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It’s later that day, when Elianne walks over to the training-grounds of her uncle’s pack. She can see Brandon with his chest bare and a short taking on another warrior. Sweat drips from his hair into his neck and down his back, but also running over his front. She leans against the fence and watches him. He is good, she must admit that, but is he as good as the Captain is? She doubts it, you can clearly see that Brandon has no war experience. The Captain is just on a way different level, has a lot more experience, is married to his job and has the lifestyle of a soldier.

When Brandon notices Elianne, he says something to the other warrior and walks over to her. “Hey,” he greets her. “Do you like what you see?” He smirks.

“Nah,” she shakes her head as he raises one eyebrow. “You lack a bit of finesse. You need to learn your target before you attack him. Trust me, it’ll be in your favour.” She smiles when she sees the surprised look in his face. “I’ve had warrior training.”

“Really?” He looks even more surprised now. “Such a fragile looking little girl, I don’t believe it.” He shakes his head.

“Want to try?” Elianne looks him defiantly in the eyes.

Brandon shakes his head. “I don’t train with sixteen years old girls.” He turns around and starts to walk away.

“Seriously? Are you really such a sexist? I hoped you’d be more of the modern generation, but I guess you can sit with all the other conservative grandpas of the pack. Why are you acting like such a jerk?”

Brandon halts and turns on his heels. He looks furious. At least she got a reaction out of him. “What did you say?” He starts to walk back to where she is and stops right in front of her.

“I said that you’re a sexist and a jerk.” She doesn’t look away from him and smiles triumphantly, even though he is scary looking when he is angry.

He grabs her by the shoulders and pushes her backwards, forcing her to walk backwards until her back hits a wall. He places his hands beside her head and moves close, awfully close.

He moves his head close to her ear. His lips grazing against it. She can feel his breath in her neck. He wraps one hand around her neck and squeezes lightly. “You better watch your mouth, little one,” he whispers. She gasps when she hears him using the nickname that someone else always uses for her. Goosebumps cover her arms. “This time, I’ll let it slip, but next time, you’ll get a good spanking, and I won’t be gentle.” He pulls away from her and walks away. Elianne can’t help but shiver and she shakes her head, what was that?

“Wait,” she calls him back. He doesn’t move but turns around. “I want a match. I want to spar with you.”

He raises his brows. “Are you challenging me?”

“Yes,” Elianne nods.

“After I just gave you a fair warning? Are you stupid?”

“I’m not scared. I want to train with your warriors. Let me show you that I’m capable of handling myself. If I win, I’ll get to train with you. If you win, I’ll back down and I won’t bother you again.”

He frowns. “And you seriously expect me to agree with you just like that?”

“Yes, unless you’re scared of losing from a girl, that is.” Now Elianne raises her eyebrow tauntingly.

He huffs and then smirks. “How hard can it be? You’re on the floor in two seconds.” He shakes his head unbelievingly. “Either you’re bluffing and really stupid, way more stupid than I already thought, or you really know what you’re doing and you’re deceiving everyone. I have to admit that you’ve got some nerve.”

He sighs. “Alright. But if I win, I get my way with you.” He raises an eyebrow; he has a dark look in his eyes. “Are you sure you want to challenge me?” A predatory smirk appears on his face.

Elianne nods, although she doesn’t like the look on his face.

Leo is on his way back home. He just came back from training the younger ones. He has always liked kids. They’re not as annoying as some adults are. Kids can surprise you when they really have a goal and know what they want to achieve. He smiles a little.

His mind wanders to Elianne? How would she be? Has she already settled in? Or would she feel hurt and at loss right now? If he could, he would drive there and bring her back, she still doesn’t deserve to be away from here.

Leo shivers and goosebumps appear on his arms. He frowns, he has a sudden uncomfortable feeling, as if being threatened. He looks around but can’t seem to find anything that could threaten him. He sniffles and perks up his ear. Nothing. He shrugs, strange, where did that feeling come from.

When he steps out of his truck, his dad is washing the old-timer that normally is parked in the garage, but now stands in front of it.

“Hey dad,” he greets him.

Fredric looks up. “Hey son. How was your day?” Fredric puts his sponge in a bucket and starts squeezing it, then pulls it back out and lathers the car.

Leo shrugs, “as usual.” Leo looks around again, still having that uncomfortable feeling of being in danger. “Do you feel that too?” He asks his dad.

“Feel what?” Fredric looks up again, frowning.

“That feeling that something is wrong?”

Fredric shakes his head. “I don’t sense anything. I don’t smell or hear anything either.” He shrugs, “it’s probably in your head, son, or your wolf playing mind tricks with you.”

Leo frowns. “I really have this uncomfortable feeling. Look, I even have goosebumps.”

Fredric frowns too, walks around the car and throws the sponge in the bucket. “How strong is your bond with your mate?” He dries his wet hands with his shirt.

“I don’t know really. Why?”

“Maybe your mate is feeling uncomfortable, have you tried mind linking her?”

Leo looks surprised, “but she’s underaged. And except for a kiss, nothing happened between us.”

“You’ve trained together, right?” Fredric asks and Leo nods. “So, you’ve spent time together. That means that your wolves have had time to connect. Even though she doesn’t recognise you herself, her wolf might be able to already.”

“Hmm,” Leo looks thoughtful. “I’ll try it then.”



‘Elianne, can you hear me?’

‘Little one?’

‘Captain! Is that you?’

Leo smiles. “She can hear me, dad.”

Fredric smiles and grabs the hose to rinse the car off.

‘Yes, it’s me. I just had the feeling something was wrong, are you alright?’

‘Did you feel that?’ Elianne sounds surprised. ‘Sorry. I had an argument with the head warrior here. He didn’t want to let me train with them.’

‘What a pussy. He has no idea what you’re capable of. His loss, not yours.’

‘He will know soon enough. I challenged him. I’ll spar with him.’

‘Little one, it’s not wise to challenge people you hardly know. Be careful with what you ask for. Sometimes it’s better to keep the peace instead of pushing through your own will.’

‘I’ll be fine.’

‘Just promise you’ll be careful, little one. A man that gets beaten by a woman can be dangerous. Especially when he is as old-fashioned as he seems to be.’

‘I promise I’ll be fine. And I have Uncle Richard and some friends here, I’m not alone, you know.’

‘I know, but still.’

Leo looks worried when he heads into the house. He really hopes Elianne doesn’t get ahead of herself. She could be in serious trouble if she does something that the head warrior doesn’t like.

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