Every Beauty Deserves a Beast

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Chapter 6

Chapter six

[Ray’s POV]

“Beauty” I twirled the new nick name around my tongue, “I like it... it’s very suiting for you Seychelles” I winked at her.

Her face was already tinged pink from working out but I was sure that her face grew a little darker at the compliment and I felt a sense of pride at making the rose coloured tint flush against her flawless skin. In the corner of my eyes I could see Tom eye Seychelles up and down before he ‘oh so subtly’ elbowed me in the ribs.

I barely winced and instead rolled my eyes, “Tom this is Seychelles, Damsel in Distress, amazing surfer and owner of this gym” I chuckled as I winked at Seychelles again, “Beauty this is Tom. My best friend and the man who’s got my back at the base”

The two shook hands and I immediately saw Tom turn on the charm as he stared straight into Seychelles eyes and held her hand for longer than necessary. He stroked his thumb over her hand briefly before letting go, “It’s most definitely my pleasure, Seychelles”

She raised an eyebrow slightly but smiled, “Right back at you Tom”

Tom stepped forward, completely forgetting he was supposedly here to force me back into shape, and began to flirt with Seychelles like the world was about to end at any given moment. I shook my head and laid back down on the bench press getting back to my weights.

Tom was an uncontrollable flirt. A ‘charmer’ as the women back at the base put it. His chestnut brown hair had grown slightly out from the air force regulated hair cut and his light coffee coloured eyes were an odd shade which, according to him, ‘made the women find him fascinating’. I frowned when I saw him lean towards Seychelles as he swiped away some invisible dirt off her shoulders.

When it came to the field, I knew how to kill it, I was top of the rank when it came to all things physical and no one could come close to matching my skill. But when it came to playing the field Tom knew all the moves. As soon as I found out he was with one woman, he was already onto the next. He never left them sullen though, but he was fast becoming known as the Cobra Player.

He strikes with lightening speed.

I turned my eyes from the flirting couple (though I realised Tom was doing almost all the talking) and instead concentrated on the black smudge on the ceiling as I pushed the heavy weights away from my chest over and over again. Sweat dripped from my naked torso and I could feel my body heating up more now that I was completely focused. 

I hung the bar back and slid my hands towards the middle to work my triceps out. Tom’s flirting had faded into the background and the only sound I could hear was the rushing blood in my ears and my heavy breathing. I took another breath before lifting it off and began my reps, pushing the weights up then down, then up and down again.

“You have great technique, Ray” Seychelles soft voice complimented me. My breathing hitched at her unexpected appearance but luckily I didn’t drop the weights and fall off the bench press again. “But let me just fix you up here”

Seychelles was standing by my head and she leaned forward to place her hands over mine as she slid them a little closer together. She was leaning so low. I wasn’t sure if the air conditioning had stopped working because it was suddenly very, very hot. My eyes roamed away from our touching hands to watch the bead of sweat that rolled leisurely down her throat and drip slowly down into the valley of her brea$ts.

“-will work your triceps a lot better this way”

I shook my head and coughed when I realised I’d been staring at her chest for who knows how long. This was odd... I was usually more respectful than this. “Sorry, what?” I asked.

Seychelles lips parted and she smiled patiently at me, “I said if you move your hands slightly closer like this and make your reps slower it’ll work your triceps a lot better this way. Make sure the bar can reach your chest but be sure to keep your elbows close to your sides, that’s very important” I listened and instantly I felt the difference when I listened to her advice.

She leaned down again and held her hands under my elbows to keep them tight to my side as I brought the bar down leaving me way, way too close to her amazing body for comfort right now. I felt a certain stirring in my lower region and my eyes widened. Crap!

I moved my eyes back to the smudge on the ceiling and tried to think of other things to take my mind off the flawless, supple skin of her mounds that were damp with perspiration and hung dangerously close to my face... close enough to nuzzle my nose between her brea$ts and-

Stop it! Think of anything else!

Weights. Running. Physical exam. Air Force. Base. Heat... hot... hot flushed skin...sweat that rolled down between  Seychelles’-

“I think I’m done!” I practically shouted as I pushed the bar back up and hooked it back on the stand. I rolled forward almost head butting Seychelles on my way up and stood up quickly grabbing my discarded t-shirt and holding it in front of my growing erect!on.

She looked a little surprised at my sudden change but smiled anyway and nodded as she stepped back. “Oh, okay sure” she replied a little breathlessly. I winked at her and practically ran to the locker room to throw myself into a cold shower.

I leaned my head against the cold, white tiles of the wall and heaved a heavy sigh. “What the hell was that?” I asked myself. When I was all finished I grabbed my bag and threw my towel around my shoulders.

My hair had grown longer and I was starting to get used to the feeling of my hair actually growing, instead of the shaved style I’d worn for years.As I stepped back into the gym I saw Seychelles standing with Tom and the man himself was leaning against the wall as he turned the charm back on. While I watched him interact with Seychelles I couldn’t help the uncomfortable feeling in my chest; for the first time in knows how long I felt a little lost and inadequate.

Seychelles emerald eyes caught mine and the smile that curved onto her plump pink lips was enough to take away the unease I felt inside. “Looking fresh Ray” she winked.

I smiled back in reply. “Thanks for the help Beauty” Seychelles answered me with a blush and a roll of her eyes.

“So, how about I take you out sometime beautiful?” Tom asked bringing the attention back to him. Seychelles looked back at him but before she could reply I interrupted them.

“Forgetting about me already Tom?” I laughed boisterously. “Come on man, Beauty doesn’t want to see that ugly mug of yours any more than I do” I joked.

I swung my arm around his neck and he buckled under the weight of it before laughing it off. “Jealously not a good look on you Beast!” he laughed as he tried to pry his head from my hold.

“Beauty’s smarter than to be seen out in public with you man”

“Well that’s fixable. We can stay inside” he winked and Seychelles burst out laughing.

“Get out of here you two” she laughed, “Beast, I’ll be seeing you around” She winked and with a parting smile she turned to talk to a woman on another machine.

I watched her hips swing from side to side and realised Tom was ogling her just the same as I was. “Mm-mm-mm... she looks tasty” he murmured as we stepped out of the gym into the parking lot.

“Stay away from Beauty, Tom. I don’t usually interfere on your conquests... but you keep away from her” I turned my eyes from the beautiful blonde bombshell back inside and stared down at Tom. The flustered and joking Ray from earlier was gone and back was Officer Beast. This Ray hadn’t surfaced for a while and I flexed the muscles in my shoulders. “And that’s an order”

His eyebrows lifted in surprise and he looked at me with calculating eyes but lifting his hands in defence. “Okay, okay... the girl means something to you. I get it... good choice Beast. To be honest, with a body like hers I’d be surprised if you hadn’t had a roll between the sheets with her already. Or anywhere you could have her really.”

Anger I hadn’t felt in a long time coursed through my veins and I saw red. In a flash my fist shot out and caught Tom across the jaw. He dropped to the gravel like a sack of potatoes with an ‘oompf’ and  immediately began groaning as he cupped his jaw in pain.

“What the f*ck Beast?!” he groaned.

“Don’t you ever talk about Seychelles like that Tom. You’re like a brother to me, but speak like that about her and next time you’ll be unconscious!” I growled, furious at him even thinking that she would just be an easy lay.

“Got it man, geez. Don’t get your panties in a twist” he rubbed at his jaw again and held a hand out, “Now help me up you pain in the a$s, I feel like more of your mom’s cookies”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed his hand, hauling him up in one easy pull. He clapped me on the back and smirked at me before we hopped into my car and I threw him a wry look. “... what?” I asked dryly.

“You like the girl!” he sang, stringing out the ‘you’.

“What? No, I don’t” I kept my eyes straight on the road.

“Yes! You do!” he elbowed me lightly, “Aww, well ain’t that sweet. Beauty and the Beast! Looks like I’m gonna be a god daddy sooner than I thought!”

“Shut up” I mumbled. “I do not like her like that... she’s- she’s just a friend I helped out”

Tom didn’t reply and instead leaned back humming the tune that sounded oddly like ‘Tale As Old As Time’ with a smirk on his face.


I ignored him and instead concentrated on the road. The sun was shining brightly and the wind seemed ferocious today. Palm trees bent and their long branches waved in the wind. I continued to drive and soon the familiar peach house came into view.

I stopped the engine and we both stepped out. My mom was sitting on the porch and she looked up at the sound of the crunching of our footsteps on the shell drive way and smiled. Her smile soon dropped off her face when she looked at Tom.

“Tom! What in the world happened to you?” she asked with wide eyes.

“Oh you wouldn’t believe what happened, Sandy!” he answered dramatically as he rubbed carefully at his already bruising jaw. “There I was... walking down the path when an out of control motorcycle came zooming down the road. A child was crossing the road at the time and without even a second thought for my own safety I rushed forward and threw my body out to push the child out of the way and the motorcycle clipped my face. What’s a small bruise to the life of an innocent child?!”

“Well aren’t you just the hero then Tom” my mom smiled at him chuckling lighly, “I know just how to celebrate! Come inside, I just baked some cookies!”

She turned and walked inside and Tom followed. Before he stepped inside he turned to me and raised his arms in victory, “Cookies!” he whisper shouted.

I rolled my eyes.


[Seychelles POV]

“Who in the world was that hunk of pure delicious muscles?” the woman I was helping out asked me after Tom and Ray left.

“My friend Ray was the giant and his best friend Tom” I chuckled lightly. I’d been asked the very same question about four times already while they were still here.

She purred appreciatively, “Is he single? I wouldn’t mind giving him a roll between the sheets. I mean, if he’s that big surely he’s big everywhere

I blushed and felt more than saw my face turn a horrifying shade of crimson. “Uh... I’m not sure”

She giggled and I smiled tightly before heading over to the showers then changed into a long, loose knitted sweater and leggings. I tied my hair up into a ponytail and slipped on a pair of flip flops before waving goodbye to the clients I passed.

I was exhausted. I had five personal training appointments today and I’d wanted to just head home but after walking into the gym earlier and seeing Ray there I couldn’t help but stay. I felt goosebumps cover my skin at the memory of Ray when he carelessly shrugged out of his shirt.

He was magnificent. He was pure testosterone and a hard, muscled body that was only softened by the blinding smile framed by his to-die-for dimples. I remember feeling my stomach muscles clench and became all too self-conscious that I could have been drooling. The room became overwhelming hot and I had to go for a run on the treadmill just to calm myself down.

I parked my car outside my house and threw the door open only to be slapped by gusts of wind. I locked the car and entered my house making sure to lock that door too. The house creaked and howled louder than a pack of wolves. The wind forced itself into any cracks it could find and I knew I wouldn’t be getting much sleep tonight. While it was windy back in town, it was even windier by the beach.

I heated up a ready-made meal in the microwave and collapsed on the well-used sofa as I reminisced this afternoon again. Tom was a funny guy. He was a dangerous flirt, but he seemed harmless enough. However, I couldn’t listen to him and his corny jokes when Ray was just in the background flexing his many, many muscles.

The personal trainer in me stepped forward to readjust his hand placement on the bar and I seemed to be just hypnotized by him. I leaned closer than necessary because, weird as it sounds, the smell of sweat and something that could only be described as purely ‘Ray’ was intoxicating.

His hands were large and rough, full of work-hardened calluses that made me idly wonder how they would feel running over my skin. When I placed my hands over his to shift them slightly I felt a little flushed at being so close. I’d never felt so physically magnetised to anyone and the only word I could think of to describe how I felt being in such close proximity to Ray was overwhelmed.

I remembered watching every single part of his anatomy flex and strain as he pushed the weights up and down and...-

“Jesus, snap out of it Shell” I scolded myself. “He’s just a guy... who saved your life... and despite his shot leg swam out to get you in the water and carried you all the way back to his home...” I sighed. “Oh God, I’m losing it...”

I finished off what was left of my pathetic TV dinner and cleaned up. The walls shook violently and I stared at the ceiling for a moment. When it didn’t come crashing down or rip off I continued walking to my room and collapsed onto my bed - the only thing I actually splurged on. In the corner of the room I spied Sandy’s clothes neatly folded and laid on the table.

I mentally reminded myself to go by her house tomorrow morning and return her clothes, and I wasn’t sure why I was suddenly feeling eager to go to sleep and wake up to the new morning.

It wasn’t because of Ray, it was probably because I was missing Sandy’s addictive personality.

Yeah... my subconscious answered dryly in the back of my mind. You keep telling yourself that.



I wrote most of this yesterday because I wanted to try and upload for my birthday but I kept falling asleep haha. But I’ll settle for uploading for my birthday on the OTHER side of the world lol. Here’s my birthday present to you all =)

Nix <3

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