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The next morning Leo decides to pay Danny a visit in the clinic. He hopes to clear the air between them.

When he knocks on the door, he hears a quiet, “come in.” He opens the door to enter the room.

“Oh, it’s you.” Danny says when Leo shuts the door.

“Yes, it’s me.” Leo takes a seat next to Danny’s bed. “I wanted to see how you’re doing.” Leo is shocked when he notices how pale and fragile Danny is looking. Beads of sweat running down his forehead. He must have a serious fever.

“Why? Why do you care?” Danny asks hostilely. Despite his condition, he doesn’t back down one bit.

“Because you didn’t look good the other day. And I have to talk to you about your sister.”

“Your problem is solved, right, she’s gone, there’s nothing to talk about.” Danny crosses his arms over his chest.

“I’m sorry that I left you when you needed me most, Danny. I should’ve reigned in my wolf more. I’m terribly sorry.”

Leo looks down, fidgeting with his fingers. He’s never nervous, not even when he needs to apologise, but right now, he is. He feels like getting on good terms with Danny is important. So he needs to get on Danny’s good side.

Danny sighs. “You know what?”

Leo looks up, wondering what Danny is going to say.

“It’s alright. It’s not you who should apologize, but your wolf, but that’s just impossible. It’s not that you did it on purpose, right? And if it would’ve been me, I guess I would’ve done the same. I wouldn’t even have come back to fight the rogue. So, I guess your apologies are accepted.”

Leo lets out a sigh of relief. “Thanks, Danny. That means a lot.”

But Danny points his finger at Leo and looks sternly. “But you’re not off the hook yet.”

Leo looks surprised, “what? But you just said-”

Danny holds up his hand to shut Leo down. “You kissed my little, underaged sister, you dickhead!”

Leo’s eyes widen, but he’s too shocked to say anything.

“Tell me. What are your intentions with my sister?”

“She’s my mate. What do you think my intentions are? I’ll have to wait until she’s of age and she recognises me as her mate. But when she does, she’ll be mine, just as I’ll be hers. She is already something special to me. I’m dying to see what spending the rest of my life with her will look like.”

“So, you’re truly in for the long run?” Danny needs confirmation apparently.

Leo nods. “Of course. My intentions are nothing but honourable. I won’t do anything she doesn’t want me to.”

Danny looks reassured and nods too. “Then I’ll guess it’s alright. I truly hope for you that she’ll answer your feelings for her. She’s a special one, I hope she won’t hurt you in the end.”

“So,” Leo shifts in his chair. “How are you doing? You look pale, sweaty and- weak.”

“Well, thank you.” Danny smiles weakly. “I feel like crap actually.”

“Do they know what’s wrong with you?”

“No not yet, haven’t heard anything from the blood test, yet.” Just as Danny says that, Dr. Adina walks into the room and closes the door.

“I’m sorry Captain, can I speak with Danny in private for a moment, please?”

Leo nods and gets up from his chair. But he’s stopped by Danny.

“He can hear what you have to say, doctor, he’s almost my brother-in-law, so he’s basically family.”

Adina looks a little surprised but smiles. “Alright then. I’ve gotten the results from your blood-test.”

Danny looks expectantly, “and?”

“At first, we couldn’t find anything, so we dug a little deeper. That’s why it took us so long for us to have any results.”

“Don’t keep us waiting any longer, what’s going on?” Danny frowns.

“You’ve got rabies.”

Leo and Danny gasp. “Rabies? But-” Danny looks thunderstruck. “How’d that happen?”

“The rogue that bit you, probably gave it to you. You’ve got a fever because of it.”

Leo scratches his head. “Is it curable? I know with humans it can be an extremely lethal disease, but Danny’s not human.”

“There are not many cases known of werewolves with rabies. In most of the cases we know about, the wolves turn aggressive, in a later stage they get paralyzed and because of that in the end they’ll slowly die. We’ll have to examine you further and run some more tests to see what to do next. When all other methods don’t work, we could always do a blood transfusion with the Alpha. The Alpha’s blood will be able to fight the disease from the inside, but that’s only as a last resort.”

Later that day, Leo walks along the borders, looking for footprints and scents of trespassers. He sniffles and picks up a scent that doesn’t belong. The scent is still fresh but it’s dissipating quickly because of the wind. He follows it for a while, when he hears a twig snap, he pricks up his ears. Who’s there? A bird, dang it.

He decides to shift into his wolf, to be able to make use of his senses even better. He sniffles again, his nose in the air, his ears perked. A rogue, the rogue, Jones is here. He creeps on slowly and quietly, following the rogue’s scent. He informs his warriors about his findings and then decides to inform Chris as well.

‘Chris, I’ve found Jones’s scent, I’m following it as we speak. It’s been a while he’s been here, though. I’ve already informed my warriors.’

‘Well done, Leo. Follow it. I’ll be there as soon as possible. Try to lay low, that he doesn’t notice you if he’s still in the area. Leave your warriors at a distance for the time being, they’ll only mess with your senses.’

‘Alright. Do you need directions?’

‘Nah, I’ll follow your trail. Be there asap.’

It’s not long after that Leo hears the quiet sneaking of Chris behind him.

‘He went off of our Pack land. I have no idea where he was going or what he was doing here.’

‘Let’s just follow the trail. Maybe we’ll find out about his hiding place.’

They follow the trail almost the whole afternoon, but don’t get anywhere as it starts to rain. The rain makes every scent disappear. When they notice they keep running in circles, they decide to give up and return to the pack.

‘At least we know he is still around and is keeping an eye on us. So we need to do the same, keep our eyes open, because he is planning something.’ Chris walks next to Leo.

“I’ll double the rounds at the borders. Even if they must do double shifts, we need to be able to catch the guy.”

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