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Leo wakes up after a long night flinching when he opens his eyes. Who the fuck opened his curtains without asking him? He looks at his hand and frowns, there’s a tingling in his fingers. He must have slept on his hand or the bandage is pressing in his hands or something.

“Finally,” a male voice pulls him out of his thoughts. “I thought you always got up early?”

Leo looks up, “Thymen. What are you doing here?”

Thymen shrugs. “Apparently both my brother and my best friend are in the clinic, so yeah, that’s why I’m here. Thought I’d come and see how you’re doing. Fairly good if you ask me, but I’m no doctor of course.”

“I almost vomited my intestines out yesterday.” Leo scrunches his face. “It was not a nice sight.”

“So, apart from all this,” Thymen points with his finger at Leo and points from his head to his toes, “how are you doing? Still a lovesick puppy?”

“Dang it, Thymen,” Leo laughs, “it’s not that bad, you know. I actually had some contact with your sister regularly last week.”

Thymen looks surprised, “seriously? Then you must’ve formed a bond already then.”

Leo nods. “I guess so. It’s nice to have that bond with her, it gives me the feeling we’re close, although we’re not.”

Dr. Adina walks in, with some papers in her hands. “Mr. Anderson, how are you doing today?”

“I feel much better already, I don’t feel like I’ve been run over by a truck anymore and I haven’t vomited for the whole night. Can I go home now, doc?” Leo looks at her hopefully, pleading almost.

“Well, err, we don’t have the results of your blood-tests back, so I wouldn’t advise it, Captain.” Adina looks at him with a frown. “But I know I couldn’t keep you here, even if I would threaten to get your brother here. So, you can go if you promise me that you take your rest, don’t work. I’ll come by every day and check up on you. And if you feel even a little bit off, you come back here, immediately.”

“I’ll babysit him,” Thymen offers.

“No! That won’t be necessary,” Leo pouts, “as soon as my dad finds out I need to rest, he’ll be like a stalker, so that’s already been taken care of.”

That afternoon, Leo sits in his dad’s living room, comfortably tucked in with a blanket on the sofa, his feet up on the footrest, pillows in his back. “Dad! Seriously, why? I can look after myself!” Fredric pats the pillows in shape. Then he takes a few steps back, standing in the doorway, looking at his work. “Look how sad I look now!”

“No, you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll do everything the doc tells you not to do. You must rest. Now let me take care of you. I couldn’t do it when you were still a kid, ’cause I wasn’t there. Are you really going to take this opportunity from me to make it right this time?”

“Don’t do that, don’t play on my sympathy by bringing that up, that’s not fair.” Leo folds his arms in front of his chest and starts pouting like a little kid.

Fredric smirks, “I don’t care, you have to listen to the doctor. The doctor says you need to rest, so you are going to be a good kid and do just that. Or, err, do you want me to use my Alpha-voice on you?” He raises his eyebrow, knowing he has just won.

Leo tries to get up from the couch. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m going to use my voice if you don’t stay right where you are!” Fredric threatens.

“I need to pee, please, I can do that perfectly on my own.” Leo looks grumpy, pushing his dad out of the way with force.

When he is on his way back to the couch, he hears his dad rummaging in the kitchen. He walks through the doorway to the living room, but he stumbles over his own feet, making him topple over, right on his face. “God damn it,” he curses. When he wants to push himself up, he has little force in his arm left, the arm where the tingling started. He frowns, what is going on with his body. Something strange is going on.

His dad must have heard the noise he made, because he is at his side in seconds. “See, you need help. What did you do?” He grabs Leo under his arm and helps him up.

“Don’t say it, don’t say it. Don’t!” Leo growls annoyed.

“What?” Fredric looks innocently. “I told you so?”

“I said don’t!” Leo shouts.

“Leo. What has gotten into you? Why are you so moody?”

“Maybe because I feel trapped! Maybe because you annoy the hell out of me!” Leo roars, his face is turning red, his eyes blazing from anger. His wolf is close to the surface, ready to shift. He pushes his dad to the side forcefully, storming into the kitchen on his way out.

“Leo!” Fredric roars, “Stop! Back to your spot. Sit and keep quiet!” The Alpha in Fredric surfacing.

Leo halts. He can’t do anything but obey so he walks back to the couch and takes a seat.

“Count to ten, breathe in and out slowly. Let your anger flow out. I’m going to get dr. Adina and your brother here.”

After a while, both Adina and Chris appear in the living room. Leo has his arms folded in front of his chest. He shakes his head. “Guys, can you just leave? I’m not some kind of animal in the zoo or something!”

“No, you’re not,” Chris answers worriedly, “but you know there’s something serious going on if dad needs to use his Alpha-command on you.”

“I just want to be left alone! Just go!” Leo shouts.

“You better get yourself admitted in the clinic, Captain,” Adina interferes. “Just before I left to get here, I got the results of your blood test. The symptoms you have, have everything to do with the bite wound you have on your wrist.”

“I don’t want to hear it! I feel fine, now leave me alone or I’ll leave myself!” Leo gets up from the couch.

“Leo, I think it’s best you listen to the doc.” Chris places his hands on Leo’s shoulders and looks at him pleadingly, “please, it’s only for your own good. I need you; I need you to get healthy again!”

“Leave me alone!” Leo roars and he slaps away Chris’s hands. Then he pushes him away with all the force he has. Leo runs out of the room, the same route he went before, only now he shifts when he is halfway through the kitchen. He takes a leap and bursts through the back door, leaping for his freedom.

“Leo! Stop right there!” Now Chris uses his Alpha-command. “Leo!”

“Just let him, Christopher, there’s no point.” Frederic holds Christopher back.

Just before he is completely gone, he hears Adina talk to Chris and Fredric. “The Captain needs to be admitted into the clinic as soon as possible, he has the same disease our Beta has. He has rabies, and it looks like it’s spreading much faster with the Captain than it does with the Beta.”

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