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No More Good Girl

By Smilelikeafool All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1 (Picture of Naomi)

Naomi's POV

Today was the first day of school, my senior year at Justice Hill high. It's nothing special, just another boring school year.

I put on a pair of skinny jeans, a black tank top, a gray hoodie that said "Obey" in red, and gray vans. I messed with my curly hair and sprayed on some perfume.

I walked downstairs and grabbed a granola bar. I picked up my skateboard from outside, I had a car, but the school wasn't that far from my house. I skated to school and kicked the end of my board and caught it.

Our school colors were blue and white, we were the Home of the Panthers. Our school was pretty big but it was old, they repaint it almost every few years because people always write on the walls.

I followed the swarm of people into the office to grab my schedule. After about five or so minutes I finally received the piece of paper telling me what classes I have, my locker number and the combo.

After putting my skateboard and bag into the locker I head to my first period, Math. I sat in a desk that was closer to the back. Just as I sat down, the teacher walked in with salt and pepper hair. She wore glasses and was wearing capris and a dressy shirt.

"Hello class, it's a brand new year and I hope you all have matured some over the summer." She said directing her look towards a guy named Garrett.

"Bitch, why you looking at only me?" he snapped.

"Maybe some of you haven't and still love detention," the teacher said back while chuckling to herself.

On the first day of school we have to stay in our homeroom till lunch. The time ended up going by pretty fast. Lunch finally came around, I got my food and started looking for a place to sit.

Our cafeteria has an odd set up. There were long tables and round tables. Then off to the right of the room were a set of stairs that lead to the staff room.

I was about ready to leave and eat outside when I heard someone call my name. Turning around I came face to face with Macy Davis. She was the "it" girl of the school. She had long, blond hair and pretty blue eyes. She was average height.

"Hey you," she said pulling me from my thoughts.

"Me?" I asked slightly confused to why she was even talking to me.

"Yeah, I want you to come sit with me," not letting me say yes or no, she pulled me over to a table. I didn't sit down though. Standing there awkwardly still holding my tray of food.

"So why am I here?" I asked shyly. This was the popular table. I shouldn't be here. She has never talked to me before. So why now?

"You're really pretty and we want you to be apart of the group. Your new nickname will be Mimi," Leanna said with her thick Latina accent, sitting down across from Macy. Leanna had long brown hair and had these grayish greenish eyes.

It's senior year, why would you start talking to me now? I'm also going to assume I have no say in my nickname," I've always secretly wanted to be part of this group but I knew it would never happen. I couldn't help but think this was some sick joke. "Next are you gonna tell me on Wednesdays we wear pink?"

"This is reality, not mean girls," someone said from behind me. Next thing I know I'm being pulled onto someone's lap. Turning around to see who it was, I came face to face with Jake Monroe. He was the guy every girl wanted to be with. He had black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. It sucks he was a player.

"Jake, what are you doing?" Justice Taylor, Jake's best friend asked looking over at us. Justice has light caramel skin and pretty brown eyes. He had a tattoo on his chest, I've never seen exactly what it was because he doesn't show it off. He was also on the football team.

"She looked uncomfortable standing there so I sat her on my lap," Jake acted as if this was a usual everyday thing. Finally realizing that I was still on his lap, I tried to get up but he held me down.

"Stop moving, babydoll. You'll live. So you in?" I rolled my eyes from being called babydoll, so typical.

"This isn't some kind of sick joke where I get hurt and humiliated in the end, is it?" I was still shocked and confused about the whole situation. "Because of it is, it will be like world war three in here."

"No, it's not a joke, but we are going over to my place after school. You can join if you want." Macy suggested smiling at me.

"Come on, it'll be fun," Simone Love, she was mixed, she had the perfect skin tone. She had dimples too, she had long brown really curly hair but it was pretty and she had these chocolate colored eyes.

"Okay," I was still uneasy about all this but why not take risks? Completely forgetting I was still on Jake's lap, I felt his hand make his way up my thigh. I pushed it off. "I'll sit on your lap but don't do that."

"The things I can do, Babydoll," He said and done his signature smirk, I was about to melt, but instead I rolled my eyes.

"Jake, what're you doing?" Mrs. Glass asked, she was the cafeteria monitor.

"Um, a cute girl is sitting in my lap," he said in a duh tone. Wow, so smooth.

"Glass, we don't want problems so can we not do this?" Aaron asked and she looked at him. Aaron Gray has anger problems so no one messes with him, not even teachers.

"Okay." she said. Aaron sat beside Macy and grabbed her hand.

"Baby girl, please pull down your shorts, they're too short. I don't want no guys staring at you," he said and she looked at him. "Please." she pulled them down some. "I love you." He kissed her cheek and she blushed looking down.

"Idiot," she said and laughed, he pecked her lips, they were the couple of the school.

"Okay, you can get up, I'm finished," Jake said and I stood up, he got up and I sat down.

"So, you and Jake?" Macy asked.

"No way, he's so full of himself," I said and Jake came back and he sat me on his lap again. They talked about everything but nothing basically. They didn't gossip like I thought they would, or insult people. I've been watching too much Mean Girls. The bell rang knocking me out of my trance and we got up, we walked out and walked towards our classes. A dude was running after another dude and I moved. "Fuck."

"You cussed," Jake said surprised.

"Um yeah, it's part of the English language," I said.

"Not really," he said.

"It's in my language then," I said. "Is it so hard to believe I cuss?"

"Babydoll, I've always seen you as this good girl that doesn't do anything bad. And you're really smart like a nerd, but you're a sexy nerd," he said. "Hanging with us though, it's not gonna be all good girl." He had a mischievous smirk.

"What're you are talking about?" I asked very clueless.

"Oh babydoll," he said. "You'll catch up."


"No buts," he said and winked, someone slapped my butt.

"Except yours," Justice said, I slapped his arm.

"Justice!" I exclaimed.

"It was right there," he defended himself. "It was yelling, hit me, hit me."

"Boys," I mumbled and rolled my eyes.

"You know, my mom always tell me if you keep doing that your eyes are gonna get stuck like that," Jake said. "That's not very attractive."

"Why should I care if I'm attractive to you or not?" I asked.

"Ah, we're playing 21 questions," he said. "Not a fan of the game. See you this afternoon." Jake walked away and someone linked their arm with mine, I looked to see Leanna.

"Hey Mimi," Leanna said and smiled, showing her straight white teeth.

"Hey," I replied.

"We're going to be your teachers," Macy said coming up on the other side of me.

"For what?" I asked.

"To be popular bad asses," Simone said and smirked. "No more good girl for you."

"Watch and learn," They said in sync that it was cool and creepy. They put me in the middle as we turned down the hallway, everyone instantly cleared the way. We walked down the hall and everyone stared and whispered.

The rest of the day went by and I was walking beside Macy and laughing, we walked to her car and saw the others.

"Get in bitches," Macy said and we got in her Mercedes. "Someone has to double up." Of course, Jake pulled me onto his lap and intertwined both his hands with mine.

"Sit back," he said and I looked at him and raised a eyebrow. He gave me a look and I laid back, he kissed my ear and I shivered. He let out a low chuckle.

"No, bad boy," I whispered and slapped his leg.

"I prefer daddy," he said.

"Isn't gonna happen handsome," I said, Macy turned and Jake caught me before I hit the door.

"Does she always drive like this?" I asked.

"Yeah," they all said and we stopped, we got out and I felt my body.

"I'm not dead," I said.

"Stop being dramatic," Macy said.

"You really have gorgeous eyes," Leanna said and they started talking about clothes and girl stuff. We walked in and a guy a little older than us came to me. He had eyes like Macy and short brown spiky hair.

"You must be the new girl bad ass," he said and bit his lip, Jake came beside me. "This you're girl?"

"No, James," Jake said.

"Then let me show you to my room," he said and grabbed my hand, Jake stepped in front of me and I pulled my hand away. "If she's not your girl then why are you blocking?"

"Because, she's new," Leanna said. "Now, be Macy's brother that stays in his room."

"Let's just go to my room." Macy said and we walked to a big room, but she is rich of course.

"Okay, time to get to work," Simone said.

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Making you one of us," Leanna said. "Those boys are gonna be begging for you to be with them."

"Her walk," Aaron said.

"What's wrong with my walk mister?" I asked smartly.

"You got a nice body, show it off," Aaron said.

"Aaron!" Macy exclaimed.

"Just move your hips when you walk," Simone added.

"I don't want to walk like I'm stuck up," I said.

"Just try it," She said, I walked and moved my hips.

"Perfect," Leanna said.

"Your clothes," Simone said.

"You have a nice figure, show off a little. Tease the boys," Macy said.

"One problem, I can't walk in heels," I said. "Unless you want me to fall flat on my face."

"We can teach you," Leanna said.

"See, Cynthia already tried and it didn't work out," I said.

"She's rocking them Vans, so let her be the one who wears those kinds of shoes," Justice said and Macy handed me some red heels and I put them on.

"Oh shit," I said and stood up.

"Walk to Jake," Simone said.

"She's not wearing heels, she's taller than me," he said and I took them off and I was shorter than Jake again. "Better."

"Okay, tomboy shoes it is," Macy said. "As long as their fresh." I nodded.

"Makeup," Leanna said.

"No makeup," the boys said.

"Whoa," I said. Jake sat down again.

"She's better with natural beauty, maybe when she dresses up, but not for school," Justice said and I smirked.

"On Fridays we go shopping," Macy said and I nodded.

"Okay, are you sure we're not in Mean Girls?" I asked.

"No, we're not as mean," Macy said.

"You have to have a bad ass image, make people scared of you," Justice said. "You're a good girl and you're not letting anyone walk over top of you."

"Okay well, I think she's officially one of us," Aaron said.

"Wait, can you fight?" Jake asked.

"Well, you see what had happened was-"

"Naomi," He said stern and I sighed.

"Yes, my dad taught me," I said. "But I really don't like to fight."

"Have you ever fought a dude?" Simone asked.

"See now, he started with me," I said.

"What'd you do?" Macy asked and I looked at them interested in my story.

"I can hold back my temper, not for long, but he hit my best friend and I hit him," I said.

"You've got in one fight?" Simone asked.

"I've gotten in multiple fights, I grew up on the bad side of town. The hood if you must say. I had to fight because I didn't want my ass getting beat," I said. "I tried to come here and start over."

"So now you're rich?" Leanna asked.

"Yeah, you could say that," I said and my phone beeped, I pulled it out and it was from Luke. He was wondering where I was.

"Who's that?" Justice asked.

"Luke," I said.

"Who's Luke?" Jake asked. "Your boyfriend?"

"He's my brother," I said.

"You have a brother?" Justice asked.

"Yeah, he's in college," I said. "I gotta go."

"Do you want me to take you home?" Macy asked and I nodded, we walked to her car and we got in. She drove to my house and I got out.

"Bye Mimi," she called.

"Bye Macy," I called back and walked into the house.

"Was that Macy Davis?" Luke asked, Luke had brown hair but it wasn't long, he had blue eyes but not as bright as mine. He was taller than I was.

"Yeah," I said and hugged him. "I'm going to bed."

"Sleep good," he said and I walked upstairs and I looked at my bedroom. My mom isn't at home a lot but if she is, she has a reason.

My bed was against the wall and has little and big pillows covering it. My comforter and blanket are fluffy and my bed is like a dream.

I have a walk-in closet and my bathroom is pretty cool. It's pretty big and my shower was somewhat of see through glass. My closet was a basic girl closet, clothes and shoes and random stuff. I have my vanity set and body mirror.

I walked into my bathroom and done my nightly routine washing my face and brushing my teeth. I changed into my pajamas and I crawled in my bed, I got comfortable and I slowly fell into sleep

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