The One that Got Away

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We are all a part of a world that people fall in and out of love. What happens when you think a guy that was out of your league confesses his love for you? Maybe the mafia somehow gets involved... why would that happen?

Romance / Drama
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It was our 2 year anniversary of being together. Me and Marcus. I'm surprising him now after getting off work. I head to his place and notice him home. Yay! I see that his front door was slightly ajar and I got worried. I rushed upstairs and stop at hearing strange, yet sexual sounds coming from inside his room. His friend, Michael, was there waiting for him. He had a cigarette in his mouth and looked at me. He just sighed. I open the door and saw Marcus on top of another female. They didn't notice me yet, so I did what I thought was best for me. I ran.
And I didn't look back. I almost got hit by a car trying to get to my car, but someone pulled me back. "Are you trying to die?! You need to watch where you're going, Seryn!" I hear Michael yell, as he's holding onto me. I try not to break down and cry.
"Let me go! Go tell him that we're over, please. I don't want to even look at him ever again," I cry. "Baby, is that you? Why are you here?" I heard Marcus ask from behind us. "We're over, Marcus. Excuse me," I say, finally walking to my car. I go to get in my car, but Marcus stops me from leaving. "What do you mean we're done?" he asked. "You were having sex with another female and I saw you both. On our 2 - year anniversary. I was coming to surprise you, but go back, cause I'm done with you and all men," I scream. Marcus tries to pull me into his arms, but I push him away and slap him across his face. I get into my car and drive away.
How could he do this to me?! What did I do wrong?! I dial my best friend, Reya, to see if I can go see her. She said yes, to come over to her house. I head to her place in 15 minutes. She sees me crying as I walk to the door and she pulls me into a hug. "What's the matter, babe?" she asked, worried. "He cheated on me. He freaking cheated on me!" I cry into her arms. "Marcus! How do you know?" she asked. "Because I actually just caught him in the act before coming here," I said. "Isn't today your 2-year anniversary with him?" she asked. I nodded. "I'm going to kill him! How dare he do that to you?!" she yelled. "Don't worry. I'll never see him again, believe that," I say.
She sighed. "I really can't believe him. He's trash, if you ask me," she says. "His friend, Michael was there waiting for him outside the door. He didn't even block me from seeing that and I'm thankful he hadn't done that," I say. "Hmm. Michael, you say? I think he actually likes you too," she says. "What makes you think that? I doubt someone like him can like me," I say. "Why is that? You're an amazing woman, don't let Marcus's cheating a** tell you otherwise," she says. "Reya, can we talk?" I hear her boyfriend, Damien, ask out loud.
"Oh yes, baby. What's going on?" she asked. "Alone?" he says. "No, we can talk here. You know Seryn," she says. "Fine. Let's break up," he says. Reya stands up quickly. "What do you mean? Why are you saying this?" she asked. "Because I fell out of love with you, that's why," he said. I gasped. Reya tries to remain calm. "Who is she?" Reya asked. "What?" he asked. "Who is it that you're leaving me for?" she asked. "Um.. Victoria, your sister," he said. Reya laughed. "Oh okay. Go get your sh*t and leave my house now," she said. Damien tries to come towards her, but I block him.
"Just leave. You broke her heart. Leave," I say. Damien nods and says, "I'm sorry," before he leaves out. I turn to see Reya about to pass out, but I catch her and tell her that everything will be alright. That she has me. We see Damien leave with his bags. Reya shuts the door as he looked back at us. "What do you want to do tonight?" she asked. "Not sure, you?" I asked. "Let's go to the club tonight to forget our worries; sound good?" she asked.
I nodded. "Let's go get ready to have a fun night," I say. We dress up in our cute, tight outfits and head to Club Xtra, my night job 3 times a week. We get in, and go straight to the bar. "Hey, Russ. Can we get 2 cocktails?" I asked. "Coming right up, beautiful ladies," Russ said. We wait for our drinks. I felt a chill creep up my spine and I look across the club to the other side. I see Michael looking at me, like he wants to eat me up. I quickly look away to see Reya, chatting with a hot guy. I smiled. Michael goes to the dance floor with a pretty girl he must have come with. He smirked at me as the girl was grinding against him. I suck my teeth.
"Hey, beautiful. May I have this dance?" I hear a deep voice ask me. I turn to look into the most, beautiful hazel eyes I have ever seen. "Oh. Um, sure, why not?" I say, while taking his outstretched hand. He feels warm and smells really nice. I noticed a cross - shaped tattoo on his neck and wanted to see where I had seen that design before. But, it didn't come to me until later. Much, much later. Me and hazel-eyed guy are dancing as I grind against him and I notice Michael glaring at me. For some odd reason, I'm feeling nervous under his gaze. I excuse myself and say, "Excuse me. I need some air." I quickly head to the club's rooftop to get some cool air. I place my hand over my beating heart. 'Why is my heart beating fast? It's just Michael,' I think to myself.
~2 minutes later~
Hazel - eyed guy walks up beside me. "Are you alright? You look flustered," he asked. I shake my head No. "I'm alright. What are you doing here?" I asked. "Oh. I came to check up on you," he says, handing me a cup of water. Or so I had thought. I took it and drank it. My mistake. A huge mistake. I started to feel dizzy, weak and my vision started to get blurry. "What did you give me?" I ask, slowly. He turns me to face him. "You really shouldn't take drinks from people you really don't know," the guy says. He starts to take off my dress straps real slow, but I am trying to push him away, but he rips my dress apart and my chest area is exposed to him. I try to cover them, but he pins my hands behind my back with one hand and he uses his free hand to pull one of my nipples into his mouth to start licking it. I start squirming.
"Help, please! Help me!" I yelled. He hit me across my face that I fall onto the ground and he gets on top of me. I try kicking and punching him as hard as I could, but it seemed to be pointless. He was winning and he was going to sexually assault me. 'Someone please help,' I mouth silently to myself. Out of nowhere, I see the guy being yanked away from me and Reya rushing to my side. I see Michael punching the guy out cold and having the cop on duty handcuff him.
Reya's just hugging me and I feel my body getting weaker. Michael comes to my side and picks me up in his arms bridal style. "I'm so sorry for ruining your night, you guys," I say, before succumbing to the darkness. I believe I heard Reya say, "No, don't you dare apologize. I was so scared that we'd have gotten here too late."
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