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“Leo, I need you to sign these papers for me,” Chris barges into his room, without even knocking. “I know you don’t have much control over your hand, but I need your signature.”

“Can’t you knock?” Leo frowns annoyed.

“Oh, sorry, I’m just really occupied right now. Got a lot to do, before we set everything in motion.”

“What? What are you going to set in motion?” Leo still frowns, his brother is only a few minutes in, and he is already working on his nerves.

“Oh, err,” he hears Chris closing the door and shuffling right next to his bed.

“These are the papers that will give the doctors the permission to give you my blood.

“What!” Leo folds his hands in front of his chest with the most of effort, “I’m not signing anything. No. You’re not doing it!”

“Leo, hear me out for a second, please.”

“No. Leave.” Leo turns his head away from Chris, making it clear that for him this conversation is over.

“Leo, just hear me out. You already told me why you don’t want to do this, but just listen to me. If you still don’t want to do it after I’ve told you this, I’ll respect your decision.”

Leo sighs and grumbles. “I really don’t have a choice, do I.”

“As you may know, Danny’s and your mate’s cousin Damon is here.”

“Alpha Damon?”

“Yes, Alpha Damon. He is here to support our pack now that both you and Danny are out of the game. He offered to give one of you two a blood transfusion. What means that I don’t have to give two, but just one of you blood. I won’t be weakened that much after all. And if anything goes wrong, we have his strength and Alpha genes at our side.”

“Right. I still won’t change my mind, you know.”

“Leo,” Christopher sounds defeated. “Tell me again, why not?”

“Why not? Why not? I already told you!”

“Leo, take it easy please.”

“Why? Why do I need to take it easy? I can’t see, I’m fucking blind! I’m not crazy! Everyone around me just assumes that I’m weak, sad and crazy in the head, but hey! I still can decide what I want! And the last thing I want is Jones to be able to take over, or harm someone I love. I’d rather die myself! I’ll protect my pack and my Alpha, until I die!”

“I’d rather have you die in a real battle than from this stupid disease, Leo! And you will die soon if you continue to behave like this! Leo, we care about you! We want to help you, now let us help you!” Chris’s voice breaks, the emotion becoming too much. “I’m not going to lose my little brother over a disease that I can help cure. Please, Leo, let me do this for you.”

Leo feels a hand on his shoulder, and he slaps it away, thinking it is Chris. His anger gives him the strength to move. The hand replaces itself on his chest, and Leo takes it in his hand and grips it tightly. He pulls in the hand then places his other fist right in the owner’s face.

He hears a female’s voice scream in pain and his brother gasps. “Elianne, are you alright?” He hears some moving. “Leo, why did you do that? Why did you hit Elianne in her face? She didn’t do anything to you! She only wanted to calm you down! God dang it Leo. Come, honey, I’m going to find you a doctor. Let him be for a while.”

After a while, he hears his door open and close and someone walks in quietly. “Elianne, is that you? Honey, are you okay? Come here, please?” He reaches out his hand, but it takes him a lot of energy to do so.

He feels her hand in his chest and feels the tingles it gives him. He lays his hand on top of hers, but the effort makes his handshake.

“Elly, say something. I’m truly sorry. I have no idea why I didn’t notice you were there.”

He feels his mattress dip and then he feels her body against his. She’s settling herself on his lap.

He moves his hand slowly to rub her back. His hands shake, it’s taking a lot from him.

“Don’t fight your body Leo, it’ll only weaken you more.” Elianne says softly.

“Elly,” Leo sighs. “I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me.”

“It’s alright. It’s the disease that makes you act out. You should listen to your brother though. You know he is right. If it were the other way around, you would do the same.”

“You have no idea how sly of a fox Jones really is. He will take advantage of the situation.”

“Leo, Chris is your brother, he’ll do anything for you, he loves you.”

“Honey, please, can we talk about something else?”

Elianne nods. “Alright.”

“Does it hurt a lot?”

Elianne frowns, “what hurts?”

“Your face.”

“Ah, it’s alright. You shocked me more than you hurt me. Your strength is diminishing, your body needs your strength to fight the disease.”

Leo nods.

“Can you please think about it just one more time? It’s not just your brother and your pack you have to think about, but also about me.”

Leo frowns, “what do you mean?”

“How will I ever know if you are truly my mate? You’ll be gone before I turn eighteen!”

“God, I never thought about that!”

“Leo, I genuinely care for you. My feelings for you have grown over the weeks, I don’t want to- I can’t- I” Elianne can’t hold it in any longer, her emotions becoming too much. “I can’t lose you. Not now, not when I’m eighteen, not- not ever.”

Leo puts all his strength into his arms and pulls her to his chest. “I’m sorry Elly, I’ll think about it one more time, just for you.”

Elly buries her face into his chest.

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