This was perfect Tom, thank you!”

“Just as long as you treat Beast good then all this trouble will be worth it! I’m never decorating again!”

After cutting the cake, music had begun to play and Ray and I were in the middle of our ‘first dance’ (which Tom had suddenly changed to ‘Tale As Old As Time’) when others were invited to join. Tom, I noticed, had been taking every opportunity to drag Rose to dance and Rose, being the shy woman she was, would always decline politely. However, since it was customary for the maid of honour and best man to dance she had no choice.

They danced together, Tom looking his happy normal self while Rose blushed and stared at the ground almost the entire time. When the song finished, Rose thanked Tom and turned to the dessert table. “Everything alright, Shaw?” Ray asked with a raised brow.

He nodded silently. “Shell... where did you hide Rose all this time?”

I was surprised by his question. “She doesn’t live here usually, she lives over in the next town” He nodded silently again and walked off without another word.

I felt Ray tug on my hand and together we walked outside to the cleared up pier. Night had fallen while we were inside and the stars shone brilliantly as the midnight blue water lapped gently underneath us.

“You’ve made me the happiest in the world, Mrs Beauty Hodges” Ray whispered as he caged me in his arms. We were both overlooking the dark ocean with my back pressed to his front and just revelling in each other’s company.

“And you’ve made me the happiest woman in the world Mr Beast Hodges... I love you Ray”

He held me tighter and kissed my neck before whispering in my ear. “And I will always love you Seychelles”



*cries, cries and cries some more*

Just so you know, no I will not be writing their honeymoon BUT there is still the epilogue that I will write. So one more chapter after this and Every Beauty Deserves a Beast will be finished.

There have been heaps of people asking for a story for Tom and as you can see I left a little cliffhanger for him and Rose but I don’t know if I will...? I have so many stories lined up to be read that already have a storyline and I’ve put them aside so I could finish this story but who knows... maybe I’ll write a short story or something one day but for the moment you’ll just have to use your imagination.

By the way, Rose is played by plus size model Chloe Marshall. She’s so gorgeous <3 I wish I could put up a slideshow! Grr, so many pictures I’d love to show you all but the ones on the side will have to do: Shell’s engagement ring, the cake topper and Shell’s wedding dress.

Wattpad also won't let post the youtube video... but most of you would know the song. It's called : Somewhere over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. One of my all time favourites <3

Love you all

Nix <3

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