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Leo’s head is pounding. He tries to open his eyes and lift his head, but it starts throbbing even more and he groans.

“Wow, easy, Leo,” he hears a voice say, “don’t strain yourself.”

“Let me help you sit up, hang on.” Leo feels the person pulling him forward a little, then a pillow is tucked between his back and the bed. Then he is pushed backwards again, and he groans, not ready to deal with his head.

“Better?” Christopher asks him.

Leo grumbles, not able to get a single word out. “My head.” He whispers. “It hurts.”

“I’ve already pushed the button to call the doctor, just hang on in there.”

Leo groans again and then slowly opens his eyes. The first thing he sees is that he is in bed, a hospital bed. When he looks further, he sees he is in a hospital room and then he sees his brother. “Need to-” he says breathless, “puke.”

Chris scans the room and searches something for Leo to throw up in. Just in time, he grabs the trashcan in the corner and pushes it underneath Leo’s nose. Leo has the feeling his intestines all come out as he throws up in the bin.

When he is done, Chris gives him some paper towels he found in the bathroom when Leo was busy throwing up. “Feel better?” Chris asks him with a frown. Concern evident on his face. “I’m going to look where that doctor is.”

Leo shakes his head. “Wait, what happened?” He asks quietly. “How did I get here?”

Christopher grabs a chair that is placed beside the bed. “What do you remember?”

“I remember the fight, the humans, I got some cuts. And I remember that you sent me to the clinic, so that’s where I went, but then I don’t remember.”

“You collapsed on your way over there. The guys that were cleaning up found you on their way back to the Packhouse.”

“Do you know why I collapsed?” Leo is still talking quietly; he can’t stand the noise his own voice makes.

“No, but it could have something to do with the silver knife that cut in your neck. And otherwise, the other cut you had in your hand, or the punches you received in your face.” Chris looks at him. “What you did out there was maybe for the good cause, but you really didn’t think very clearly at that moment. Those guys outnumbered you big time. They could’ve killed you man.”

Leo nods carefully. “I know, but I bought us some time. That was my main goal. I didn’t want to put our dad in jeopardy and risk they would set the house on fire if I didn’t do anything.”

Dr. Adina comes into the room. “Finally!” Chris exclaims, “what took you so long?”

“I’m sorry Alpha, I have some other patients to attend to.” She turns her attention to Leo. “Good afternoon Captain, how are you feeling?”

She checks his vitals, “my head is pounding, my nose and eyes feel like they’re twice their normal size and I just vomited. Other than that, I feel great.” He tries to laugh.

“The headache probably comes from the punches on your face and your black out. Your vomiting, I’m not sure where that comes from, but I’d like to further examine you and find out.” Adina looks friendly at him. “Is there anything else I need to know?”

“When can I go home?” Leo asks.

“Err, Captain-”

“There’s no way I’m allowing you to leave this clinic until the doctor tells me you’re fine.” Chris interrupts Adina just like that.


“No!” Adina and Chris both interrupt him now.

“I’ve already received heavier blows than these! I’m fine!” Leo complaints.

“At least let me take some blood samples and stay for one night. If nothing changes and you feel better in the morning, you’re allowed to go. But only if you take it easy and don’t work.” Adina looks at him with concern.

Leo nods looking defeated. “Alright then.”

Adina turns around and wants to walk away. “Wait, doctor.” She stops and turns around.


“Can you tell me how Danny is doing? Is he feeling better?”

Adina shakes her head. “I can’t tell you much, due to privacy-things, but he is still here. He has gotten a fever.”

Leo nods. “Thank you, doc.”

“I need you to get better Leo,” Chris looks concerned. He grabs the chair again and takes a seat on it. “I can’t have both my Beta and my head warrior out of the game. I don’t know how to run all of your tasks on my own.”

“Then get some help.” Leo looks at him indifferently, “Don’t complain now. You just told me that I have to stay here, so this is on you man.” Leo looks increasingly pale by the minute. “Maybe you can ask dad for help, he’d be happy to help you out. Can you-” Leo gags, “Get me something to vomit in. Like- now!”

Chris immediately jolts up and gets Leo something to throw up in. When he is back with a bowl, he frowns at his brother. “This is not looking good man. I don’t think this is from the blows on your face.”

Chris hands Leo some paper towels again. When Leo reaches out his hand to take them from him, he sees a red spot on his brother’s hand, right next to the bandage. “Wait,” he frowns and grabs Leo’s wrist. “What’s that?”

Leo shrugs and inspects the spot, “I don’t know.”

“Can I see?” Chris reaches for Leo’s hand again.

Leo nods.

“Can I pull away the bandage a little?” Chris looks at his brother, who nods and starts pulling the bandage away carefully. When he is done inspecting, he gets up. “I’m going to get Adina. That’s a human bite mark, and it’s deep. I don’t understand they haven’t seen it when they were examining you.”

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