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Leo walks out of the kitchen in his father’s house. One moment he is hot and then a few minutes later he is freezing again. He sighs and shakes his head. He can’t be sick; he won’t give into it. When he opens the door to the porch and steps outside, he feels the wind. It’s not chilly but it gives him goosebumps, nonetheless. He never wears a coat, ever, not even in winter. His werewolf genes help him stay warm. But now, he wishes he had one to pull on. He walks inside and looks at the coat rack, some coats of his father hanging there. He takes one and puts it on. A bit too big, his dad is huge now that he is back in shape, but it’ll do the job just fine.

He walks over to the railing of the porch, bending forward to lean on it. He sighs when he thinks about what happened yesterday. Well, he doesn’t remember what happened yesterday, that’s what’s bothering him. His wolf had a serious grip on him. He has no idea how the anger that he felt has gotten so uncontrollable that his wolf had taken the opportunity.

He understands his wolf, though. His wolf wants nothing more than to be with his mate. He wants to be with her just as badly, but he knows he can’t. He shakes his head; he has to find a way to get better and he has to find a way to be with her. The longing for her gets unbearable.

He closes his eyes for a second, he feels a headache coming up. But when he closes his eyes, he starts to get dizzy. He feels his head spinning like crazy. He grips the railing tighter, trying to remain standing straight. The world around him turns, he has to close his eyes again, he can’t deal with this turning. It’s actually making him nauseous. Before he can do anything about it, he throws up his breakfast from that morning. Gosh that tastes so gross, but it doesn’t make him feel better. The dizziness hasn’t gone, it’s getting even worse. His grip on the railing slacks and he feels his body tumbling. Just before the dizziness fully takes over and pulls him into darkness, he feels his body tumble forward. He doubles over the railing and his weight takes him flying over the edge.

He feels him floating into darkness. The darkness fully consumed him. There’s nothing, just him and this thick, heavy darkness that takes his breath away.

He hears voices from afar, as if his head is underwater. He tries to listen, but he can’t recognise the voices, the strength he puts into listening and waking up, diminishes quickly, and he feels himself floating again.

Elianne is in her bedroom with Mike. She’s relaxing on her bed against her headboard. He sits in the chair in the corner. “How did you feel seeing your father again? Must be hard to see him like that, like a rogue.” Elianne looks at him with understanding.

Mike shrugs, “I don’t know. Om kind of used to it, you know. He never paid any attention to me. He was obsessed with Alpha Christopher and his family, he still is.”

Elianne thinks for a minute and gasps, “What was your last name again?”

“Jones.” Mike frowns, “why?”

Her eyes widen in shock. “Your dad is- Your dad is Vince Jones?”

Mike nods uncomfortably. “Err, yeah.”

“They never told me the full story because they thought I was too young, but I heard the adults whispering about it. Do you know what happened to my pack six years ago?”

Mike shakes his head. “No, I have no idea.”

Elianne tells him everything she knows. Everything she has heard about Vince Jones.

Mike’s eyes widen in shock. “I had no idea. I knew he was not in his right mind, but this-” He shakes his head.

“Mike, what is your father doing here? Did he tell you anything?”

“I don’t know!” Mike sighs desperately. “He is only trying to persuade me to help him. He never told me anything about his plans!”

Elianne gasps as she realises something. “This may be a long shot, but what if- what if he is trying to get to me, to hurt Leo? Alpha Christopher is Leo’s brother. Leo is already weakened as it is, we have a bond, so if I get weakened too-” she doesn’t finish her sentence, just shakes her head.

“That’s not a long shot, sweetheart, that may be just it!” Mike looks at her. “You should tell Richard. Or Damon.”

“Elianne!” She hears Damon’s voice from the corridor.

“Well, if you talk of the devil,” Mike gets up from his seat and reaches out his hand. “Come on, let’s talk to him.”’

They both hurry out of her room, following their noses to find Damon.

“Elianne, come here sit down,” Damon points at a chair across the desk he is sitting at.

“What is it Damon?”

Damon takes a quick glance at Mike.

When she notices Damon’s hesitance, she explains. “Mike and I have to talk to you too. He can stay, if you don’t mind.”

“Alright. Sit down, Jones.” He points at the only vacant chair in the room.

“The reason I just called you here is that I just got a phone call from Alpha Christopher.” Damon looks concerned. “He told me that your mate’s condition is worsening. He collapsed on the veranda and tumbled over the railing. He is still unconscious. He has a serious back injury and may even have become paralyzed. They don’t know for sure though, until he wakes up and they can examine him properly.” Damon leans forward and reaches out his hands over the desk and takes hers in his. “I’m sorry Elly.”

A stray tear leaves her eye. Leo’s condition is worsening, and she isn’t there to support him, to help him through all of this. She looks at Damon. “I want to see him.”

Damon nods understandingly. “I am leaving tomorrow morning to help Alpha Christopher out. If you like, you can travel with me. We’ll see later what we do with that old wreck of yours.”

Elianne nods. “I’d love that.” She looks at Mike, who had scooted his chair closer to her and wrapped an arm around her while Damon was talking.

“Are you going to be okay?” Damon looks at her worriedly.

Elianne nods again.

“Are you okay enough to talk about what you wanted to tell me?”

Elianne looks at Mike for support. “Err,” he starts. “Elianne told me about the things that happened to her pack six years ago. Err,” Mike scratches the back of his head nervously. “The things my father did.”

Damon nods, “yes?”

“My father is out of jail and has been reaching out to me for the last few weeks. He wants me to join him again.

Today he was here too, but he tried to attack Elianne. Nothing happened really, but now I have the feeling that he is up to something.”

“There is a chance that he is trying to get to Alpha Christopher via me and the Captain. The Captain is already very weak and weakening me could be, you know,” Elianne looks at her feet, “be the death of him.” The last bit only comes out as a whisper.

Damon looks shocked from Mike to Elianne. “When did you guys find out about this?”

“We only put the pieces together just now.” Mike answers. “I swear, I had no idea of what my father is up to! Really, you have to believe me!”

Damon squints his eyes, gazing intently into Mike’s eyes. “I believe you.”

“Alpha, can I maybe come with you tomorrow? Maybe I can protect Elianne. My dad could be up to anything. Maybe, just maybe he won’t try anything with his son around.”

Damon frowns, “I don’t know, I’ll think about it and suggest it to Alpha Christopher.”

Mike gets up from his chair and walks to the door, “thank you Alpha.” He closes the door behind him.

Elianne gets up too and looks at him. “I didn’t know you have taken over from Uncle Richard?”

Damon shakes his head. “I haven’t, at least not officially. I have taken over some of his tasks and we share a lot of tasks, though.”

Elianne nods and smiles a little. “Good for you. Looks like Uncle Richard truly has faith in you.”

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