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‘Elianne! Get back here! I’m not done with you yet!’

Elianne takes off, back to her uncle’s house, back to a place where she can shut everyone out, especially Brandon. About a yard away from her uncle’s house, she shifts back to her human self and starts to walk to the steps leading to the deck. But before she can even reach it, she’s tackled to the ground with force.

She quickly turns and looks straight in a pair of dark eyes. The eyes that she’d rather not see right now.

“Leave me alone, Brandon!”

“I told you I wasn’t done with you yet! Now stop fighting and calm down! I only want to talk with you!” He gets hold of her wrists and keeps them above her head, making it impossible to do anything with her hands. His weight plays in his favour, she can’t do anything. She struggles, she wriggles, but he doesn’t let go.

“Brandon, let me go!”

He growls.

Tears start to spring in her eyes out of helplessness and anger. When she catches his gaze, she stiffens. His eyes are dark, full of lust. Her wriggling and moving against a certain area may have something to do with that. She can feel his hardness against her thigh.

“Are you going to calm down?” He asks when he notices she doesn’t struggle to get away anymore. She blinks but keeps still.


She keeps staring into his eyes, a thunderstorm still rages in there. Then she nods, feeling helpless, powerless, and weak.

Brandon gets up, when he stands, he reaches out her hand to pull her up. “Now tell me again, who was that wolf and why did I just let him get away?”

He moves close to her, making her walk backwards, until she bumps into something hard, the wall of the garage.

Elianne sighs, “that was my mate. I don’t know what he was doing here.”

“The head warrior of your pack.” Brandon states. “Why didn’t he just ask for permission to come here, why didn’t he announce himself? He of all people should know how things work when you enter another Alpha’s territory. It would’ve prevented a lot of trouble. I could’ve killed him, I should’ve killed him, he was trespassing!”

“I don’t know why he didn’t, Brandon.” Elianne sighs and looks at her hands. “I tried to mind link him, but he didn’t hear me, or he just didn’t respond.”

“He is dangerous, Elianne, be careful when you’re with him. He is taking risks that are highly dangerous, you could’ve been caught in between us, which could’ve led to you being hurt.”

“I’m not at risk here, Brandon.” Now she looks at him furiously. “He is my mate for God’s sake! He’d never do anything to hurt me!”

Brandon places his hands at both sides of her head. “Then why didn’t he respond to your mind link, huh? Are you sure he is your mate?”

She looks down, shaking her head. Then she looks at him, realising how close he is getting. Is he going to kiss her again?

“Then why are you defending him. As long as you’re not sure he is your mate, you’re not sure you’re safe with him, you’re not sure of anything.”

His eyes show pity, but also sarcasm, “sorry to crush your dream like that, honey.”

Elianne sighs and shakes her head.

He moves one hand from the wall to her face to wipe a stray tear from her cheek and sighs. “I’m sorry if I scared you, Elianne. But I was responsible for your safety. For the Pack’s safety.”

She nods slightly, looking down. “Elianne.” His voice softens. He lays his finger under her chin, raising it. His face almost touches hers, his breath warming her face.

She tries to avoid his intense gaze, but to no avail. “Elianne, I know you are certain that this guy is your mate. But what if he’s not? You don’t feel it yet! Then you’re only wasting time. Please, Elianne, please, give me a chance.”

He puts his hand behind her head, the other around her waist, pulling her body flush against his.

“Brandon,” she breathes. She can’t help but notice how her body reacts to him. Her head disapproves, but her body definitely likes the attention.

He sniffles, his eyes darken even more. “Girl, I can smell your arousal. Don’t tell me you’re not affected by me. Your body can’t lie.”

“Brandon, please.” Elianne sighs. “Brandon this is wrong, I can’t do this. I-”

Before Elianne can finish her sentence, a black ball of fur, just throws Brandon to the ground. The beast growls loudly, baring its teeth with its head right in front of Brandon’s. He just has to move his head a little bit forward, he’ll be able to snap Brandon’s head off, or bite his neck.

For a second Elianne is too shocked to realize what actually is going on. But then she wakes from her daze and starts screaming, loud, very loud. She runs over to where Brandon and the black wolf are and tries to pry the black wolf off Brandon. “Leo! Leo! Please let Brandon go!”

The black wolf growls even louder, saliva dripping from his teeth. He even snarls for a second to Elianne.

“Leonard! Please!” Elianne’s eyes start to tear. “Please, let him go!”

A roaring growl is heard, making the earth tremble. Making everyone bow it’s head in submission. The black wolf crawls off Brandon, lays itself flat on the ground, it’s ears flat and hit’s head on the ground. Brandon crawls on his knees, his arms on the ground, his head low.

“Elianne! Get in the house!” Damon’s voice booms from behind her. “I’ll deal with these hotheads!”

When Elianne hesitates for a second, Damon roars again. “Elianne! Now!”

She hurries away, wondering what will happen now.

When Leo wakes up, he lies at the front door of his father’s house, stark naked, curled up in a ball. How did he end up here? What happened? He gets up from his spot and opens the door to get in.


He looks up, straight into the eyes of his father.

“Son are you alright?” a worried frown appears on his dad’s face.

He nods, not able to use his voice. He feels like he hasn’t spoken in a year.

“You had us worried, son. I’ll mind link your brother that you’re back.” His father looks absentminded for a second, before returning his attention to his son. “Have you eaten, are you hungry? You need to shower, go take a shower, get dressed, I’ll make you breakfast.”

Leo nods and does as his father tells him. After twenty minutes of cleaning up, he returns downstairs, dressed up and visibly feeling better. When he enters the kitchen, he sees his brother sitting on one of the stools.

“Hey Leo,” his brother looks relieved.

Leo nods. “Hey Chris,” his voice is still hoarse from being quiet for a while.

“Where have you been? What have you been up to?”

Fredric places a plate with bacon and eggs, and he inhales deeply. The smell is heavenly.

“I’m not sure.” Leo shakes his head, “There’s gaps in my memory. I remember my wolf taking over, I’ve travelled a great distance.” He frowns to think what else he remembers, while taking a few big bites from his breakfast. “I remember a female, in her wolf form, she was- She had a male’s scent on her. So, I rubbed my own on her, until his scent was gone. I don’t remember much more.”

“You have no clue what you’ve done?” Chris raises his eyebrows. “Shall I refresh your memory for a bit?”

Leo looks surprised, “You know what I have done while I was away?”

“I’ve gotten a phone call from Alpha Richard!” Christopher roars. “He was wondering why my head warrior came onto his territory and provoked a fight with his own head warrior. You,” he pokes his finger into Leo’s chest, “you are lucky that no real harm was done and that Damon, the Alpha’s son, was there just in time to take you guys away from each other!”

Leo looks shocked, he can’t believe his ears.

“You are lucky that Alpha Richard is very understanding and that there won’t be any repercussions. But this could’ve gone worse, so much worse! Do you have any idea what could’ve happened if this went the wrong way? What you’ve done could have ignited a war!”

Leo looks down. He realises how bad this situation is. His wolf took over, and he had no control, he doesn’t even remember anything.

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