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Love at first Sight

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Zoey Robertson, always thought that she wasn’t one of the lucky ones that would be in a long term relationship until she bumped into Skye Martinis. She never thought that she would find love at first sight, she only thought that kind of love was in romance novels...till that one afternoon she met a tall curly hair brown skin Colombian with dark charcoal eyes CEO of his own law firm: Martinis&Law...

Romance / Drama
Jana Mccraw
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Interview

Rain drops poured down the window of the baby blue Ford Altima that sat in park in front of Martinis&Law INC. Zoey looked up at the dark gray clouds then at the tall floor to ceiling Onyx building that seemed to stretch on almost touching the skyline. Heaving a sigh and glancing at the time on her iPhone she saw that she had at least thirty minutes before she missed her interview that her mentor had lined up for her that morning.

Grabbing her pastel yellow raincoat, she slung it over her body as she fixed her long braids in a loose low ponytail yanking the hood up over her head. She stepped out of her car with quick hurried steps the rain beating down on her coat as her navy blue heels clicked clacked across the soaked sidewalk to the revolving doors. Stepping into the wide cream white lobby she walked up to the Opal white receptionist desk; seeing a short petite young woman around her own age tapping away on the keyboard of her Mac tablet.

Clearing her throat she stepped closer saying in a small voice, “Excuse me, I’m hear to see Rebecca Stone. I have a 2:30pm interview with her for the assistant job.” The receptionist paused in her typing looking over her oval gold rim glasses at her as she spoke in a country twang, “Yeah, hon just take a seat at one of the chairs over there and I’ll page her for ya.” As she waved her hand pointing a long aqua blue acrylic nail at the three beige arm chairs near the wide wall to wall window that over looked the parking lot.
Zoey took her seat in the middle crossing her right leg over her left with her hands folded on top of her knee as she waited watching the receptionist talk on the phone. Hanging up the phone she waved Zoey over to her letting her know where the elevator is as she also told her what floor she needed to go to for the interview an gave her a temporary pass to get through the gate off to the side of the lobby.

Taking the pass from her, she walked over to the silver gates taping the card and walking towards the elevator pushing the button for the doors to open, she looked down at her iPhone making sure it was on silent and seeing that her current ex boyfriend Bernard messaged her three times in the last fifteen minutes trying to find out where she is. As she was about to block his number like she should have done last week she heard the elevator doors ding as it started to open up she looked up from her phone at the same time she was slipping it back into her pocket.

She was greeted with a sight that she wasn’t prepared for this early in the day; seeing a tall dark skin man with broad shoulders and dark curly hair that was cut low in a shape-up. He was kissing on the woman’s tooth pick neck with him holding her leg up by her thigh as he had her back pressed against her the wall with her too tight skirt hiked up slightly an his other hand between them. She stood there in shock with her feet rooted to the stone floor as she couldn’t take her eyes off of the toned and muscular arms that bulged just under the crisp charcoal black suit jacket.

Hearing the wetness from the woman and his grunts and groans her eyes trailed down getting a good look at his length and seeing the thickness of it and the vines that pulse while his length throb as he came closer to his peak. Pushing her thighs close together she let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding.

As her brown eyes looked back up to find that he was looking right into her eyes from over her boney shoulder of the short blonde woman that was still oblivious to the fact that they’ve been caught in the act. With her eyes still closed and her mouth hung open in bliss from what she could tell from the wall to wall mirror behind the man in the hallway. She couldn’t avoid his intense stare as he thrust his fingers harder and deeper in the woman with her juices gushing out on him. His release hit him full force as he watched her body tense with her squeezing her thighs tight but he saw her wetness drip down her soft smooth brown skin of her legs.

The sight of seeing that made him hard all over again. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her even if he tried he couldn’t. He stepped slightly to the side as the blonde released her hold of his member with her eyes still closed. He held her gaze to fully face her with his throbbing member rock solid for her. He reached out grabbing her silk button up and yanking her into the space. Hitting the door close button just behind her well plumped ass, he walked her to the other side of the steel box dipping his hand under her navy pencil skirt. Feeling how soaked her lace panties are, made him throb even more so. While he rubbed and circled her clit, hearing sweet moans an panting breathes slip past her full lips. Pushing her panties to the side slipped two fingers in her heat feeling how tight she is; with her walls squeezing around his fingers as they went deeper hitting her spot. She held onto the railing as he hoisted her up by her thick thighs, lifting her higher he had a great view of her wet glistening pussy. Licking his lips he leaned forward licking from her spasming hole to her swollen clit…

Shaking his head mentally to get the image of that fantasy out of his mind, he pulled himself out of the womans hand and dropped her leg off his arm. The woman didn’t have time to gain her balance as her bare cheeks smacked the cold floor of the elevator with her skirt still pushed up on her stomach. The sound of bare skin hitting the metal floor snapped Zoey out of her daze as realization hit her that she just came with him! Glancing around the hall she spotted the exit for the stairs and hurried over to the door hoping it will open. With her pussy throbbing with want and need to be filled, as the image of his still hard member out of his pants flashed in her minds eye.

Rushing up the steps she tripped so many times over her own heels as she made it to the fourth floor that she was supposed to be on for her interview. Straightening her clothes, walking into the HR office mentally shaking her herself to focus as she stepped up to the front desk and asked for Rebecca, who walked over to the desk saying, “Hi, you must be Ms. Robertson?” “Yes I am, nice to meet you.” Zoey said, shaking her hand as they walked over to her office taking a seat across from her tan desk; while Rebecca took her seat in her office chair taking out Zoey’s resume.

“So I see that you’ve interned at one of our other Law Firm’s in South Carolina before you graduated this fall.” Rebecca said, as she looked over her past jobs that she had before the internship. “Yes, I did and I learned a lot from Loren Lakewood.” She said, with a slight smile on her face; feeling proud of her former mentor. “Yes, Loren spoke highly of you and said that you have a lot of potential to be a great lawyer someday; and that’s what Mr. Martinis is looking for in a partner in the courtroom.” Rebecca said, in a monotone voice as she glanced up behind Zoey to see someone standing in the doorway.

“Oh Mr. Martinis! I didn’t know that you were going to see the applicant today.” Rebecca exclaimed, excitedly as she gazed at the man. Zoey turned halfway around in the leather seat that made the leather squeak beneath her bottom. Lifting her bright gaze she took in the crisp charcoal slacks with a cream white button up shirt with black tie and suit jacket to match the pants with black dress shoes. As she took him in an could tell that he’s in good shape, but as her eyes met his gaze she took a intake of breath realizing that he’s the man from the elevator twenty minutes ago...
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