The Playboy is My Soulmate

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We walked into the dreadful atmosphere. “This is awful. Is this what the kids nowadays are into?” I turned to face Kayleigh as I scanned the room. There was an upper and lower part of the prom. The balcony was where I wanted to be.

Kayleigh grabbed ahold of my arm. “This is indeed what is trending.”

The music was blasting and I had to yell to get my words two inches across to Kayleigh. This kind of music was not even my style. It was about sex, and it was vulgar.

The middle of the floor was crowded with students dancing too close together. The lights were changing colors to match every dress in this building.

We struggled to get up the stairs without tripping. As we made it up, we found an empty table by the rail and sat down. I was so glad I made the decision to wear flats. They were black and made of a lace pattern to go with my simple black dress.

I had settled on the skirt being knee-length with fat straps that hung off my shoulders. It suited my style more. I looked nice but it wasn’t over the top. Well, Kayleigh made sure I looked nice. She did my hair and makeup. My hair was up in a ponytail made of soft curls. My makeup was done in a smokey eye effect with purple lipstick. Red was too predictable. I preferred a darker color on me.

“Holy shit, Amor, you look fantastic,” Ezra said as he approached us. His jaw was hanging as his eyes stayed on my face. It came as a shock to me, too.

Kayleigh leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table. Her smile was huge. “She looks stunning. That’s all thanks to me.”

I laughed while shaking my head. “Yeah, all credit goes to the whacko here.”

Ezra smiled at my best friend, nodding his head as a thank you. “You did the makeup but Mel provided you the canvas. I just never pictured a girl who wears hoodies all the time to dress up so nice.”

My smile dropped. “Don’t push it. This is just for the occasion.”

He leaned forward, whispering, “I’ll make every day an occasion.”

A hand appeared flat beside Ezra. It wasn’t his own since the sleeve was a different color from his black tux. Kayleigh directed her eyes towards the owner, giving me a look. I knew what she was asking. She wanted my permission to go off and dance with a cute guy. I gave her the thumbs up before she put her hand in his and disappeared below the balcony.

“Shall we?” Ezra asked as he offered his arm.

“I don’t dance,” I said.

He chuckled. “Maybe not in a crowd of hormonal and sweaty children but why don’t we try right outside?”

“Outside?” I looked towards the windows.

Ezra looped his arm through mine and led me down the stairs to the doors. We left the building but he grabbed something from his pocket. “I may not have romantic music but anything is better than rap.”

I giggled at that, wishing for even country over this shit. Rap was only good if it had meaning to it. Rap songs about sex had no meaning to them.

He put some music on and shove his phone in his pocket. “Let me teach you the steps.”

“What on earth is this?” I heard the song and gasped. “Oh shit... Ezra, this is the song that played when Nancy was crying over Barb’s death in Barb’s bathroom.”

He held my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He began with a slow sway. “It is. That was probably one of the most emotional scenes I’d ever seen. Besides the ending to season three. I cried during that ending.”

“Me too! It was the saddest ending ever. So many lovely characters died. The pain on Eleven’s face was so unbearable. Surprisingly I am not a big fan of her but I can still sympathize.” I was trying to keep this conversation alive to distract me from the fact that we were this close to each other.

“Which character is your favorite?” He continued to sway.

I smiled a little at the thought. “Dustin. He’s just the best. He’s so funny.”

Ezra chuckled. “Steve is mine. I love the whole redemption arc they gave him. That is exactly how you write a character. He became a mom by the end of it and who doesn’t love moms?”

Chills ran down my spine. “Well, moms do their best to love us. Steve may have lost some fights but he tried and that’s what moms do.”

“I’m glad you said yes. I was afraid you would turn me down.” He looked into my eyes.

On one hand, I could win a hundred bucks. On the other, I could win at love. Money couldn’t buy love but love was better than money every time.

We stopped swaying and I took a deep breath to prepare for what was about to come from my mouth. “I couldn’t turn you down. It’s hard to say no when you love the person who’s asking you.”

Ezra smirked. “Love? You really love me?”

I hit his chest lightly. “Yes, but don’t brag that you could win even girls like me. You win your stupid bet.”

He leaned down before I could register what he was doing. Our lips came together while my stomach flipped in every direction. My curled fingers released on the curl and I grabbed his face, returning the kiss.

Ezra pulled away, speaking in a quiet voice, “You win yours, too, Amor.”

A small laugh escaped my lips at the sight of his. My purple lipstick was already bringing out his eyes.

He didn’t have time to ask me what was so funny before we connected again. His kisses were not magical but they were sweet and inviting. I couldn’t say no to a kiss that made my heart pound in my chest. My chest was strong to keep such movements within my body.

Ezra was not innocent when it came to romance. There was just one difference between Ezra and my last boyfriend. Ezra knew how to make a girl smile.

“You’re kissing and nobody is screaming about this news?” Kayleigh yelled as she squealed.

We pulled away, looking at her. She was not one to consider that we wanted privacy.

“I cannot believe my best friend is kissing Ezra Ramirez. You are freaking lucky. You are a queen!” She had to take deep breaths to calm herself. She seemed more excited about this than I was. Was that a bad thing?

Inside, I was losing my mind.

Ezra put his arm around me and pulled me against him. “We are going to ditch this crowded party and go out for dinner. Care to join us?”

“Hell yeah. This girl loves food.” She rushed over to us. “Where are we going?”

“Yeah, where are we going?” I looked up at him. It was a surprise to me but I wasn’t too picky.

“What about sushi?” He started walking to his car.

I shrugged. “Sounds great but I hate sushi.”

He looked back at me. “Steak?”

“I don’t like meat I can’t chew.” I smiled.

“What do you like?”

“Everything else. But why don’t we go to IHOP? It’s affordable and the food is always great. Who doesn’t love breakfast foods?” I waved Kayleigh away before she interjected. “Besides, they have other food if you’re a weirdo with no taste buds.” I lifted an eyebrow at Kayleigh.

“IHOP it is then.” His fingers wrapped around mine as he led us to his car. I rode in Kayleigh’s car so she didn’t have to feel left out at all. I was not going to make her the third wheel. I knew the pain of being such a thing.

We arrived at the restaurant and found our seats inside. I looked at the menu, humming to myself. The food looked amazing. The hardest part of going out to eat was picking something. I could have pancakes or french toast. I could have the scrambler. There was only one option I could actually choose.

The waiter got our orders and left the table. I sipped on my water. Water was the one liquid that could not make me feel full, and it even lessened the feeling of it. Soda? It did the exact opposite. I was not a milk person unless I had free refills, which was only in my own home.

Kayleigh laid her head against my shoulder. “I am so happy that you guys are finally together. It was about damn time.”

I leaned my head on hers and smiled to myself. “If Ezra can promise to be a good boyfriend, we will not have any problems.”

He cleared his throat. “I can promise that. And you promise to be a good girlfriend, correct?”


Kayleigh let out a sigh. “You’re on a dating basis. It’s perfect. What else should I know about you two? Is there a sexual basis?”

I choked on my water. I grabbed some napkins, cleaning the mess from the table. “No. I am not that far yet. I want to see this relationship go somewhere before we truly take that step.” My gaze landed on Ezra, watching his every move. He was in for a real relationship this time and not just a fling or one-night stand.

Ezra saw us both and nodded his head. “Ah, right, yes. I’m sure I can understand. Virgins who wait this long require some more time.”

I sighed, shaking my head. “Why does everyone keep assuming I’m a virgin?”

Ezra furrowed his brows and his eyes darted towards the table before meeting mine again. “You’re not a virgin?”

Folding my arms, I shrugged. “No. I’m not. I had sex with my last boyfriend. That’s not the point. I don’t have to be a virgin to want to get to know you first. You don’t know someone enough in just a few months. I just want to wait a little bit is all. This relationship means something to me.”

Kayleigh was about to cry. “This is so cute. You’ve made Amelia feel something. She loves you.” She covered her mouth. “I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

I patted her shoulder. “It’s okay, Kay. Ezra knows. He feels the same. That is why I want to take it slow. I want to really make something from this. I want our love to be worthwhile. I am not quite ready for lust to enter the equation.” I laughed a bit.

“Ah, lust.” Ezra nodded. “Well, I can accept that. I really do love you, Amelia. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize what we have just because of lust.”

I smirked. “It’s time for the Playboy to learn how to keep his pants on for a while. It might be a challenge.”

His lips formed a smirk in return to mine. “Challenge accepted.”

The waiter brought our food and I dug in as soon as the plate hit the table. “Ezra, you will never come before food. I’m sorry.”

Kayleigh giggled in a quieter manner. “She loves food. Don’t get between her and her one true love and you’ll be safe.”

“I’ll keep the warning in mind.” He began eating his food, an omelet made with onion, ham, and some other good stuff. Kayleigh was eating pancakes and some bacon, which wasn’t surprising.

I had sausage, hashbrowns, french toast and sunnyside eggs to keep my stomach happy. Breakfast foods would never cease to be the best food around town. I refused to believe anything else was better than this.

My eyes met the brown ones from across the table. Ezra smiled at me, making my heart skip a beat. With food in front of me and him at my side, I was going to be unstoppable. Senior year would be my favorite year yet. All a girl needed in life was true love. An Ezra and some food.

I had both. I was blessed to have both already and I was barely hitting eighteen. College was going to be an adventure with my best friend and my boyfriend. Oh, Breanna and Jake were somewhere in there, too. They were like the appetizers while Ezra and Kayleigh were the main course meal. I would never go hungry in my social life with all of these bafoons running wild. The smile on my face could never falter.

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