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Love at first Sight

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Chapter 2: Bachelor Mr. Martinis

With Zoey’s eyes wide like saucers, as the images of him thrusting his fingers into that blonde haired woman not to long ago flashed in her mind as they stared at one another. Gulping down the little bit of saliva in her suddenly dry throat, she pushed her thighs together and then crossed her left leg over her right. Seeing him smirk at her, she was so thankful for her brown skin that it wasn’t noticeable that her cheeks grew warm with the knowing look in his eye.

Walking more into the room Mr. Martinis ignored what Rebecca said to him, and sat next to Zoey as he spoke, “Hello, Ms. Robertson and welcome to my Lawfirm.” His deep barronten voice sent a shiver down her spine with his thick Colombian accent that made her muscles tighten in her lower region as she said, “Nice to meet you Mr. Martinis, but I thought Rebecca was in charge of the hiring process?” Glancing at the petite light skin woman that flipped her red shoulder length hair speaking up, “Yes, well I-” just to be cut off by her boss with him saying, “I’m doing the hiring today and I also got an email personally from Loren, and Rebecca would like to give you the run around about if your hired here or not. I’m not going through another assistant that can’t do one simple thing right. So you’ve just been hired and you can start today right now.”

Shocked that she got the job just like that, and was glad that she’ll be staying in Seattle instead of going back to the dreadful heat of South Carolina to work with Loren. “Th-thank you Mr. Martinis this is such a great opportunity for me to learn from the best in the state.” She gushed happily, taking the hand that he held out for her to shake; placing her small hand in his big one feeling how warm and slightly calloused it is. He stood still holding her hand while saying, “I’ll show you our office and walk you through everything else.”

Letting her hand go he walked to the open door with her fallowing right behind as they walked down the hall toward the elevator. Waiting for it to come down to the floor she tried not to look up at him but couldn’t help it as the numbers counted down to the HR floor. Looking up at him, she saw that he was already looking at her; glancing away at the same time the doors chimed as they opened. Gesturing for her to walk in first, she stepped in glancing around to see a Victorian style bench with a burgundy cushion that laid ontop.

As the elevator started to go up to the sixth floor, she looked around the steel box avoiding his gaze that was surely on her still heated face. Clearing his throat to grab her attention he was telling her about three different cases that he has been working on for the past week and a half. Explaining the clients to her when the elevator doors reopened on their floor, stepping out on the carpeted hallway she noticed that the only office was his at the end of the hall. With wall to floor windows that stretched down towards the elevator. But she noticed the extra door next to his double doors turning slightly to him she asked, “Whats that extra door for?” Gesturing to the conjoined door he looked down at her as they walked to the doors.

“That’s where you’re office is, it makes it easier for you to walk into my office for any questions you may have about our clients. Especially if I need you to do something for me.” He said, looking at her up an down enjoying the view of her curves an how big her ass is. She took sharp intake of breath that didn’t go unnoticed by him; gesturing with one hand while he lightly placed the other on the small of her back as they continued forward. He explained her work load and his calendar for the week that was booked to the brim with meetings and court dates. She tried focusing on his words but was too distracted by his hand rubbing small circles on her back, feeling the warmth from his hand through her blouse.

She still couldn’t believe that she had came at the same time as her boss. With the embarrassing blush still heating her cheeks the only thing she could do was nod her head, not really trusting her voice at the moment while flashes of him and the blonde woman moments ago went through the forefront of her mind. Stopping at her door first he opened it with a turn of the knob, letting her take in the nice size office. With cream beige walls and mahogany desk and colored leather chairs. “This afternoon we have a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Hardin in thirty minutes so look over as much as you can in their file and come into my office in ten minutes.” He said, handing her the file with his fingers lightly touching hers when she reached out to grab the semi thick file.

His hand lingered for a split second more before he pulled it away, as he said, “If you have any questions on anything you come across feel free to ask me.” Turning around he walked the short distance to the door. Going straight to his desk and taking out his notes and re-reading them over when the phone rang. Sighing he waited for the fifth ring before answering, “Goodafternoon Mr. Crook” trying to keep from sighing as the elderly man said, “Mr. Martinis, I was wondering about my daughters case that’s next week.” He could hear the undertone of irritation in the man’s voice as he spoke. “Yes, what’s your concern about the hearing date?” Mr. Martinis said, on a sigh as he skimmed through his notes listening to Mr. Crook, “Look you need to do something about that damn judge. She’s trying to take my baby from me and I’m paying you top dollar to keep her out of juve.”

“Like what Mr. Crook? Judge Lilian isn’t making an example of her, she just wants to know the basics of Ms. Crook’s home life.” Mr. Martinis said, in a calm voice. When he heard the sound of leather cracking across the room; he looked up from his papers seeing that Ms. Robertson’s tight skirt had rose a bit showing a lot more thigh as she flipped through document after document on the Hardin’s case that’s happening in three days.
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