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"My heart is torn between two. I love them both. I have to let one go". . . Jazmin thought she found everything she could've imagined in her boyfriend Jake Berkeley. He's smart, incredibly handsome and caring. When she decides to move out to his home town due to her mothers job. She meets her next door neighbor James Dawson. He's arrogant, rude, daring and a total hottie but also a whole lotta trouble. Trying to resist to the lustful temptation. He manages to turn her entire life upside down. Torn between a safe caring love and a wild passionate flame. Jazmin will find herself in various mix-ups, heart-breaks, drama and a life changing decision that will mark her forever. [WARNING] -Not your typical high school story. Lots of sexual content! *Story has scripted parts *Strong language *For mature readers only

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One Intro: Sunset Views (Diary)

My toes were touching the warm soft sand. The breeze of the fresh air touched every inch of my body that gave me shivers all over. That is exactly how Jake made me feel he completed me. Everything seemed perfect. We had goals we had ambition we had each other. Jake and I met outside my moms bakery shop in Jacksonville where I'm from. I was a bit late that day and I knew mom had needed me twenty minutes earlier then usual to help out with a big order. You see my mom owns the most delicious bakery in town, so good she got asked to put up a bakery shop at Redwood-Ville where Jake is from.

I reached over to open the door not noticing someone else was opening it from inside the bakery shop. Of course me being the clumsy one I lost balance and almost fell onto the floor. Luckily for me a strong handsome guy quickly grabbed me from the waist and pulled me back up. I noticed the pastries he had in his box had all fallen to the ground. Since his reaction to grabbing me was so quick. Immediately getting on my knees I began picking them up one by one and apologizing a dozen times, gosh was I completely embarrassed that day. Though I was also thankful because due to my clumsiness and his heroic way of saving me. I had met the love of my life. My first long term relationship and my first love.

I experienced everything with him there was never a No I could say to him. When it came to going out and trying new things I was always up for it. Before I met him I rarely went out. I was never much of an outdoor person to begin with. I would stay indoors put my favorite movie ( The Notebook ) on and grab popcorn that was my idea of fun. Jake was always sweet to me we rarely argued. When we did it was usually me that would start it. He couldn't bare the thought of having me away from him. So he would take the blame even though it wasn't his. He never got jealous of other guys approaching me he knew I was his and he was certain of my true love for him.

Unfortunately I couldn't say the same about myself. Even though he had all the confidence in the world on me. I never did handle well other girls approaching him. I guess I was the problem. I would easily turn jealous when I saw girls gawking at him. I couldn't really blame them though. Jake was so good looking that it sometimes made me doubt on us. As selfish as it may sound I wanted his love all for me. I was afraid of losing him. However everything changed the day I moved to his town Redwood-Ville.

My mom took the offer of opening up a new bakery shop in that town. Jake of course couldn't be happier giving the fact I was now going to be living in the same town as he. It was also easier for him after he had spend both summers in Jacksonville just for me. No more waiting for school breaks or summers to spend time with each other. This time we could see each other all the time. I still remember the first day I moved into my new home and the first person I mistakenly interacted with. James my new neighbor I remember it like it was just yesterday.

James Dawson a trouble maker and a total sweetheart to me. Although he had a reputation to keep up on everyone's eyes. When it came to me he was vulnerable. I never thought I'd ever experience the feelings I did when I was with him. He made me feel protected, happy, hungry for his taste, sexy and desired. I felt some of those feelings with Jake also but it was always different. With James it was never enough I always craved for more. It wasn't only all about lust with him I also felt loved. Every time he would prove himself to me that he was worth the risk. I couldn't stay away from him even if I tried. Somehow we would end up bumping into each other and this whole chemistry would develop between us.

In the beginning the first couple times were easy to stay away from him because I hated his guts. I couldn't stand the guy! As the days even weeks passed I noticed his persistence towards me wasn't going away. It was as if I was a magnet to him as he told me one night. My first kiss with him wasn't all that magical. Considering the fact he STOLE the kiss from me. Both guys so sweetly charming and irresistibly sexy were my great love. However all good things sooner or later come to an end.
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