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Elianne wakes up in a new room. She asked Alpha Chris for her own room in the packhouse. Somehow, she felt that she no longer belongs in the house where her parents live, she wouldn’t fit in anymore. She had been on her own ever since she moved in with her grandmother and then moving to the Northern Lakes pack, even though she has been on her own for a few weeks, it made her realise that this is what she should have done way earlier. Maybe her relationship wouldn’t have been so distant as it is now.

She opens the curtains and looks outside. It’s still quiet, though she can hear the silent rummaging of the kitchen crew preparing breakfast. Outside the wind plays with the first leaves that have fallen, autumn is coming. Elianne leans against the window frame and smiles when she thinks about Leo and his reaction when he realised, she was there.

He couldn’t believe that she was real. Sitting on his lap made him calm down his nerves. And she loved sitting there, no talking, just enjoying each other’s warmth and presence. She tried to hide her shock from him. She was quite shocked when she saw him. Blind and not being able to move some parts of his body. She talked to his father after her visit to him and he told her that most of his condition is due to the rabies where Leo is suffering from. Only the blindness is from his little accident.

Elianne walks to the dresser in her room and takes out a few clothes to put on. She has to go and see Alpha Chris. Fredric, Leo’s father, told her that they are going to give him some kind of blood transfusion. She doesn’t know how it exactly works, but apparently Alpha’s blood has some powerful healing abilities. She wants to ask Alpha Chris when he is planning to give his brother this transfusion, and if there’s anything she can do to help. Maybe she can be of some assistance with the warrior trainings when she’s not visiting Leo.

After being fully dressed, she hops downstairs, into the hall where breakfast is served. She looks around to find a spot when she sees Alpha Christopher already waving for her.

“Good morning Alpha,” she greets him with a smile.

“Good morning, Elianne, I saved you a seat.” The Alpha smiles as well and she takes her seat. “When we’re just among us, you can call me Chris if you’d like.”

“Thank you.”

“How was your first night in the packhouse? Not too much noise I hope.” Luna Jolena asks her kindly.

“It was great, actually,” Elianne smiles shyly, she doesn’t know the Luna that well.

Chris looks concerned. “Have you recovered a little from the shock of seeing Leo’s condition? I mean, it must have been a shock seeing him like that.”

“It was.” Elianne feels her eyes water. “It’s hard to see him like this. This is so out of character for him, I don’t know if he will ever accept the situation if it stays like this.”

“I know what you mean.” Chris looks understandingly. “He’s been a vital, fit, young man. Seeing him like this doesn’t suit him at all. Being a warrior made him feel like he had a purpose. Now his purpose has been taken away from him.” Chris shakes his head. “I don’t know if he’ll be able to deal with that. Being a warrior was his life.”

Elianne nods, a tear drops down on her cheek.

“Oh, honey.” Jolena gets up from her chair and walks around the table to get to Elianne. “Come here.” Jolena wraps her arms around her and holds her tight.

After a while, Jolena gets back up and walks back to her seat.

Elianne looks up and wipes her tears away. “Even though I don’t really feel the mate bond just yet. I greatly care for Leo and I can feel that there’s something between us. I think I love him and seeing him in so much pain breaks my heart.”

“You love him?” Chris smiles, “wow, that is a confession that he would love to hear.”

Elianne just smiles.

“Alpha Chris? Can I ask you something?” Elianne asks after a few bites of her breakfast.

“Sure, shoot.” Chris smiles curiously.

“Is there any chance that I can help you out with something? With both my brother and my mate out of the game, you should be drowning with work, no? Maybe I can help out with the warrior training, as I know how Leo always led those.”

Chris looks surprised. “You actually feel like doing that? Don’t you rather be with my brother instead?”

“Most of all, Leo needs rest. And I can’t just sit there in that room and do nothing. I hope he’ll feel proud when I tell him that I’m helping him.”

“Well, I’ll think about it. But I think you need to catch up with Leo first, for a few days. I’ll discuss this with the others, and I will let you know what has been decided, is that okay?”

Elianne nods and smiles. She wants to make herself useful, but also make her mate proud of her.

A shadow to her right catches her attention. “Good morning Alpha, Luna, Elly.” Damon smiles his toothpaste-advertisement grin.

“Well,” Elianne smiles, “someone is in a good mood.”

“I am actually, thank you for asking.” Damon laughs.

Christopher gets up from his chair and so does Jolena. “I’m sorry for leaving so fast, but I need to get some work done. Can I talk to you when you’re done with breakfast?” He looks at Damon.

“Sure Alpha, I’ll drop by.”

Chris nods and leaves, with his arm around Jolena.

Elianne notices how Damon watches how they leave. “Beautiful couple, huh.”

Damon nods, “they are. So powerful when they’re together. I want that too.”

“I think everyone would want what they have.” Elianne sighs.

“You shouldn’t be jealous,” Damon looks at her, “you’re almost there.”

Elianne shrugs, “Who knows, maybe I’ll never know if he truly is my mate.” She averts her eyes.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” Damon wraps an arm around her. “I didn’t mean to say it like that. Your situation is nothing to be jealous of. I really hope Christopher and I will be able to help him out.”

He takes her chin gently between his fingers and makes her look at him. “Everything will be fine. I promise I’ll do everything I can, alright?”

Elianne nods, “I know,” she lays her head on his shoulder, “thank you.”

Leo gets through his day mostly by sleeping. The doctor says that sleep is the best medicine you can get, so that’s exactly what he’s doing. Not that he can do anything else besides laying in his bed. He has actually spoken to the doctor and the doctor has examined him fully too. The headache he has is migraine and is caused by the little accident he had. The migraine is cause for his blindness. So, when the migraine subsides, his sight will also come back. There’s a possibility that this migraine will come back in the future though, just not as intense as it is now.

His back injury is not as bad as they first thought. It’s just bruised. The paralysis is a whole different story though. That is caused by his rabies and is a sign that it is progressing fast, extremely fast. He knows that the only remedy is for Christopher to give him a blood transfusion, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Jones is still lurking somewhere in the shadows and will take every opportunity to attack. Seeing that Christopher is weakened because of this transfusion will only provoke an attack from Jones and his men.

He is not going to risk the safety of his pack for his own health, never. Once a warrior, always a warrior. He will give himself for his Alpha and his pack, not the other way around!

Someone peers around the door that has been slightly ajar. Leo smiles, he can sense someone’s presence from afar now. “Good morning, Elly.”

“Hey.” He can hear the smile in her voice. He hears her moving closer, until he feels the dip in his mattress.

“I would love to try to move a little to the side, but I have no power in my arms, so you’ll have to do with the space you have there.” He smiles a little.

He feels her hand on his cheek that is pulling him forward. Then he feels her lips on his. “I missed you,” she whispers softly.

“Hmm,” He smiles, “I missed you too. I especially missed your lips on mine,” he grins cheekily, and she kisses him again.

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