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Elianne feels restless, she has no idea what’s going on, but she can’t sit still. She needs to go outside, she needs fresh air, and she needs space. The house of her uncle is huge, but it’s still making her feel confined. She grunts and gets up from her bed where she was reading a magazine. She throws it in the corner and leaves her room.

Once on the deck behind the house, she takes the steps down and walks over to the dock. Her favourite smoke-spot. When she takes the first steps on the dock, she notices someone is already there. Good, she needed to talk to him anyway. Now is the perfect time.

“Hey,” she plops down and lets her feet dangle over the edge of the dock’s floor.

“Hey,” Brandon shows her a little smile. “Are you here to talk about the weather?”

Elianne shakes her head. “No, not really. You know why I’m here.”

“I still don’t want to talk about it, Elianne. I’m already humiliated enough.”

She turns her upper body to him and looks at him. “That’s just the thing, why are you feeling humiliated? What is going on? I have no clue what you’re talking about! I want to make it up to you, I want to make it right, but if I don’t know what’s going wrong, then I can’t do something about it either.”

Brandon looks at her sternly with a little frown and shakes his head. “Elianne, you can’t do anything about my feelings. You can’t make it right.”

She looks at him, looks him in the eye. His eyes are sad, hurt, rejected. Then she finally understands.

Brandon lifts his hands and softly wipes away a few hairs that are in the way and pushes them behind her ear. His face comes closer, his gaze dropping to her lips for a second. ’Elianne, I could give you so much and you have no idea.”

He moves in even closer, their noses almost touch. Elianne closes her eyes. Not able to look back into his piercing eyes. He places his lips on hers, just grazing. Testing how she responds. When she doesn’t react, he kisses her, pressing a bit harder now.

She likes it, she likes the kiss. And when he deepens it, she goes along with it. When his tongue flicks her lips asking to enter her mouth, she wakes up from her daze and opens her eyes. This doesn’t feel right. This is not the same. This is not Leo she’s kissing.

She pulls back and looks into Brandon’s eyes. Damnit, this is a mess. She shakes her head.

She quickly gets up and starts walking away.

“Elianne, where are you going?”

She shakes her head; with every step she moves faster.


When she glances over her shoulder for a second, she sees him standing at the end of the dock, looking lost.

The sky is blue, the sun shining, radiating her warmth everywhere she can, even though it’s already late in the afternoon. The lake shimmers in her light. A dark shadow moves fast around it, clumps of grass and soil are being thrown around. It’s speed is inhumane, it’s faster than a horse.

Elianne keeps pushing, she’s exhausted, her paws burn, but she doesn’t give up, she keeps going. She can’t stop. The pent-up frustration she has felt for the whole day, hasn’t settled down in the least. Quite on the contrary, it keeps going up. She pushes her wolf, she pushes harder. Until she collides into a boulder. A rock-hard boulder. When she looks up, she notices the boulder is black, and it has fur, and eyes. Dark eyes.

Because of the force of the collision, she stumbles backwards on her paws, landing on her butt. She slowly looks from the ground upward. Right into a set of blue eyes. The dark eyes bore into hers.

A wolf, a huge black wolf with blue eyes. Eyes that she knows so well.

‘Captain?’ She tries to mind link him.

The wolf huffs. He just sits there, mighty, and proud. Looks at her almost indifferently. Doesn’t he recognise her?

‘Leo? I know it’s you!’

The wolf grumbles. A deep growl, but he doesn’t bare his teeth, a sign that he is just annoyed. He clearly hears what she’s saying if he reacts to her like that.

‘Leo, tell me what’s going on? What are you doing here? You’re far away from home. Did you come to visit me?’

The wolf growls again, now lifting one of his lips, but not aggressively, just showing she annoys him and that she must stop.

Her wolf decides to come out and play. She lunges forward and nips him in his ear with her teeth, then takes off. After a few seconds, she turns around to look if he is coming.

The wolf still sits there. He has a bored look in his eyes. She returns to challenge him again. Again, she tries to nip him, now in his neck. She nips a bit harder, to get a reaction out of him.

He growls loudly when he feels her teeth in his neck. And when she takes off again, he comes after her. Her wolf runs as fast as her paws can take her, but he is too fast. He lunges for her, lands on top of her, making her legs give out on her by the force.

When she lays flat and he hovers over her she can feel his warm breath fanning her neck. She turns on her back to be able to see him. He huffs, then grumbles, pushing his snout in her neck then he sniffles her ears and her snout.

He pulls himself off her, going through his front legs, crawling forward, with his tail still in the air, rubbing himself against her a couple of times.

He sniffles her again and with a contented sigh, he lays himself next to her leaving no space between them. His front legs stretched out, his hind legs to the side. She turns over again and mirrors the way he lays, so that they’re laying side to side. She lays her head down on her front legs and he lays his head on top of hers with a sigh.

That’s how they lay for a while, quiet, content, enjoying each other’s wolves. After a while, Leo’s wolf perks up his ears, lifting his head. A low growl escapes his lips. Elianne perks up her ears as well and hears as she notices another wolf approaching them.

When it starts to growl, Elianne looks at the wolf and sees how furious it is. The hair on his back raised, his tail low, his ears flat and his teeth showing. It really looks mad, when she looks better, she sees who it is. Oh no! She knows the grey wolf pretty well.

Leo’s wolf is up in an instant, taking the same stance as the grey wolf does, but he tries to hide Elianne behind him. Elianne doesn’t agree and gets her wolf right in between the two. But that only makes it worse, the grey wolf sniffles when she comes closer, making it growl even louder. He must smell Leo’s scent on her! The two males start circling each other, while not losing each other out of sight. The growling continues.

‘Elianne! What are you doing here, why are you so far away from the Packhouse? Get away from that wolf! Don’t you know how dangerous it is to be so close to a feral wolf?’

‘He is not feral; I know this wolf!’

Brandon’s wolf turns it’s head to look at her for a second and sniffles intensively. ‘You smell like him. I can smell his scent all over you! What are you doing? You don’t want to get involved with me, but you’re just getting close to some stranger that passes by?’

Now Elianne moves right in front of Brandon’s wolf and she stops him to be able to look him straight in the eye. ‘He is not a stranger, Brandon!’

Brandon’s wolf huffs and then bares his teeth some more, ‘Get out of the way, honey, I’m going to kick this guy’s ass!’

‘Brandon, no! You won’t be able to win this! This guy is strong and has a lot more experience than you!’

‘I don’t care, he is trespassing.’

‘Brandon! Stop! This is my mate! This is Leo Anderson, you’re allies! If you attack him, you could start a war, which will separate mine and my uncle’s families, do you want to do that to me?’


Brandon has closed off the link. So, she tries to mind link Leo, in hopes she’ll be able to talk some sense into him. ‘Leo! This is the head-warrior, please stay calm. He’s only doing what he’s supposed to do, protecting his pack from intruders, which you are!’

But Leo’s wolf doesn’t seem to hear it, or he decides not to listen, because he huffs and then slowly moves forward, closer to the other wolf. He lowers his head, ready to attack.

‘Leo! Please! Listen to me!’ Right when Brandon shows signs to attack, Leo’s wolf gets up from his stance, taking one intense look at Elianne, before he takes a big leap to the other side and runs off into the distance.

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