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Damon holds his index finger to his lips for Elianne to be quiet when they arrive back at the front door of the clinic. Elianne perks her ears, Damon must’ve heard something.

‘What is it? Did you hear something?’

Damon nods and points at the door underneath the staircase. The door leads to a built-in closet for the cleaners.

Elianne perks her ears and sniffles.


She shakes her head. “Probably a mouse.”

They step outside and make another round around the clinic until Damon holds still.

‘Mike is in trouble. He just linked me.’ Damon links her. ‘Do you know where he is?’

‘He is helping the warriors, so I guess he is on patrol. Err. He is at the eastern border. Let’s go there.’

They both shift into their wolf forms again and take off to the east.

When they arrive at the hideout, they are shocked by what they see. About all of the warriors are wounded and bleeding.

But the thing they see next shocks them even more.

They see two wolves circling each other with bare teeth. One is definitely the rogue; they can smell him clearly. Elianne recognises his green eyes. ‘That’s Jones, Mike’s dad.’ She lets Damon know.

‘So, Mike is baring his teeth to his father?’ Damon sounds surprised.


‘He won’t be able to handle his dad. His father is way too strong.’ Damon sounds concerned.

‘Then I’ll distract him. Let him take me or tackle him together.’

‘You can’t handle him either, Elly. He is an Alpha for god’s sake.’

Both Damon and Elianne start nearing the circling wolves. When Jones notices the two other wolves, he stiffens, but recovers quickly.

Mike shifts into his human form and shouts at his dad. “Come on you coward! Bring it on. Let these guys know what you’re threatening me with!”

Damon mind links Mike and growls. ‘Elianne, stay back. Let me handle this guy. Make sure you take Mike with you, keep him safe.’

Elianne pushes with her snout against Mike’s hand to get his attention. It would be easier to be able to mind link him, but he is not from the same pack, so that makes this a bit harder. Damon can mind link her because he is an Alpha.

But before Elianne can get Mike’s attention, Jones starts running his way, taking a leap to land with his jaws around Mike’s neck. His jaws fit fully around Mike’s neck, but he doesn’t bite down, he just holds Mike’s neck between his jaw.

Elianne wastes no second and bites into Jones’ neck, but to no avail, Jones doesn’t let go of Mike’s neck. He even strengthens his grip some more, his teeth now starting to break through Mike’s skin, Mike winces.

Damon comes from the other side, starting to attack Jones. The rogue strengthens his grip even more, his teeth now fully piercing into Mike’s flesh. Mike’s wound is now huge, it looks like his artery is hit, Mike screams in agony.

The rogue finally lets go and turns to Damon. Mike falls on his back with a thud. He is losing so much blood, that he can’t keep himself up. Elianne kneels next to him, and immediately puts pressure on the wound on his neck.

“Elianne,” Mike reaches for her hand on his neck. He pants, even speaking is too much.

“Mike, save your energy you need it to heal.” Elianne shakes her head.

“Elianne,” he rasps again.

Elianne shakes her head again. “Don’t talk.”

“Elianne,” Mike breathes heavily. “Let go. Make sure my dad gets what he deserves. I have lost too much blood to be able to heal in time.”

“Mike,” Elianne feels tears stream down her cheeks. “I can’t let you go.”

Mike closes his eyes. “Elianne, let go.” Mike’s voice is now barely a whisper. “You can’t help me anymore.”

Elianne mind links the warriors that were woken up and prepared as backup. They’ll have to help her bring Mike to the clinic as soon as possible and help Damon out to fight back Jones.

A big black snarling wolf leaps out of the bushes from the west. His teeth are bare, and his eyes look furious. Saliva drips from his mouth onto the ground. He wastes no time and jumps at the rogue. Christopher is back!

When she looks over her shoulder at Jones, she sees the surprise and shock in his eyes. He apparently hadn’t expected Chris to be back on his feet already. Now both Chris and Damon are circling the rogue.

Elianne turns back to Mike, “Alpha Chris is back, Mike. Your father will be defeated in no time.”

“Good,” Mike whispers, “now let go. It’s alright Elianne. There’s nothing you can do.”

Elianne hears the loud growling of the two Alpha’s fighting Jones. She hears a loud thud, then a loud yelp and another thud.

“Mike,” she whispers. “I need to go and see. But I can’t,” Elianne starts to cry fully now, “I can’t let you go! You need to live!”

Mike tries to nod. “Go. Help them out. Alpha Chris is still weak and Alpha Damon is not at his full strength yet. Go, help them out!”

Elianne kisses him on his forehead and gets up to shift into her wolf. She glances one more time over her shoulder. She sees him lying there, helpless. His shallow breathing becomes less and less frequent, until it stops. Warriors arrive and try to save him, but Elianne knows it’s too late.

‘I’ll make sure your father gets what he deserves. I will avenge your sacrifice, Mike, you were a true friend.’

Her wolf leaps forward to the battlefield. But when she arrives there, she sees the two Alpha’s in their human form lying flat on the ground, and there’s no rogue to be seen.

Christopher gets up on his legs but wobbles back and forth. His legs give out and he lands on his butt. He scratches his head. “I think I got out of bed a bit too soon.” He smiles mockingly. Then his smile drops, and he frowns. “Where’s Damon?”

Elianne follows his scent and sees Damon about a yard away, lying on his front. She shifts into her human form and kneels beside him. “Damon?” She listens intently and sighs relieved when she hears his heart beating loud and clear.

She turns him on his back, to look for injuries. At his temple, there’s a gaping wound leading all the way to his cheek. She gasps, that’s going to be an ugly scar.

Damon blinks with his eyes and groans. “What happened?” He inspects his head with his fingers carefully. Then he jolts up and roars, “where’s that fucking asshole?” But Elianne places both her hands on his shoulders to keep him in place.

“You have a huge wound in your face, don’t get up. We’ll get you to the clinic first.”

Chris stumbles their way like a drunk. “Two Alpha’s beaten, that’s not good, right?”

Elianne shakes her head and looks up when she sees some more warriors. “Take these two back to the clinic and make sure they’re looked after.” They nod and support Chris and help Damon get up carefully.

Elianne shifts back into her wolf and sniffles. The scent of Jones still lingers in the air and she starts following it. Deeper and deeper into the woods.

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