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In the middle of the night, Leo jolts up. Sweaty, hot, and shaking from anger. What a dream he had, goodness. He steps out of his bed and heads downstairs to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. His sight at night is so good, he doesn’t feel the need to turn the lights on. There’s no use.

When he opens the backdoor to the large deck, he involuntarily shivers. The feeling someone is watching, is creeping up on him. He opens his bottle and takes a couple of big gulps, downing almost half of the bottle. The fresh air cools him down.

Just as he turns around to go inside again, he hears a howling wolf. He frowns, he doesn’t recognise the howl as the howl of one of the wolves of the pack. The hair on his arms and neck are immediately up, and he uses his senses to find out who this wolf is.

The wolf howls again. This time it sounds a lot closer. But it’s not a wolf. It’s very misleading, it looks almost real, but it’s a human pretending to be a wolf. Leo decides to mind link his father to wake him up and warn him. He walks through the house, turning the lights in where he goes and checks if the front door is locked. Then he checks French doors in the living room to see if those are locked too. Almost every window has shutters, so he closes those while he is at it.

When he walks back into the hallway, he sees his dad coming down the stairs. “I’ve closed every window and shutter upstairs, how the situation is here?” Fredric asks.

“The same,” Leo answers. “I’ve closed all of the windows and shutters here. I’m going for a round on the property, see if I can find anything out of the ordinary. I’ll take my key, so you can lock the door behind me. If there’s anything, just link me, I won’t go far, alright?”

Fredric nods.

Leo goes outside and makes his round. When he comes close to the garage, he picks up on some rustling through the bushes behind the garage. When he uses his nose, he smells gasoline and- humans? He immediately informs Chris

‘Chris, get out of your bed, wake up everyone. I smell gasoline and humans near dad’s garage. They’re planning on burning things down again.’

‘W- What? Sorry, what’s up, Leo, I didn’t get anything you were linking. I was kind of asleep.’

‘Get your fucking ass out of bed and get over to dad’s, take everyone you can with you. I smell gasoline and humans!’

‘God dang it, seriously? I’ll be there in a few, hang on in there!’

Leo frowns, those same humans that have already burned the houses down are now trying to do the same to his dad’s? Is Jones working together with these humans? How did he get to work with them? What the hell is going on, he doesn’t understand a single thing.

He walks around the garage. He’s no longer waiting for his brother, he’s going in. His wolf is eager for a fight, all the pent-up frustration of the last week is coming out, but he doesn’t let him. He isn’t going to reveal his true identity, he is going in as a human, though he will let his wolf help out, he could use the extra strength, the extra senses.

The first humans he comes across, he manages to surprise, so they’re out in a sec. The rest, not so much. A few pull out a knife, which is no problem for him. He has trained with knives frequently to know what to do. The main problem here is that he is alone and they’re with too many. He can’t handle these guys all at once.

He grabs the wrist of the first guy with a knife in it. But the guy is too fast, he pulls his hand out of Leo’s, it slits on the inside of his hand. He doesn’t feel it, the adrenaline rushing through his veins, but he sees blood flowing out.

The man comes at him again, but he ducks, just as the man makes a move to stab him in the side. The man stumbles forward, but another guy grabs him from behind. With one arm right under his armpit, and the other over his shoulder, holding a knife against his neck. Leo struggles, wriggling himself out, but the knife scrapes against his neck, making him hiss. It burns, no- it’s a silver knife! The first guy throws in a punch in his face and then another from the other side. Blood starts to drip from his nose and his lower lip. But he hardly feels it, his instincts are taking over

Just as the rest of the humans are closing in on him and surrounding him, he hears footsteps.

‘Leo, dang it, couldn’t you wait for just a second? What situation are you in now, huh?’

‘At least I distracted them enough to not be able to continue with what they were doing.’

While they’re bickering, they fight. They knock out some of the humans, but most of them flee the premises. Looking for their trucks that apparently were parked just outside the border of the Pack-land.

‘How did they pass the borders?’ Chris frowns when they follow the humans that flee to their trucks and drive away, they’re too fast. ‘How did they pass security? I thought you doubled the number of warriors on the borders?’

‘I did. Let’s take a look. There must’ve been some kind of breach. Maybe they shot or killed the warriors before they could even get an alarm out. These humans are trained and skilled, ready for combat.’

Together they start walking the border. Not extremely far from where they saw the humans in their trucks disappear, they find a dozen unconscious guards with a tranquilizer-dart in their necks.

“Well, there’s your answer.” Leo says dryly. “They have tranquilized our guys before they could even alert us.”

Chris looks up, it’s obvious a thought pops up in his head. “Did you happen to smell Jones anywhere?”

Leo shakes his head. “No, I did not, it’s strange. I am really confused. Who instructs these men? Is Jones working together with them? Did he hire these guys, if yes, then why was he here the first time, but not this time?”

Chris shrugs his shoulders, “I have no idea man, I have the same questions. The humans we’ve put into our dungeons before aren’t saying anything. They only tell me that I can fuck off and that they’d rather die than tell me shit. Those are literally their words.”

Despite the situation Leo smirks, “Highly intelligent people then. Great at making a conversation.”

Chris shakes his head and grumbles. “You need to go and see the doctor. You smell like burning flesh.” Leo nods, “I will, but I’ll help clean up the mess first.”

Chris stops him in his tracks. “No! You’re not going to clean up and smell like a barbecue the whole time! Go! Now!”

Leo grumbles but can’t do anything but follow Chris’s order and he starts to walk in the direction of the clinic.

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