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Leo sits down on the sofa of his small living room. He moved into this suite when Chris moved out of the Packhouse to live in his newly built house together with Jolena.

He sighs and puts his head in his hands. When he bumped into Elianne this morning, he was completely taken by surprise. He hadn’t expected for her to be there at all. He felt like the first time he bumped into her all over again, where he was amused by her shyness, where he loved how she felt, submissive to his powerful aura, the girl that doesn’t let herself be pushed around. He felt everything all over again and couldn’t help but be amused again.

It was hard for him to act as if he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was to hold her, hold her close. And kiss her as if there was no tomorrow. He wanted her, only her. Her tears stabbed him straight in his heart. He did that, he had hurt her. It was his fault.

On the other hand, he felt like she needs to learn a lesson. She needs to learn that some things take time, like forgiving someone. She needs to learn that not everything just goes how she wants it to go. Other people have their own wants, needs and feelings, and she needs to learn to take those into account. She needs to learn that her actions have consequences, whether she likes it or not. She needs to grow up, before she is ready to mate with someone.

He now can clearly see what Patrick meant before, he can fully understand why he must wait and keep his distance. It makes him even more determined to do so. He will get her in the end, she belongs to him, so he can wait.

Leo looks at the clock standing on the small fireplace in the middle of the room. It’s time to prepare warrior training for the young. He wonders if Elianne is still here and if she’s going to join.

He gets up from his sofa and walks outside. Once at the training grounds, he takes all the things he needs and lays out everything they are going to need. His nose tells him someone he likes is there. He halts for a moment and sniffles the air, his eyes closed to focus. Yes, definitely, Elianne is still somewhere near, he can smell her scent from miles away. When he looks around, he sees her standing, together with her dad and Danny. Patrick and Danny walk away from her and leave her standing just like that.

He quickly turns around and continues doing what he was doing before.

After training Leo gathers his towel and his water bottle and heads for the Packhouse. “Captain!” A kid from about seventeen years old, tries to get his attention. The kid runs over when Leo stops walking and turns to see who’s calling for him. “Captain,” the kid is out of breath. “How did I do today? Do you think I’ll be ready to become a real warrior when I am eighteen?” “Wilson,” Leo is quiet to think for a minute. “You’re almost there, there’s some things you still need to work on, you know what those are, we’ve discussed them before. Just work on those, once you’re ready, you’ll hear it soon enough.”

“Thank you, Captain.” The kid smiles and walks away happily.

Leo turns back to continue his walk to the Packhouse. While turning, he sees Elianne watching him, standing in front of the steps of the porch. He can’t decipher the look in her eyes. He straightens his back, regaining his posture. “What do you want?” He walks past her, heading for the front door.

She follows him and starts talking. “You’re saying I am your mate.” Leo just nods, not even looking in her eyes. “Then how can you reject me just like that? You must feel my hurt, you can’t just reject your mate like that without feeling it. How can you be so calm, your wolf must be clawing and fighting for dominance?”

Again, Leo stops dead in his tracks right in front of his office door, causing Elianne to bump into his back. He spins around and moves close, awfully close to Elianne. “Who says I don’t feel it? Who says that my wolf is not raging inside? I need to stay away from you, Elianne, otherwise I can’t control my wolf, it is already hard as it is now.”

He suddenly notices how close he is to her and he takes a step back, he pulls back his hands that were on their way to her shoulders. He can’t keep them from shaking. “If I don’t stay away, I’ll do things I’ll regret, and you won’t like. I must stay away, because I’ll get in serious trouble if I don’t. You may be my mate, but I am not allowed to claim or even to touch an underaged girl, who doesn’t know yet who her mate is. It’s illegal, Elianne!” He breathes heavily, trying to contain all his frustration and his anger. “If I only touch one single hair of yours, your father will eat me alive and then the Alpha will finish what is left of me!”

He looks her dead in the eyes. “As hard as it is, I can’t, I truly can’t do this!” His voice breaks, he opens the door to his office, quickly walks in and slams the door shut. He tries to keep his hands from trembling, to keep his wolf from taking over, but he truly has a hard time. He hunches over his desk, trying to even his breathing.

Because of his distress, he does not hear the door open and close quietly and that someone quietly approaches. He only notices when two hands are placed on his shoulders, sending a tingling sensation, a warmth, a calm, he instantly relaxes. He lets his head hang low and closes his eyes, not willing to say or do anything.

“You need to leave, Elianne,” he whispers when he can pull himself together just for a little bit. “Now.”

“Captain, I-”

Leo turns around and looks deeply in her eyes. “Please, go. You can’t be seen here. When the time is right, we’ll be together for the rest of our lives,” he shakes his head. His hands start to tremble again. “But not right now.”

Elianne stands still for a moment, her eyes on the ground. Then she turns and walks away. He can just hear a soft sniffle before she closes the door softly.

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