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Leo walks out of the Packhouse. He just had a shower and feels like new. The early morning training went well and now he’s on his way to the Packhouse for breakfast

When that girl, Elianne bumped into him yesterday morning, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Although he doesn’t approve of her skipping school, he understands where she’s coming from.

He’s been young too, and rebellious at that. He felt misunderstood for most of the time. Chris must have a hard time raising him, especially because Chris was still young himself. He never understood why Chris was always on to him. But when he got his position of head warrior, and with that a lot of responsibility, he understood his brother more. The weight on the shoulders of his brother is even heavier, being an Alpha and all. Now he has turned his life around, instead of head warrior, he is now called the Captain. Which in some ways he is, because he is the one who leads the troops in times of war.

Their father went missing when Chris was eighteen and he had to take over the Alpha position immediately. Leo was only ten. Chris not only took over the Alpha position, but also the role of father, taking care of his little brothers. Leo now has a deep respect for his brother, realizing how hard it must have been.

He enters the large dining hall. He glances around and sees Elianne sitting next to her father. He greets her with a nod. Then he walks over to the other table, there where his brother with his family and the rest of the higher ranked sit.

“Good morning, Leo.” Jolena, his brother’s mate, greets him with a smile. “Want some coffee?”

“Please, thank you,” he smiles at her while he takes his seat. Jolena and Leo didn’t always have a very good relationship. Jolena is human and has had a hard time getting used to their way of life. After living in their Packhouse for a short period of time, she decided to go back to the city. She only came back after a year; Lord knows what made her change her mind. Leo felt the need to protect his brother, who has a weak spot for her. He didn’t want the girl to play with his brother’s feelings, as the Pack relied on him and his sanity.

But Jolena came back, and although he has had his doubts in the beginning, now he sees a strong and powerful Luna. The mother of their future Alpha, Elrich and the little Jana, the apple of his eye.

“How was the training this morning?” His brother informs.

“It was good, the guys really are in top shape. I really have nothing to complain about.” Leo says proudly.

“Uncle Leo, when I grow up, I want to be a strong warrior, just like you.” Little Jana smiles dazzlingly.

He smiles back at her lovingly, “You’ll be the strongest and prettiest warrior of the world, I am sure of it.” He gives her a wink. When he looks at his brother, he sees his brother isn’t too happy with his response. He shrugs, what else could he say?

“By the way, I came across Elianne Harris yesterday. Seems like she is dealing with something.”

Chris nods, “I know, she’s a troublemaker. Patrick doesn’t know what to do anymore. He is desperately looking for a way to deal with her.”

“I have spoken with her for a moment. She reminds me of me, a lot. I advised her to find something that has her interest, and work for it. I gave her the opportunity to train with the warriors that are still in their training stages. I hope that it’ll give her a nudge in the right direction.”

Chris looks surprised. “Wow, that is truly kind of you. What did Patrick say?”

“He is cautious, but a little hopeful too.”

“Hmm,” Jolena smiles, “there’s a gentle soul underneath that rugged exterior.”

He raises his brow, “don’t get your hopes up, lady, I’m not turning soft all of a sudden.”

Jolena laughs, “too bad.”

They chat for a little while, then he and his brother both get up. It’s time to get some work done. “What is your planning for the rest of the day?” Chris asks while they walk through the front door of the Packhouse.

“I need to check on the borders and get the updates from last night’s patrol. For the rest I have a mountain of paperwork I have to fill. Why?” He looks at his brother.

“Nothing, just curious.” Chris shrugs.

“Chris what is it?” Leo frowns, he knows his brother all too well.

Chris halts for a moment and looks at his brother. “I don’t know, just a hunch, I guess.”

Now Leo is getting worried, his brother never just has hunches, they always mean something.

“A hunch about what? Open up man, I know you.”

Suddenly Chris pulls him to the side looking around secretively. “There’s rumours going around.” He says quietly. “Villages nearby are being attacked, the men slaughtered, the women raped, and the villages burned down to the ground. I don’t know if they’re true, but I need to make sure that we’re safe. I feel like we could be next.”

“Jeez, that is quite some news.” Leo scratches his neck. “I’ll take some precautions, increase the patrols. We’ll be fine Chris; I’ll make sure of that.”

“The villages within the reserve need to be protected too.” Chris frowns, “we’re responsible for them as well.”

About six years ago, Chris sold his big business in the city and gave the pack a new occupation. They are now maintaining a big nature reserve adjacent to their pack lands. Within that reserve there are multiple little villages where small communities have settled.

“I will make sure that the patrol includes the borders of the reserve. I will need extra men for that, though. Because it’s quite the distance to cover.”

Chris nods, “discuss that with Danny, you have my approval.”

Leo wants to walk away, but something comes to mind, and he turns around to face Chris again. “Are you going to warn Alpha Evan and Nick?”

“I’m not sure,” Chris shrugs. “I don’t have any proof, you know.”

“Do it,” Leo says, “just to be sure. It doesn’t hurt to warn them, they even could know more than you do.”

“Good point,” Chris smiles, “sometimes you really are smart, did you know that?”

Leo grins and winks, “I have my moments.”

After making his rounds, receiving the updates from the border patrol, he heads back to the Packhouse. On his way back, he walks by the house of the Harris’s just as Elianne leaves the house. Leo frowns, shouldn’t she be at school right now? It is already past the starting time of school.

“Harris!” He bellows.

She jumps up, startled by his sudden roar. She turns around to see who made her jump and her eyes widen when she sees Leo standing a few feet away.

“Goodness, Captain, you startled me!” She exclaims.

Leo closes the distance between him and her and points a reprimanding finger to her. “What did I tell you to do yesterday?” he knows he sounds incredibly angry, but he wants her to realize something.

“Err,” she looks down at her feet.

“Your feet aren’t going to give you the answer, missy. Now, look up, stand up straight, legs a bit apart, hands behind your back. Show me you’re worth being a warrior.”

She does as he says. “Now that is much better already. I’m asking you again. What did I tell you to do yesterday?”

She looks at him but avoids looking in his eyes. “I don’t remember, sir.” She talks quietly.

“Next time you answer me, talk a bit louder, you’re a warrior, not a mouse. Didn’t I tell you to stay out of trouble?” His eyes pierce through her.

“Yes sir.”

“Then what are you doing here? I think school has already started. This is not staying out of trouble, am I right?”

“No sir.” He feels her uneasiness, but he doesn’t care, she needs to learn this lesson. “I didn’t feel like going, sir.”

“Go to school as quickly as you can, and make sure you are not late again! If you want to train with me, you must be on time and not just at the training, but anywhere. I don’t want slackers on my team. When you’re a warrior, you have a name to hold up. Being a warrior is not just a job, it’s a way of life, remember that! I’ll see you tonight at training, be on time.”

With that he steps aside and lets her leave. She scurries away. He smiles when he sees her go, the message was clear, she won’t make that mistake again.

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