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Leo feels like he’s floating again, but at the same time he feels grounded. He feels tingles everywhere and a weight on his chest. He wishes he has the strength to open his eyes. The tingles, and the scent tell him that this is Elianne. What she’s doing exactly he can’t tell, but he likes it. He loves the tingles, he feels her warmth warming his body, he feels the glow making him stronger, making him regain his strength.

When he feels that he is awake again, the tingles are gone. But he feels someone is there. He focuses on his nose. It’s a heavy manly scent he doesn’t recognise.

“You may not know me that well, if you know me at all.” A male voice says. “I just want you to know that you have to get better. I’ll help you; I’ll give you my blood, but you need to get better. Not for me or for the people here, but I need you to get better for Elianne. She needs you. She may be my niece, but she’s like a sister to me. She needs you so badly. I saw her earlier and she looked so sad. She misses you; she needs you to be strong for her, she needs you to be there for her. Although I think she’ll never admit it.

But most of all, she needs to find out if you’re truly her mate or not. She needs to know for sure, she needs certainty. She loves you. She loves you so much, man. I’d love to meet you in person. From what she has told about you, from how she looks when we talk about you, she’s crazy in love with you. Wake up, please, I’m begging you.”

Somewhere far, he hears Elianne’s voice. He hears her calling out to him. There’s an eenie meenie tiny little white light in the distance. Leo reaches out his hand, he wants to touch it. The white light, it’s calling his name, it’s where Elianne is. He steps forward, trying to walk to it. Again, he reaches out his hands, but it seems like the light is moving away from him. Leo tries to run, he tries to catch the light, but doesn’t seem to be able to get closer. What’s with this stupid light?

The light fades slowly and he hears Elianne’s voice again. Tingles on his hand starts to erupt. Then he feels tingles on his nose and he tries to blink with his eyes.

“Did you see that?” He hears Elianne’s voice in the distance.

“What?” The strange man’s voice is on his other side.

“He moved his eyelids.”

“I didn’t see it. Try again?” The male’s voice sounds closer now.

He feels tingles on his forehead and he sighs, she’s kissing him on his head. He feels the corners of his mouth twitch up a little.

“See! He’s moving!” He hears Elianne’s excited voice. “He is waking up. Leo? Leo? Can you hear me?”

Again, he feels tingles on his head. But now on both his cheeks. Then on his lips, he feels wetness and even more tingles course through his body.

He tries to blink. He tries to blink even harder. And then he feels Elianne try to move away. His hand feels heavy, it’s weighing like lead, but he still fights his own body to lift it. To keep her on his lips. To hold her there and never let go.

He feels her soft hair with his hands, it feels like smooth silk. He smells her scent, she is so close, and he pulls her closer, he pulls her against his lips again.

“Leo, you’re awake.”

His lips form a smile, and he fights hard to open his eyes. Will he be able to see this time? Will his vision be back?

He opens his eyes and blinks hard against a bright light. When he focuses his eyes, he sees Elianne right in front of him and his smile grows wider. “Hello honey,” he whispers. His voice is dry and broken from being quiet for so long. “That is a nice sight to wake up to.”

Elianne’s smile grows too, “Leo, you’re awake. You’re really awake!” She places kisses all over his face.

A nurse appears next to his bed and Elianne has to move to the side to give her some space. The nurse runs some tests and examines him. He feels tired already again by all the whining the nurse does. Leo sighs relieved when she leaves and tells him that the doctor will come in a little while to examine him even more thoroughly.

“God, finally,” he smiles. “That woman is gone. Now honey, I love that you’re here.”

Elianne smiles and sets herself next to him facing him. Leo then realises there’s still someone else in the room and he looks at his other side. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’d like to shake your hand, but my hands are claimed by my mate.” The man has dark, almost black eyes and long, black, wavy hair that he’s tied back in a tail. His sleeves are pushed up and show thick, muscled arms full of tattoos.

The man smiles. “Hi, I’m Damon, I am Elianne’s nephew.”

“The Alpha?” Leo frowns and Damon nods. “What brings you here? What brings you here next to my bed?” Then he remembers that this man has been talking to him earlier when he was still half asleep and it’s like a head bulb lights up. He holds up his hand to stop the man from talking. “Elianne is like a sister to you, you’ve told me before.”

Damon blushes a little and looks at Elianne for a second. “Err, I have, yes.”

“You’ve visited Leo while I was away?” Elianne looks surprised at Damon. “I didn’t know.”

“I tried to get acquainted with your mate.” Damon smiles. “It only felt a little one sided though. He wasn’t very talkative.”

Elianne smiles a little. “I’m so glad you’re awake.”

Leo looks at her and sighs happily. “I am too.”

Damon gets up from his chair and stretches before he walks to the door. “I think I’ll give you guys some privacy.”

Leo pulls Elianne closer. “Kiss me. I loved your kisses when you woke me.”

Elianne smiles and kisses him. With one hand he caresses her back, he lays his other hand in her neck. He kisses her more, stroking his tongue over her lower lip and she opens her mouth a little. That gives him the chance to push his tongue inside her mouth and deepen the kiss some more. The kiss is slow but sexy. He moans and smiles into their kiss. He has missed this so much, so, very, very much!

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