The Playboy is My Soulmate

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Screaming girls ran down the halls, opening lockers and piling into the girl’s bathroom to fix their look. Everyone had heard the rumor that today would be the day Ezra would ask a special someone to prom. Every girl was trying to look her best in case they were the one he asked. That was every girl except for me.

Kayleigh used her fingers to brush through her hair. “Oh my gosh, Amelia. This is it. He’s going to ask you today.” Kayleigh wasn’t trying to look nice for him. She was just always trying to look nice in general.

“Ah, yes, because why wouldn’t he ask the plain Jane instead of the other hundreds of girls who are ready to say yes? Also, I’m pretty sure Ezra is looking forward to having sex on his senior prom night and I would never give him that. He’d choose a woman more willing.” I closed my locker and started walking. Kayleigh followed by my side.

She grabbing onto my arm and kept her posture straight. “You say that now but I know better. You could never be a plain Jane. Of course, your room was very plain. But that still doesn’t mean you are. Ezra finds you interesting. If he’s really worth it, he will ask you and not expect sex. I don’t know why you’d resist his naked body like that but you do you, I guess.” She shrugged.

I laughed a bit. “You’re not giving this up.”

“I’ll give it up once he’s proposed to a girl. Of course, prom proposal I mean.” She nodded her head and stopped at my class.

“Kay, I love you but I don’t believe every crazy thought that rolls off your tongue. Ezra is not going to pick me. I’m hard to get.” I smiled.

She choked on a laugh. “Oh, honey... No, no. Amelia, you are not. You may have tried to push him away but we both know you’re in love with him and you’d never turn down a kiss. You would kiss back. You’d probably make out right away. You’re not hard to get. You’ve already fallen for the charming Playboy.” She let out a dreamy sigh.

Shivers ran down my entire body. I shoved my hands into my hoodie pockets and looked into the classroom. “Fine, I’m screwed up and you keep rubbing it in my face. That doesn’t mean he’s going to pick me. He doesn’t love me back.”

She put her index finger up. “You do not know that. You can’t read his mind. Unless he’s told you he doesn’t love you, you can’t assume he doesn’t. That boy can’t seem to stay away from you even if his life depended on it.”

I sighed. “I’ll see you at lunch, Kay.” I entered the class and took my seat in the back. Every girl was ready to say yes to Ezra and they’d dump any date they already had if it came to it. The boys were preparing to lose their dates in an instant.

As lunch came, I couldn’t find any sign of Ezra. I hadn’t seen him all day. I wasn’t surprised since his promposal was sure to be a big hit with whoever he was asking. He had to get it just right.

I glanced back at a girl and rolled my eyes as she tried pushing up her breasts. Push-up bras could only do so much before cleavage couldn’t be fixed. She only had so much to work with before she was out of tissue.

I got my lunch and headed to my math class for a quiet meal. Confusion filled my face as I noticed a sticky note on my desk. I picked it up and read the words scribbled onto it.

‘Roses are red, violets are blue. Follow this note to a place you once knew.’

What kind of game was this? What place did I once know? I racked my brain for any clues. I gasped. It made sense. A place I once knew in school was the theatre room. I had taken theatre once and dropped out when I knew I had the brain of a domesticated turkey.

It was fun to pretend to be someone else for some time but it was hard work as well. I could never memorize my lines and I always got cast as a background character, or I wasn’t in it at all. Why would I be in a class I was no good at and couldn’t hold interest in? My gratitude went out to those who enjoyed this and could play the part well. I was just not one of those people.

I went to the theatre room and looked around. I found the sticky note on the back of my old chair.

‘Daisies are yellow, tulips are pink. Now go to the room that sure doesn’t stink.’

Scoffing, I took a bite of my food. “So romantic...”

Which room smelled the best around these parts? That was obvious. It was Mrs. Jackson’s room. She used essential oils to keep everyone focused. According to her studies, they helped us do better in English. I was good at English so it never mattered to me.

I strolled over to her classroom, finding another note. “Damn, am I going to be doing this all lunch period?”

I found the note on the door this time. It was simple to find and I earned myself half my food because of it.

‘Cosmos are orange, lilacs are purple. There’s a room that holds everything fertile.’

Where did things grow? Science. Biology. This was so easy. I made my way to biology class and finished my food along the way. I had to get rid of this plate. I was hungry and it was annoying to carry around.

I walked into the room.

I groaned at the sight of yet another sticky note. Throwing my arms up, I yelled, “Will this ever end?” I was afraid it never would. How far could this whacko go? We were all out of colors. There was green but green flowers were a bit much.

‘Grass grows and weeds spread. This area is green rather than dead.’

Oh my gosh, they did it. They had used green. It was clever, I had to admit.

To what I hoped was my last walk, I arrived at the field outside of the school. It was a little field and it wasn’t special but what else was green?

Ezra stood on the field, holding something in his hand. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.” In a second, he threw up glitter, letting it land all over him. “I know you can’t dance but I can.” He stepped forward. “It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to, and who’ll accept you for what you are.”

I gasped upon the realization. He was quoting Twilight. He was trying to sparkle like Edward. He was asking me to prom.

“Ezra, this is crazy.” I shook my head and almost broke my neck.

He stepped forward. “Why, because you thought I wouldn’t ask you? All the other girls are too easy. They expect me to ask them. You don’t. It makes it much more fun for me because I get to see that look on your face.” He pointed at me.

It was a surprise for sure. I hadn’t expected him to ask me.

“Just say yes already!” Kayleigh yelled from the sidelines. She was jumping up and down, her clapping out of control.

Ezra lent his hand to me, waiting for me to take it. I looked around, noticing people starting to circle around us. This was putting pressure on me. The whole school knew I’d slapped Ezra when we first met. They knew we had been hanging out a lot outside of school. They knew everything about us because Ezra was a celebrity. They studied his every move.

I’d never been to prom before this and I wasn’t the type of girl to dance. However, this was my last year. I wanted to make the most of it. Taking a deep breath, I placed my hand in his. “Alright, Ezra. I’ll go to prom with you.”

Everyone cheered which caught me off guard. I expected the women to be angry but I guess that would require them to take criticism. People here were almost obligated to support whoever Ezra wanted. I just had a hard time believing it was me.

Ezra pulled me in and I almost assumed he was about to kiss me. Instead, he pulled me in for a hug. His arms were wrapped around me, keeping me safe, warm, and secure in his embrace.

I whispered, “How did you know about the whole Edward Cullen deal?”

Ezra’s laugh vibrated from his chest to mine. “Kayleigh is good for more than just shipping us.”

“She knew this whole time? She knew you were going to ask me and...” She had tried to tell me. She had told me many times but I never believed her. I had no clue that she knew because she had actually talked to Ezra about asking me. An apology would be owed to her later on.

We both pulled away from the hug and I watched students clear out the field. Prom was this weekend and now that I knew I was going, I had to go get ready and pick a dress. Breanna and Mom were going to be so happy about that. Jake? I couldn’t be sure but everyone seemed to take a liking to Ezra.

Ezra began to blink a lot, rubbing at his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

He shook his hair, letting glitter fall to the ground. “Glitter made it to my eye. How does Edward avoid this?”

I rolled my eyes, letting a laugh escape me. “He’s got real sparkles. It’s not just glitter he throws on himself.”

“And what about the movie? The actor did something to make himself shimmer.” Ezra lifted his head, looking at me.

“I’m sure it was just some kind of body cream and they didn’t cover his face with it. There’s only one thing separating you from him.” I wiggled my finger.

He straightened himself. “What might that be? He drinks blood? He’s immortal? He’s really old?”

I laid my hand on his shoulder. “No. He is pale and you’re tan.”

“That’s such a big difference and it’s so significant.” Ezra patted my head. “I’m glad you noticed.”

“I shall head to class. I’ll see you this weekend?”

He nodded. “I’ll see you on Saturday when I pick you up for the prom. Be ready at six.” He smiled as he left the courtyard.

I turned to face Kayleigh, realizing she had already gone to her own class.

All my brain could focus on was the fact that Ezra asked me to prom. Could it be true? Could he love me back? Was this real? Only he was able to answer these questions but I’d have to save them for a later date.

What color looked best with my eyes? What kind of dress would I need? Would it be long or short? Definitely not short. However, I didn’t want to be tripping over the skirt. I had to choose between flats or heels. Heels looked nice but flats were practical for a girl like me who couldn’t walk in heels. I had no balance.

I wasn’t sure if my hair would be better up or down. Curly or straight, it was all just a bunch of choices I had to make for this big night. My brain had to wrap around the idea that prom would be our first real date.

My eyes grew wide as I came to the conclusion that I was going on a date with Ezra Ramirez. What could possibly go wrong with that? Everything. I could screw it up. He could screw it up. We were two humans trying to figure out romance. We were going to be in for quite an adventure.

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