The One that Got Away

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Why is she apologizing to us? We were lucky to get her before that fool would've done something else. Reya wants to know where we'll be taking her. "My place, so she can be safe," I say. We look at a passed out Seryn. He tried to get his way with her and I'm so mad! Reya asks, "Do you have feelings for Seryn?" "Yes, I do. Why you ask me that?" I say. "Because Seryn thinks that you can't like someone like her. We had talked today, after she saw Marcus cheating," she says. I sighed. "About that. He had actually been cheating on her during their relationship. I was told to not say anything, " I say. Reya looks mad. "I'm gonna kill that son of a b*tch! He needs to suffer for what he did to Seryn!" Reya yells.

"Don't worry. The way I'm going to protect her from him or any other guy that will try to hurt her, you won't have to worry," I say. I place Seryn in the backseat of my car and Reya sits beside her. We head to my place in under 30 minutes. I take her to my guest bedroom and lie her down and cover her with the blanket. "Do you mind if I stay with her tonight?" Reya asked, looking at me. "Of course. Also, feel free to change her into any clothes you see and you as well," I say. She nods and says, "Thank you, Michael." "No problem. Let me know if you need anything," I say. I leave the room to my kitchen. I grab a cold glass of water from my fridge. I sighed.

'What would've happened if we hadn't gotten there in time? I'm upset that the guy tried to take advantage of her,' I think to myself. I text Marcus to see if he got home yet. 'Marc, you made it home yet?' I text him. 'Yeah, but why'd you leave so early?' he replied. 'Because someone had tried to take advantage of Seryn. So I brought her back to my place. She had been drugged,' I text back. 'What?! I'm on my way right now,' he replied. 'Nah, man. Don't think that's such a good idea. You guys just broke up cause you were caught cheating on her,' I replied. 'So what? I'm going to win her back; mind, body and soul. Along the way, her heart, so I'll see you in 10 minutes,' he replies. I groaned.

Reya comes in. "Everything okay? You look sort of frustrated," she says. "That's cause Marcus is on his way here. I have to make it seem like we still cool, so I told him what happened to Seryn," I say. She says, "And what that fool say?" "That he's going to win her back to him," I say. She clenches her fists.

-10 minutes later-

-Doorbell Rings-

I head to open the door and Marcus walks straight in. "Where is she? Where's my girl?" he asked. Reya comes out. "She's not your girl ever since you decided to cheat on her multiple times and get caught," she said. "Shut up. How did it feel when your own boyfriend left you for your sister?" he says, with a smirk. Before I could stop her, she punches Marcus in his jaw repeatedly. "I hate your ugly a*s! I'm keeping Seryn away from you!" she yelled. I pull her back and Marcus tries to hit her, but I take the hit for her. "Why did you block me, man? She needs to be put into her place. Not surprised if this was why Damien actually left her," he said. "It's best for you to leave," we hear Seryn say from behind us. I face her as she is weakly walking towards us. "Why did you get out of bed, babe? You need rest," Reya asked. "Because I overheard you guys. Why are you here, Marcus?" she says. Marcus steps towards her. Seryn stands her ground.

"Because I miss you. I was wrong to cheat on you and having you find me in the disloyal act," he says. Seryn just laughs. "What's funny? I'm pouring my heart to apologize and you're standing here laughing. Maybe you deserved what happened to you at the club tonight," he says. Seryn's eyes well up with tears. I want to punch him so bad. I act on my thoughts. I punch Marcus after yanking him by his shirt collar and turning him to face me. "Michael, why did you hit me? Have you lost your mind?!" he yelled. "Yes, because you will not disrespect or hurt Seryn ever again. Because I'll be helping to keep her away from people like you. I can't let you keep lying to her and hurting her," I say, through clenched teeth.

"Dude, you actually sounding as if you might be in love with her," Marcus says. "Guess what? You're right on this, because I am in love with her and have been in love with her for a while now," I say. I look to see Seryn's shocked reaction at my confession. "This was not the way that I had actually planned to tell you, but I couldn't let him try to win you back or hurt you ever again," I say. "Don't worry about him. Because he's never going to get me back. Not ever, plus I am surprised that you could actually like someone like me," Seryn says. "Well, don't make me mess up the little party you all have going on here. I will be leaving for now, but trust me, I'll be back. And, one way or another, you will be mine again," Marcus says, leaving out the front door. Reya rushes to Seryn's side and holds onto her.

I sighed. "Reya, please help her back to bed. We'll talk as she's fully rested," I say, walking to Seryn. She smiled at me I kiss her on her cheek and a soft gasp escapes her lips. I smiled and leave to my room. "Let's get to bed, babe. You need lots of rest," I hear Reya say. They head to the guest room and shut the door. I shut my door and change into my shorts and get into bed. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall into a deep sleep.

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