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Elianne has the feeling she floats. She has no idea where she is, or what is happening, but she feels like floating in the air, as if she’s weightless. She closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling. She can feel someone’s presence near her. She can see someone coming closer, she feels the person nearing. She can smell- him? Leonard?

Leonard is there, but he doesn’t seem to recognise her. He looks straight forward as if she’s not there. She looks at his eyes, his normal deep blue eyes, look dull.

“Leonard?” She says, but he doesn’t respond.

She moves closer to him, closing the distance that still was between them. When she is in front of him, she lifts her hand and strokes his cheek softly. His skin is so soft. Then she runs her fingers through his hair, it’s as smooth as silk. He blinks with his eyes. “Elianne?” his voice only a whisper, but he still doesn’t look at her. “Elianne, is that you? Are you there?” He still whispers.

“Elianne, I smell your scent, I can feel you’re here.” He reaches forward with both hands. “Elianne?”

She takes both of his hands and holds them. “I’m here Leonard, can you hear me?”

“I can feel you.” A small smile appears on Leo’s face. Elianne takes this chance and places her hands on his cheeks and kisses him softly on his lips. His smile widens and he places his hands over hers. “There you are.”

He still doesn’t seem to see her, but at least he can feel her. She kisses him again, grazing her lips against his. She lowers her hands, sliding them over his chest, but as she does so, she feels her head spinning. A dizziness overtakes her.

Elianne stumbles out of bed, turns on the light in her bathroom. Just in time to throw up everything she had eaten that evening.

When she’s done, she washes her face. Another wave of dizziness overwhelms her when she walks out of her bathroom, making her stumble over her feet and hitting her head on the dresser. She kneels, holding her hands in front of her for extra balance.

Her door opens slightly. “Elianne?” Mike’s voice whispers softly. He takes a step into her room and notices her on the floor. “Elianne!” In an instant he is next to her, crouching down to see what’s going on. “Elianne, are you alright?”

She shakes her head and tries to get up.

“Wait, let me help you.” She feels his hands under her arms and when she is on her two feet again, he keeps holding her for support. “Let me take you to your bed.” It feels like an eternity for them to get to her bed. When she finally reaches it, she slowly sits down.

Mike crouches down in front of her. “Elianne, tell me, what is wrong?”

“I was dizzy and felt nauseous, so I puked in the bathroom. But when I came out of the bathroom, I still felt dizzy and fell over my own feet. I hit my head on the dresser.” She reaches with her hand for the spot where her head hurts.

“Let me see.” Mike carefully moves her hair out of the way. “There’s a wound there. It’s not bleeding much, but I think I’m going to get someone who has more experience.”

At the same time someone knocks on her door. “Elianne? Is everything alright?” It’s Damon’s voice. He opens the door and walks in. “I heard some noises coming from here.”

“She was dizzy and nauseous and, on her way, back from the bathroom she fell and hit her head.” Mike tells him and makes room for Damon to look at her head.

Damon inspects her head. “You’ll live,” Damon smiles slightly. “How’s the dizziness?”

Elianne shakes her head lightly. “It’s still there.”

“Have you done something that could have caused your dizziness? Bumped your head before, ate too little,” Damon shrugs, “anything else?”

“Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.”

“Hmm, I don’t think you have a concussion.” Damon frowns. “Just try to sleep for a bit then, maybe it’ll settle down. I’ll stay here to check on you occasionally, is that okay?”

“Let me do that,” Mike interrupts. “You have to drive tomorrow, Damon, you need to rest.”

They both look at Elianne and she nods while she carefully lays herself down on her bed.

“Alright. I’ll go to sleep now. Mike, if anything changes, wake me up immediately.”

Leo still feels himself floating, but somehow, he is getting solid ground under his feet. In the distance he can sense someone. He doesn’t see anything, everything is black. And he can’t hear anything either, only the ring in his ears. He feels tingling on his cheek, then tingles come from his head. Tingles that he knows oh, so well. He tries to blink his eyes to see, but it doesn’t help. “Elianne?” he can’t get any sound out of his voice, only a whisper; “Elianne, is that you? Are you there?”

He smells a scent, a lovely scent. It definitely is Elianne, she’s here. “Elianne, I smell your scent, I can feel you’re here.” He reaches forward with his hands in hopes she’ll touch him again. “Elianne?”

He feels tingles on his hand and a warmth that surrounds them. “I can feel you.” He smiles. Now he feels tingles on both his cheeks. And then something soft brushes his lips. His smile widens and he places his hands where he feels the tingles on his cheeks. “There you are.”

Then everything disappears again. He feels like falling into a black hole. He keeps turning and turning, but there’s no end.

That morning Elianne is awake early. Her head pounds and she groans. “Good morning sunshine.” Mike smiles when he sees her sleepy head.

“My head hurts,” she groans and holds it.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” Mike walks over to the bed and sets himself next to her.

Elianne nods. “Yeah, I remember.”

“Good.” Mike smiles. “Do you think you’re good enough to get out of bed yourself?”

“Mike, God, yes.” She raises an eyebrow. “You would just love to help me take a shower, wouldn’t you?”

Mike grins. “I wouldn’t dare.”

“I’m fine, Mike, thank you for staying here for the night.”

He shakes his head. “It’s nothing.”

Elianne gets showered, dressed, and then packs the last few things she still needed to pack. She takes it easy, as her head still hurts. She looks around the room. It’s weird to leave the place she feels like is a second home to her, though for the first time she is happy she can go home.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Damon gives her a toothpaste-advertisement smile when she walks into the kitchen. “Have you been able to sleep a little after your nightly adventure?”

Elianne nods. “Yes, thank you.” She sets herself at the table and gives her uncle a thankful smile when he places a plate in front of her.

“Ready to go home?” Richard asks.

“I can’t wait.” Elianne smiles. “I mean, I love it here, but I’m needed at home now, not here.”

“Good. We’ll leave as soon as you’re ready.”

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