The One that Got Away

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I cannot believe what happened to my best friend. First, the incident at the night club and then, that fool, Marcus, hurting her again. I'm protecting her from bad men. Michael turned out to not be too bad of a guy ever since we got to know him. I see Seryn, struggling in her sleep. She's probably having a nightmare and I need to wake her up, but carefully. I gently begin to shake her to snap her out of the nightmare she's having right now.

"Seryn, babe. Wake up. You're having a nightmare. Please wake up," I say, gently shaking her. She wakes up and sees me. "Ugh, what happened? I have a bad headache. After Marcus coming here and then being weak from whatever I was drugged with, my head really hurts. Do we need to go to the hospital?" she says. "I'll check and see what Michael thinks we should do. Hold on a second, love. I'll be right back," I said. She nods her head slowly. I head to find Michael's room door open. He was asleep.

I knock on his door softly but enough for him to hear me. "Michael, are you awake? We need to ask you a question," I call out. He sits up and rubs his eyes. "What's up? Something wrong?" he asked. "Seryn wants to see if we need to take her to the hospital as she's having a bad headache as she just woke up," I said. He gets up and we head back to where Seryn is. "Seryn, how bad is your headache? On a scale of 1 to 10?" he asked. "I'd say a 10 as it really hurts. I'm scared that something might be wrong," she says. "Oh okay. I will call my personal doctor to come check on you now," he said.

Seryn nods. "Thank you, Michael. You have been so kind to us. After this, we can leave so we don't keep bothering you. To let you get back to your daily life," she says. Michael shakes his head No. "You're not bothering me at all. I want you to be better before you leave. And do you have security cameras in your house?" he asked. "No, I haven't had the chance to put them up yet. Why do you ask?" she asked. "Because that guy from the nightclub might try to come after you. He's probably angry ever since what happened to him," Michael says.

"Oh my. I didn't even think of that! What do I do, Reya?! I don't want him to find me," Seryn cries. I rush to her side as she's panicking. I rub her back gently. Michael finished talking to his doctor and says they are on the way. "I'm sorry, Seryn. I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to make sure you had the necessary precautions set in place in case something were to happen," he says. Seryn nods. "Don't worry. I understand. I'll be installing the cameras as soon as I leave here," she says, calming down. I smile softly. Michael steps out the room for a brief moment as there is a knock at the front door.

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