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Destiny is a beautiful sweet smart 18 year old who had everything life could offer. A loving mother a hard working father and a sweet good looking boyfriend whom she knew since childhood. One crucial night when her older brother goes missing she stumbles upon an uncaring violent crew. They want nothing else but to kill her brother for a debt he owes them. Not being able to find him they kidnap Destiny forcing her to pay his debt. Rules are simple..Work for the most feared Terranova Gang in the city. Discover who their leader is and gather information about their members. Most importantly of all don't mix feelings with business. Destiny does all they demand of her to save her family's life. However things get tangled and messy when she meets the heartless, pitiless, and ruthless Elijah Conner Leader of the unmerciful cold blooded Terranova Gang. ( WARNING ) *Scripted Parts *Mature Readers Only *Sexual Language *Violence

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 (Intro): Dear Journal

I couldn't be happier with my life right now. I have everything I could wish for. I finally graduated school and now I'm ready for that well deserved vacation! Although I find that impossible to happen with everything there is to do around the house. My mother is having me help her finish off her garden, for the garden festival that's coming up in two weeks. My father is also preparing his legendary hot sauce that everyone in the city seems to love. Besides their enjoyable hobbies they actually have real careers.

My mother owns a small restaurant where she cooks tasty American and Puerto Rican food. She is known around the city for her famous mouth watering Chili Chavel Burger. She has a family secret ingredient that makes the sauce so popular she's actually had clients try to buy it off her. The secret ingredient has been passed down from generations. If I ever wanted to be part of this secrecy. I'd have to demonstrate my interest in what she does and only then I'd be able to obtain the secret ingredients. Which by the way won't ever happen.

I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to study and make a career off yet but being a cook was definitely not an option. My father is an FBI Agent and a very famous one too. The criminals fear him while the rest of the people in the city adore him and look up to him. His professional smart work ethic has helped a lot of families reunite with their loved ones when they have gone missing and he has saved many lives. He has also cleaned the city from a lot of bad people that were up to no good. His office room in the house is full of awards, trophies and medals. When I was younger my mother use to tell me stories about them I loved the one of how they met more. It actually sounded like a fairytale in a more realistic way.

My mother was a damsel in distress you know typical fairytale scene so cliché. On a warm sunny day my father was walking on the side walk coming from watching a football game at a bar. When he saw a beautiful woman from across the street struggling to get her heel unstuck from a crack on the floor. A car was coming in full velocity. Without thinking it throughly he risked his life to save hers. My father jumped into action and ran towards my Mothers direction. He grabbed her from the waist picking her up and throwing both of their bodies onto the hard concrete floor. As her perfect body laid on top of his hard muscular body their eyes met and suddenly everything stopped around them. He was lost in her amazing blue captivating eyes as she was lost in his fascinating rare emerald eyes. Of course my mother lost a perfectly new shoe that day but also met the love of her life. I always admired their beautiful tale. I also knew now a days that would be a one in a million chance of anything close to that happening in my life.

Don't get me wrong I am dating a great Swedish guy he's sweet, caring, good looking, and overall very thoughtful. He always knows how to make me smile even when I don't feel like it. We have been knowing each other since our early teen years. His family lives just a few houses down from us. He was always persistent and dedicated on making me his one day. I guess after many years of trying I basically gave in and he achieved his goal. I do have feelings for him but sometimes I'll find myself yearning for more. A special kind of feeling something like what my mother and father have.

I want a consuming and ecstatic thrill feeling. Something rare like a hard to find but easy to keep kind of love. For now my chances of experiencing something that special are very small. The city I grew up in is full of inconsiderate selfish assholes. Who just want one thing and one thing only..a girls treasure (Vagina). They don't care about a girls feelings or even taking a relationship seriously. Guys my age act immature that is sometimes overwhelming. I guess I can say I got lucky with Lyon. He treats me fair and is always looking out for me even when I don't need him too. He is not the jealous kind of guy because he's positive of my love for him. Wish I could say the same about myself. Even if he shows he only has eyes for me. Once we enter college there is no doubt girls wouldn't hesitate to take him from me. I'm telling ya it's hard to find a good guy now a days and when there is one it turns into a savage war with packs of hungry hyenas.

Talking about good guys my only brother is definitely not one of them. Aaron is a selfish egocentric self-centered jerk. The only thing he ever does is think about himself. He hates being told when he's doing wrong and dislikes being told what to do. Yet he acts like a child you have to babysit every hour and minute of the damn day. My family is fed up with his awful habit of betting money on the streets to make quick couple dirty bucks. Obviously to avoid growing up and making a hard working man out of himself. He's only older than me by two years but it seems like I'm older than him due to his childish behavior.

I'm always looking out for him and bailing him out when he runs into trouble. Of course I try not to have my parents find out so they won't worry but sometimes it just gets to be too much to handle. There was one time where several ruthless motorcyclists almost killed him with punches and kicks at a bar. My brother won a game of pool and claimed his money. One of the guys thought he cheated so they neglected to give him a dime. Aaron for some idiotic reason thought it was a good idea to hit the one holding the money with a cue stick and ran off taking the cash with him.

It was only a matter of minutes till they caught up to him on their motorcycles. Bryson his childhood buddy that is on the same steps my good for nothing brother's on gave me a call. He said he managed to get away but they caught my brother. I took several cash from my savings and went out looking for them. I always have been a great persuasive person. One of the many techniques my father taught me. I knew how to convince someone without reasoning much. So I did just that. They took my cash and left. I took my brother back to Bryson's place because if my parents saw him how I found him that night. My mother would've gotten a heart attack and my father would've gotten on a hunt and kill them rampage.

I always wondered why Aaron never took anything or anyone serious. I guess he was tired of always being told he had to follow our fathers footsteps. He didn't want to be a cop or work for the FBI. Even though Aaron looked so much like my father he was very different than him. We use to be close Aaron and I. As kids he use to be more affectionate and kind. Now he's always busy running into trouble or running away from it and he's more distant towards me. Although he is very overprotective when it comes to guys. For some odd reason he always got along with Lyon. So he has been off my case lately and not bugging.

I have two best friends whom I trust and appreciate dearly. Skylar is more of the 'Don't Fuck With Me and I Won't Fuck With You' type. Tessa in the other hand is more of the 'World Peace and Love One Another' type. Their both definitely different but we love and respect each other equally. We are always there for one another when we need someone to talk or cry out too. Skylar and I know each other since we were just a young couple of innocent kids. She also grew up with Lyon and their both neighbors. So you can guess right..She helps me keep an eye out on him. (;

Tessa and I met just a couple years back. She was new to the city and to our high school. Not having friends and being called the "New Girl" made her feel like an outsider. I was her first friend there and showed her around. I introduced Skylar to her and just like Tessa and I clicked they did too. We became the three muskabeauties like Tessa named us which Skylar hates. There was a bit of history between Tessa and Aaron back then. Skylar and I warned her not to fall for him and his childish games. Of course being the sweet loving and a bit naive person that she is. She didn't listen and ended up with a broken heart. Till this day she doesn't want to date and meet new guys. In her opinion they are all the same and not worth the heartache.

Skylar finds that somewhat true since she has also gone through a hard break-up. In this case it was her breaking the guys heart but little did she know it affected her a lot more. It all finally caught up to her when she saw her ex dating a beautiful Columbian girl. She tried romancing him back into her life but it was useless he didn't want anything with Skylar anymore. She was afraid of loving and being left that she messed up a relationship with a guy who only loved her. She still dates and has her booty calls on the side but hasn't been able to fully move on from him. We always try to cheer her up and act like he doesn't exist for her own good. Tessa finds it hard coming over to my house at times afraid of bumping into my useless brother. I was the only one from us three that had a good reliable boyfriend whom loved me so much. Even though I always felt like I was missing something.................Something more.
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