The Playboy is My Soulmate

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Ezra stood at the end of the hall, doing a handshake with one of his buddies. Both of them laughed and it echoed down my way.

“Ezra Ramirez, this is unacceptable,” a teacher yelled as she held up one of his papers. He looked at it and shrugged. “I will see you in detention after school.” She walked back into her classroom.

I choked on a laugh. “Ezra got detention. This is gold!”

I spun around to tell Kayleigh but she was nowhere to be found. I frowned and shook my head, heading to my class.

The teacher began teaching as soon as the bell rang and I took notes as instructed. I glared at the boy behind me who kept poking me. What was his deal?

He continued to poke me until I grabbed his finger, bending it. “Stop poking me.”

“Amelia, what’s going on back there?” the teacher asked me.

“Mrs. Heathers, Amelia is trying to break my finger,” the boy said with a pained voice.

It wasn’t exactly a lie since my hand was still bending his finger and Mrs. Heathers had a full view of that. She sighed, shaking her head. “I swear I’m babysitting,” she mumbled. “Amelia, let go of his finger. You’re getting detention after school.”

I dropped my jaw. Detention? I had detention, with Ezra? I was so screwed now.

I walked into the room, keeping my head down and hood on as I made my way towards the back. Sitting in my seat, I heard someone click their tongue.

“Amor, fancy seeing you here.”

My eyes landed on the very man who called me that. “Ezra.”

He planted himself in the seat next to mine and smiled at me. “Welcome to detention. This isn’t my first time. Is it yours?”


“There’s a first for everything.” He sat back and faced the front of the class.

The teacher came in and pointed towards the rules, sitting down at her desk. No talking.

Ezra scanned the class and pulled a piece of paper from his bag and used a pen to write a note. He passed it to me when the teacher wasn’t looking.

‘this is how were going to talk. itll be just like middle school when everyone passed notes.’

I wrote something in response to his note and returned it.

‘I’d like to not get into more trouble so can you be quiet?’

‘i am quiet. im not making a sound.’

‘And once again, your grammar is horrendous. Please, spare me.’

‘this isnt english class.’

I sighed to myself, wondering how such a stupid boy could survive in this world.

‘We aren’t taught good grammar just for English. It’s meant for all aspects of our life because it matters. It’s pleasing for others who have to read your notes and texts, like me.’

He chuckled, nodding his head towards the front.

The teacher looked at everyone. Her phone began ringing and she answered it. “Yes?” There was a pause before she responded again. “I’ll be right there.” She hung up the phone.

She stood and gave everyone a dirty look. “Obey the rules while I’m gone.”

The teacher left everyone alone.

Ezra looked at me. “You don’t like notes or texting. What do you like?”

“I like silence. I like to be left alone.” I folded my arms.

The classroom was full of three other students, which was a shock. I didn’t expect that many students in school to be so good.

One girl in the corner was dressed in all black but she was as quiet as a mouse. A boy in the middle of the room looked like one of those basketball players with his gym shorts and matching shirt. The other boy looked like some poor rapper-wanna-be.

“Do you believe love is a choice?” Ezra asked.

“Do you believe in silence?” I smirked.

He fixed his posture. “Well, I believe in socializing.”

I squinted my eyes at him. “I never know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge.”

His eyebrows shot up and he sat forward. “Can I pick?”

Rolling my eyes, I watched the clock. I needed the hour to hurry up. I already spent too much time with Ezra outside of this school and now I had to be near him inside of it.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to tell my sister and mom. I’d never been in detention before.

“Wanna ditch?” Ezra asked.

I lifted an eyebrow. “Excuse me? She’s going to notice if we leave.”

“Not if we’re back before she notices. The phone call she got was from the principal asking if she could help him get all the gum off his office walls. It’ll take a while. We’ll be back before anyone has a clue.” He gestured to the clock.

I straightened my back. “I don’t know. I don’t think it would be wise.”

“Aw, Mel, you have to live a little. Come on. Let’s have some adventure before we die.” He got out of his seat. “We only have about forty minutes and sitting here isn’t going to be entertaining.”

The room stayed still despite Ezra asking me to break rules. “Detention isn’t supposed to be entertaining.”

He leaned down on my desk, his face much too close to mine. “Do it for me, Mel.”

It was hard to say no when he was a kiss away. “Fine. But if I get more detention because of you, I will never tutor you again and I will make you pay me under the table.”

“Deal.” He backed away, walking towards the door. “Are you coming?”

“Yes,” I grumbled.

Together, we left the room and started on our journey down the hallway.

“Alright, what are we supposed to do first? You can’t have much adventure inside of a school.” I gestured all around us. “It’s just a school, Ezra.”

“You underestimate my skills. I’m offended.” He patted his heart.

I stopped walking and stood in front of him, crossing my arms. “I’m being serious. I don’t want to break anymore rules. I am in enough trouble as it is just being in detention.”

“And why did you come?”

I scratched the back of my head. “A kid was poking me and I was bending his finger.”

He laughed, shaking his head. “You poor thing. I’ll make this first detention worthwhile.”

I spun my head around, making sure nobody would find us here. We weren’t hard to spot, standing in the middle of the hallway.

“What is one thing we both know how to do? Prank each other. Why don’t we use that to prank the faculty? Come on. You’re going to love it.” Ezra grabbed my hand, pulling me towards a classroom.

We snuck inside and he had me keep watch while he did something else. I made sure nobody was coming before I turned back to see what he was doing. He was writing on the teacher’s board. It wasn’t exactly a nice phrase.

He put the marker down and grabbed my hand once again, pulling me to the next classroom.

He stuck a pin in the teacher’s chair. That was going to hurt. I was thankful it wasn’t for me.

The last stop was the teacher’s lounge. This place was fancy. The sofa and chairs were extra cushioned and there was a fridge next to a counter.

How could teachers get something so nice while we students got nothing? It seemed unfair. Teachers chose to go back to school. We didn’t. I was forced here against my own will.

I guess it made sense that the ones who got paid to come here got nice things in return.

Ezra grabbed the coffee pot and dumped it down the drain. He poured soda into it, which looked pretty similar to coffee. At least the black sodas did.

He shrugged. “It still has the caffeine kick they’re looking for.”

My eyes landed on the clock, seeing how much time we had left before we had to return. We had about twenty minutes now.

I sat down in a chair, moaning at the comfort level. I could sleep in this if I truly wanted to.

The TV on the wall turned on and I searched for the culprit. Ezra was holding a remote as he sat in another chair. “This is the life.”

“Is there anything else you’d rather be than just a man who recruits half-naked women?” I gave him a look.

Ezra shrugged. “I’ve never really thought about it. I figured I would graduate and it would come to me.”

“Yes, because that’s exactly how it works.” I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, a lot of people end up changing their majors anyhow. Think about it. We are still not actually adults who can make decisions on the rest of our futures. Not all of us know what we want to do forever.” He settled himself into the chair some more.

I closed my eyes for a moment, bathing in the relaxation. “Lies. Some of us do know. I know what I want to do with my life and I won’t let anyone change that. Some people do happen to know when they’re teenagers. I would be one of them. Ezra, are you aware that you’ve been asking underage women to sell their body on Playboy?” I opened one eye.

He chuckled. “It’s cute that you think I don’t know. Of course, they won’t allow anyone under eighteen but there’s nothing stopping you when you do turn eighteen. I’m preparing them for their futures. School does the same thing. You already know what you want to be.” He pointed to me.

I looked over at the clock. The time was ticking away and soon we’d have to return. I could only hope we wouldn’t be caught. I had to get away with just this one thing in my life.

Ezra stood and turned off the TV, which neither of us was even watching. He waved me to follow him and we both headed back to detention. We returned to our seats and I started to feel like I was from The Breakfast Club. I was going to get away with it, too.

The teacher returned and looked at everyone, not suspecting a thing.

I couldn’t believe Ezra and I were getting away with our crimes. It was exhilarating. All that stopped us was exposure which we both knew wasn’t going to happen at this point.

The bell rang, signifying the end of detention. It was a glorious sound and I was never going to end up back here again. As much fun as I had, I was going to follow rules like they were meant to be followed.

I grabbed my bag and walked out with Ezra on my tail. “So, we did it. We are truly winners.”

Turning to face him, I gave him a glare. “That’s the last of it. I will never be back here again.” I turned once more but he grabbed my arm, stopping me.

“Admit you had fun.”

I pulled my arms from his grasp. “I admit I want to continue to follow the rules and finish my senior year so I can get out of here.”

He whispered in my ear, “I’ll see you next time, Amor.” He walked away from me and disappeared from my sight. I couldn’t let him get to me. Life was calling me and I would follow my path to the best of my ability. Ezra may have been in my future but I wasn’t sure if I accepted that just yet.

Arriving at my house, Breanna and Mom were already distracted by the TV to even notice me being an hour and a half late. It worked in my favor. Was today the day I was getting away with everything? Yes. I wasn’t going to question it.

The universe was on my side and I could live with that, literally. I headed to my room and dropped my bag down. This was going to be a good weekend. Kayleigh and I would be going to the pier to enjoy some time in the sunshine. God knew I needed to get some vitamin D.

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