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"Bash Blaze I swear I will stop at nothing to make you pay for every embarrassment you've caused me!" "Ever since you crashed into my life you've been nothing but trouble! Alison Carson I will make sure you live hell from this point on!" Alison Carson an adorkable cutie with fascinating skills to paint and cook delicious pastries. She seemed to have it all money friends and a loving home. Until one tragic night where she loses everything. Having no other choice and nowhere else to go. Alison is forced to leave everything behind and start over. A new home a new school and new faces. As if her life couldn't get any worse she crosses the path of the schools most popular but cold arrogant and total hunk Bash Blaze. Provoking an on and off feud between them. Can they ever put their differences aside and be friends? Or will their steamy hate turn into something more. . . . *Intended For Mature Readers *Not Your Typical High School Story *Strong Language and Sexual Content *Story Is Based On Several P.O.V's *Scripted Parts

Romance / Drama
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Ch. 1

"Mom? Dad? If you both can hear me..I just want you to know..That I have missed you so much and I promise I will behave in my new home..I won't let you both down..But please..I ask that you guys watch over me..Guide me..and...and...send me strength to move on from all this heartache I feel...Mom? Dad? I want to be able to smile again...Not forced but a sincere smile...One that comes from the heart...Like when I use to smile at you guys...I want to feel that again".

"It's time Lady Alison" I stood up while dusting off the extra dirt left on my skirt from sitting on the grass. The chauffeur was waiting to take me to my new home. After losing both of my parents one night to a drunken driver. I had lost everything else. My sweet warm loving home which I had grew up in. That was the only place I felt like I could be myself. No judgmental eyes looking at me or murmuring whispers filling up the room. Nothing but two parents who loved me unconditionally.

I was everything to them just like they were my entire world as well. Now...I felt more alone than I ever had. I couldn't deny I felt jittery feelings inside me as the destination to my new home grew closer. I was use to living in a small town populated by some sweet folks while others weren't too cheery. But at the end of the day we all knew each other and stuck up for each other whenever we needed too.

My eyes widened with nervousness as we passed by some really tall buildings. Nothing like I had ever seen back in my small ordinary town. These buildings were huge and there was no doubt we had entered Yama City. The most popular city there was around. They were known for the latest fashion and trends. I had read so many magazines about their way of living that I always wanted to visit. Of course I never thought I'd be coming to Yama City this way.

I had heard so many rumors about the people who live in Yama City. They were snobby and careless with other people's emotions. They were stuck-up's and money hungry people. The only way you'd get noticed was if you weren't with the trend. Then you'd get excluded and you'd wind up being a simple nobody. A ghost to be precise. I guess I was about to find out how true those rumors were.

"We're here" The chauffeur said as we pulled up to an insanely huge mansion. My mouth nearly dropped to the floor as I shockingly stared outside the window. I couldn't believe that would be my new home. I could easily get lost in there. I felt like such a tiny ant wondering around inside an enormous forest. "Please this way" A maid who was standing outside the Mansion said while the Chauffeur took my simple looking baggage out of the trunk of the elegant limousine.

I followed her while not once looking up to see where I was going. I guided myself from watching the back of her black heels loudly clapping against the shiny marble floor. 'How is this floor not scratched by now?' I quietly thought as I noticed I was able to see my own reflection on it. She suddenly came to a stop and I accidentally bumped my head against her back. She turned to look at me with a fiery stare but stopped herself from saying anything to me. I wondered why.

Suddenly a dark aura in the parlor room we found ourselves in was felt around me. I turned around and saw the most beautiful elegantly dressed woman my eyes had only ever seen on t.v or magazines. She gave me a half smile while lightly brushing her fingertips against her shiny pearl necklace. "Nima please take our guest to her new room and unpack her belongings" "Oh it's fine I can do that myself I don't need any help Ma'am". I interrupted her with a nervous smile as I took my briefcase away from Nima.

I had personal belongings such as photographs of my parents and me that I treasured dearly. Also a dress my Mother wore the day my Dad proposed to her along with my Father's lucky black & green striped necktie. I didn't want anyone else touching them whatsoever. Suddenly the elegant woman standing in front of me leaned close to my face. With a threatening stare and a furious tone in her voice she said to me "In this household you do not speak unless you are spoken too. You do not back talk unless you are ready to face the consequences".

She turned around to walk away but before she left she turned aside and said "One last thing. Next time you interrupt me, I will not show mercy". My heart felt like it was about to explode out of fright as I watched her leave. The maid continued to walk as I quietly followed this time leaving space between us. My thoughts were a mess I knew living in this beautiful Mansion was going to come with a price. If only I was old enough to venture on my own. But I couldn't leave even if that's all I wanted.

My parents had assigned my God Father to take me under his wing if something ever happened to them. Even if that compromise was years earlier when they were all best friends and I was just a tiny innocent baby. A promise was a promise and unfortunately my parents never got around to change that after they both suddenly stopped talking to my God Father. So now I was stuck to a family who I knew nothing about and to a Father like figure who never went to see me while growing up. This was going to become a huge mess.
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