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That night, Elianne lays in her bed, tossing and turning. She hadn’t had any news about Leo or Chris. Nothing at all. She pushes her comforter back and sits up in bed. It has no use; she’s already been lying here and she’s not getting her sleep anytime soon. She’s worrying. She has no idea how long it takes for a transfusion to be complete, are they done already, or not? The insecurity, the not knowing is what is killing her slowly. She decides to get up and take a walk around the packhouse, maybe even check on the warriors at the borders. She pushes her comforter away fully and gets out of bed.

When she walks her round, she enjoys the quiet and the fresh air. It’s dark, the sky is pitch black, the moon is only a small stripe. She is almost at her third warrior-post, when she hears rustling in the bushes right at the other side of the border. She peaks her ears, to focus on what she’s hearing. She continues walking further slowly and quietly, to pretend that she hasn’t heard anything. Just to not give away anything.

She hears the rustling again, a little closer and multiple footsteps are heard as well.

‘Guys at the Western borderline, have you seen or heard anything suspicious? I’m close to where you are and am hearing suspicious things. What do you hear?’

‘We heard some rustling in the bushes and now we’re hearing heavy footsteps. Multiple footsteps. I think it’s humans, I can smell them.’ A warrior responds.

‘I was just about to investigate, Lieutenant, before I would inform you. Should I proceed?’ Another warrior adds in.

‘Yes, please, well done warriors. Wait, what did you just call me?’

‘Err, Lieutenant? It’s the nickname the warriors have given you after you won the challenge. They thought it would suit you.’

‘Well, alright go do what you were about to do. I’ll join you shortly.’

She walks a little further, focussing on her senses. When the noises get stronger and the scent of humans gets stronger, she opens her mind link again. First she contacts the warriors at the other borders, then she mind links Damon.

‘Damon, are you awake?’

‘Well, now I am,’ he responds after a minute. ‘What is it, Elly?’

‘Is Alpha Chris already back on his feet? Or do I need you if anything happens?’

‘What do you need, Elly? You’ll need me, I haven’t heard anything from Alpha Chris yet.’

‘There are humans spotted at the western border. Don’t know if they’re hostile or not, but I assume you know our history with human attacks? I suppose this is Jones’ doing.’

‘I’m already on my way. If anything should happen before I arrive, don’t hesitate to act how you think is best, I rely on your judgement.’

‘Alright, see you in a minute.’

Elianne mind links all the warriors to get up and be ready. In the meantime, she arrives at the western border hideout. She can hear the footsteps clearly now, they’re preparing something. The warrior that went scouting, comes back.

“Lieutenant, there’s a lot of humans out there. They’re building some kind of makeshift cabin or something. It looks like they’re planning on staying here for a longer time.”

Elianne frowns, “what are they planning? They couldn’t be that stupid to assume that we won’t find out anything if they’re doing it so close to our borders.”

The warrior shakes his head. “I have no idea Lieutenant.”

“Did you see weapons?”

“Yes ma’am, mostly hunting rifles and knives. I saw some tranquilizer guns as well.”

“What’s the situation?” Damon comes up behind Elianne and she fills him in quickly.

“What do you think, Elianne?”

“It’s Lieutenant, sir.” The scouting warrior corrects him.

Damon looks at the warrior with a confused frown.

“I’ll explain later,” Elianne smirks.

‘Lieutenant, we’re sensing a rogue near the Eastern border. Just one though and no humans.’

“A distraction, that’s what these humans are! Jones is at the Eastern border, the border that is closest to the clinic! He’s going for the Alpha!” Elianne connects all the dots immediately.

“Lieutenant, may I suggest something?” The scouting warrior suddenly looks at Damon, “Err, sorry Alpha I didn’t mean to disrespect you by only addressing the Lieutenant.”

“It’s alright,” Damon makes a dismissing gesture. “Continue.”

“Lieutenant, what if you and the Alpha go and make sure that the Alpha is alright, we’ll handle the situation here. The reinforcements are ready anyway, so if anything should happen, we’ll be able to respond accordingly. We’re with plenty, we’ll even outnumber the humans.”

“What do you say, ‘Lieutenant?’” Damon emphasises the word Lieutenant on purpose with a smirk.

“Let’s go, you guys, keep eyes on the humans. Let us know if anything changes. Don’t do anything unless you’re provoked.” Elianne says, she points a finger at the scouting warrior. “You, you’re in charge here, make me proud.”

“Thank you, sir. Err, ma’am.” The warrior nods and blushes for the slip of his tongue

Damon and Elianne shift in their wolves at the same time. She’s seen Damon before in his wolf-form, but she can’t help but be amazed by his looks. He is a black wolf, just like the Anderson-brothers, only he has a silver shine over his coat. Something she’s never seen before.

It doesn’t take long for them to arrive at the clinic. They thread carefully, their senses focussed to the maximum. If there’s anyone in the vicinity, they’ll know.

“Let’s go inside and check the clinic, make sure he isn’t hiding in there somewhere.”

They both shift into their human forms and enter the clinic. The nurse at the front desk, looks shocked at them, but recovers quickly and hurries to get them some scrubs to put on.

They quickly search the whole clinic but can’t find anything. The last rooms they have to look at are the Alpha’s and the Captain’s rooms. When Elianne walks past the door of Leo’s room, she can’t help but push the door open a little and sneak in.

She sees how he lays there. The machine’s beeping occasionally. She strokes his arm with her hand very carefully. “Leo,” she whispers, “come back to me, please. I’ll make sure everything is safe here, don’t worry. I will make you proud.” She wipes away a few stray hairs from his forehead and kisses him there softly. Then she kisses him on the tip of his nose before leaving his room quietly again.

In the hallway she finds Damon. “The Alpha is safe and sound, Leo?” He whispers.

“All clear.”

Damon nods. “Come on, let’s see if the devil has come closer while we were in here.” Elianne nods and they both start walking to the exit.

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