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Leo feels like he’s drifting on water. Or he must be floating through the air, he feels weightless. He goes up and he goes down, he spins around without a care.

At other moments he feels like weighing lead. Like he is being glued to his bed. Like heavy weights have been tied to his body.

And in some exceedingly rare moments, he can hear her voice. Like an angel singing. Telling him she loves him. Telling him she will fight for him.

Or he feels her touch. Kissing his forehead like a mother does to her child. To tell her child how much she loves him or her, without saying a word. The tingles, he feels them throughout his whole body. Making him feel like he is regaining his strength, just for a little bit.

Leo has no sense of time, he has no idea for how long he has been like this, or how long he is going to be like this. He just knows that this darkness is pulling him in. Only hearing his mate’s voice is keeping him from falling into the Voight, it’s keeping him from giving into the darkness fully.

Elianne sniffles. She’s been tracking Jones’s trail for over an hour and she’s getting close, very close. The dark woods making her senses peak and the hair on her back stand up. A droplet falls on her nose. Then another on her back. More and more drops fall through the roof of leaves above her.

Jones’s scent quickly evaporates as more raindrops fall and rinse every scent away. Elianne growls and curses by herself. Now every chance she had to catch the guy is gone. She turns around and runs back from where she came from. Back home.

When she arrives back on pack land, the first rays of sun come shining through the trees. She runs back to the packhouse, shifts, takes a sprint straight to her room and immediately into the shower. She stinks like a wet dog. The warm water makes her relax and she closes her eyes for a second. Her thoughts immediately drift to Leo and the two Alpha’s. She hopes they’re doing fine. Christopher just needed to rest some more, but Damon’s wound on his face looked bad.

And then there’s Mike. Tears start to fall on her cheeks. Mike gave his life to fight his own father, she can’t even imagine how hard that must’ve been. She shakes her head. She made a promise to Mike and she won’t rest until she has avenged his death. No, she won’t. She will find his father and kill him, just like he killed his own son.

When she comes back out of her room, the ground floor of the packhouse is buzzing. It’s time for breakfast and most of the members are going there. Elianne decides to go the other way. She won’t be able to get anything down her throat, so she isn’t even going to try. She walks out of the packhouse, pulling up the hood of her coat, to protect her hair from the rain. She walks straight to the clinic, to see how the guys are doing.

When she enters the clinic, she comes across Christopher and Jolena who are just about to walk outside. When he sees Elianne, he takes her aside to talk to her in private. “Hey Elianne, I haven’t seen you after the fight last night, are you alright? Where did you go?”

“I have been trailing Jones. I just came back, took a shower and then came here.”

“Really?” Chris looks surprised, “are you married to your work just as much as my little brother or something?” Chris smiles. “I’m kidding. Did you find out anything important?”

Elianne smiles but then shakes her head. “I got really close to Jones, but sadly it started to rain, so I couldn’t track him all the way to his hiding place.”

Christopher rubs his stubble deep in thought. “Hmm. Too bad. But you’ve done a good job.” Christopher looks at her. “Shouldn’t you be resting now though? Aren’t you very exhausted?”

Elianne shrugs. “As long as I’m not sure how Leo is doing, I’m not going to get some sleep anyway. The reason I walked an extra round last night was because I couldn’t sleep. I’ll sleep when I’m certain that Leo is out of the woods.”

Chris nods understandingly.

“But, err,” Elianne looks at the tall man from his feet to his face. “What about your rest? Are you sure you can be back on your feet again?”

Chris laughs and throws his head in his neck. “Well, that’s a good one.” He shakes his head. “I’m nowhere near being my old self again, but I’m good enough to go home and get my rest over there. My father is doing Alpha-business now, so I don’t have to worry about that.”

Elianne nods. “Well, if you need anything, just link me, alright?” She smiles and winks at Jolena, “Don’t let him go out of your sight, otherwise he’ll be fighting rogues again in no time.”

Jolena smiles, “I will, thank you Elianne.”

When she enters Leo’s room, the silence in there hits her like a bulldozer. She closes the door behind her and moves beside Leo to give him a kiss on his cheek. She hesitates a second and moves her mouth to his lips and places the kiss softly.

A nurse comes in quietly to check on his vitals. Elianne looks at her. “How is he doing, miss?”

“He is recovering slowly. He hasn’t been awake since the transfusion. The Alpha’s blood is helping him fight the disease, but we can’t say yet how fast or how well it will work. He may even need more transfusions to help him even more.”

Elianne nods understandingly.

When the nurse walks out, she stops at the door. “You can touch him, you know. The painkillers are making the pain bearable, so touching, or even hugging him.” The nurse winks, “or even crawling next to him, will make it even easier for him to heal.”

Elianne blushes and nods. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

The nurse smiles, “He’ll be fine.”

As soon as the nurse has closed the door, Elianne gets up and takes Leo’s hand. For a moment she hesitates. She feels like she’s somehow invading his privacy. But then she thinks about one of the last times she saw him when he was awake. She sat on his lap, he wanted her there. So, she lets go of her hands, takes off her shoes and sets herself on his lap with her feet at one side of the bed. Then she lays down on his chest carefully. His breath hitches for a second and she pushes herself back up a little. When he continues to breathe steadily again, she lays herself down carefully again. Her face in the crook of his neck, her body half to the side, half on his chest and one of her legs over one of his. Everywhere where her body touches his, she feels tingles, even though the sheets. A warm feeling flowing through her body. She smiles, for her there’s no doubt anymore that he is her mate. She feels comfortable and yawns. The lack of sleep is finally taking its toll. After a few minutes of fighting against her sleep, she keeps her eyes shut and Leo’s quiet but steady heartbeat lulls her to sleep.

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