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The next day Elianne is roughly awakened by her brother Thymen, who tries to contact her by mind link. ‘You little rascal! Did you steal my cigarettes again?’

Elianne can’t help but smile mischievously. ’Didn’t you read my note? It said, ‘thank you!’’

‘You could’ve just asked, you know, I already told you.’

‘I would buy them myself if I could, but I am not allowed to do so just yet. Do you want me to pay them back?’

‘No, it’s alright, I was just teasing you. Just let me know when you need some more, I’ll bring them by.’

‘You’re the best Thymen, thank you.’

’Yeah, yeah, I know, can I claim the ‘brother-of-the-year-award’, now?’

They banter a while longer before Elianne breaks the link and gets out of her bed to start her day.

While making coffee for her grandma and herself, she wonders what Leo is doing right now. For how long is he already awake today? What does he do first when he wakes up? She can’t help herself to be curious. Ever since she knows he is her mate, she has the urge to find out what he does in a day, what he likes, what he doesn’t like. She wants to know everything. She tries to not think about his rejection. Last night, before she fell asleep, she realised that he’s just doing what is right. He must wait until she is of age. The last thing she wants for him is that he would be punished because he is doing something illegal because of her.

Her grandma enters the kitchen. “Good morning dear, you’re awake early, did you sleep well?”

“Morning, grandma, I did, thanks. And you, did you sleep well?” She pours in a cup of coffee and places it in front of her grandmother at the table.

“Oh, you know I don’t sleep so well. It’s an old people’s thing. The older you get, the worse you sleep, trust me.” She smiles a little.

“Should I ask for the Pack doctor to do a home visit? Maybe she can do a check-up? Maybe that’s not a bad idea. You’re still not feeling perfectly fine from your illness a few weeks ago. I’m going to link Adina and ask if she’ll come by.”

“Oh, Elianne, that’s really not necessary,

“I’m still linking her, you’re not the only one who can be stubborn, grandma.”

A while later Elianne is pulling out some weeds in the garden, when she hears a truck coming in her direction. When she looks up, she can see the truck being parked in front of the little house, she lays down her gardening tools and walks over to see who’s there.

“Hey Elianne, I had some time this afternoon, so I thought I’d come by to check on your grandma, as you asked.” Adina jumps out of the passenger’s side of the truck with a smile. “I hope you don’t mind me bringing the Captain. It has been raining a lot the last few days and my car can’t handle the muddy roads right now. I asked him to borrow his truck, but he insisted on driving me here instead.”

The Captain slowly gets out of his truck himself. Almost hesitant to look Elianne in the eye.

“It’s no problem, Adina, I’m only glad you’re here. Come inside, I’ll go and see where my grandmother is.”

After making sure her grandma gets checked up by Adina, she decides to wait outside. When she walks out the door, she notices that the Captain is still outside leaning against the hood of his truck. “Hey,” she greets him shyly.

“Hey,” he nods, she can see he feels awkward.

“Do you want something to drink?” She asks, not knowing what else to say.

“No, I’m good, thank you.” He quickly turns his head and stares in the distance.

Elianne decides to deal with the awkwardness. Talking to him shouldn’t be this hard, he is her mate after all.

“Captain?” He turns his head to look at her again.

“Yes?” He looks at her with hooded eyes. Elianne moves closer, within reach. He tries to step away, but with the truck behind him, he doesn’t get very far.

“Elianne, I don’t think it’s wise to proceed with whatever you are going to do.” He looks at her with a little pity.

“How do you know what I was going to do?” She lays a hand on his arm. “Please, don’t push me away.”

She looks up, into his eyes. Trying to get a little closer to him. She places her other hand on his other arm and slides them higher onto the muscles on his upper arms.

The Captain sighs. “Elianne, I-”

“What if I want this?” She asks him, getting a little closer again, looking at the collar of his checkered shirt. She fumbles with the button that just hides a little bit of his chest hair.

He lowers his head, when she looks up again, their lips almost touch. She can feel his breath on her lips. She can’t look away, she is fascinated by his blue eyes that have so much depth, like a raging sea.

She places her hands behind his neck and pulls him down, his lips on hers. First, he stiffens, but after a second, his walls break down and he pulls her closer, with his hands on her lower back. She feels how her wolf is getting excited, she feels how she feels his touch all over body.

Elianne pulls away to take a breath, they’re both panting. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” the Captain says, and he tries to pull away some more, but she doesn’t let him. She pulls him back down and kisses him again. He can’t resist her, she feels it. He pulls her closer again and she can feel the effect she has on him.

They both jump away from each other when they hear the front door of the cabin opens. They’re both panting, looking in each others eyes. The Captain looks as he wants to devour her, and she has to admit that she doesn’t know what would’ve happened if the door wasn’t being opened.

“Elianne, I’ve examined your grandmother.” Adina comes closer and it seems that she hasn’t noticed what was going on. Elianne turns to face Adina. “She is not the youngest anymore and she heals very slowly, but she should be fine. When her condition changes or when you feel worried, don’t hesitate to contact me again. Alright?”

Elianne nods, a knot in her stomach. She moves away to give the Captain and Adina room to get in the truck.

“You know it, Elianne,” Adina says through the open window, “don’t hesitate to contact me. She is not the strongest anymore, although she may think she is. If you feel like something is off, call me.”

Elianne nods again, “Alright, I will.” She looks past Adina to look at the Captain, “Captain, thanks for bringing Adina here, I really appreciate it.”

The Captain just nods, then ignites the car.

“I hope I’ll see you again soon, Captain.” She says with hope evident in her voice.

He briefly looks at her, then shifts into reverse and drives away, taking a little piece of her heart with him. Leaving Elianne behind with a little hope in her heart.

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