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When Leo wakes up the next morning. His head is pounding. He rubs his face with his hand and groans.

“Morning, brother. Good to have you back.”

Leo sighs, but remains silent.

“Leo-,” Leo looks at his brother with a deadly glare. “You’re probably very pissed with me right now, I understand.”

Leo keeps glaring.

“Leo,” Chris scoots forward and leans his elbows on the back end of Leo’s bed. “Say something.”

Leo shakes his head and gazes through the window. They’re both quiet for a while. Then Chris gets up from his chair. “I’ll leave you be for now. I’ll come back later.” Chris’ voice is quiet, the bags underneath his eyes are a clear sign that he hasn’t slept very well, a worried glint is very clearly visible in his eyes.

Just as Chris takes the handle of the door, Leo speaks up. “Was I right?”

Chris turns around to watch his brother and his eyes widen. “About what?”

“About Jones.”

“He did attack while you were out, if that is what you mean.” Chris sets himself back in his chair.

“And you were still recovering? Did they catch him?”

Chris shakes his head and lowers his gaze to the ground. “Your mate has done an awesome job. She has proven herself to be a worthy substitute, who would’ve thought that about her a few months ago. She has followed the guy for hours until it started to rain, and she lost his trail. She has saved Mike’s life, she saved mine and Damon’s. Seriously you have a badass wife at your side.” There’s nothing but clear admiration for her in Chris’s voice.

Leo nods angrily. “You’ve put my mate in danger.” Leo sits a bit more up, his jaws tense, his eyes flaming anger. “You have put my fucking mate in danger while I told you that I didn’t want you to do it! You betrayed me! You went behind my back and did what you wanted while I was out! If it weren’t for my stupid legs, I would have your head right now, you fucking dickhead!” The windows start to vibrate in their frames from his roar.

Chris looks at him with guilt written on his face. “I know. You are right. I asked your mate what to do. When she broke down and practically begged me to save your life, I couldn’t say no. I know you are angry right now, but I know you would be even more angry with me if I didn’t do what your mate has asked, no, begged me to do.”

Leo sighs and stares through the window again. His thoughts collide in his head. He feels betrayed, Chris waited for him to be out and just gave him his blood anyway, even though he told him not to. But there’s the other side that is happy that Christopher valued Elianne’s opinion enough and listened to her pleads.

One of the nurses opens his door and smiles shyly.

Leo looks at her with a frown. “Yes?”

“I, err, I was told to give your legs a massage, to stimulate the blood flow and stimulate the muscles.” She picks up the clipboard that hangs at the end of his bed and reads the information on it.

That afternoon, Thymen knocks on his door and walks in. “Hey man, they were right when they told me that you have woken up. How are you feeling?”

Thymen sets himself on the chair next to his bed and looks at his friend with a grin on his face.

“I’m fine, other than that my legs aren’t able to hold me up yet.” Leo smiles. “What are you grinning for?”

Thymen shrugs, “let’s just say that I managed to talk to your doctor, and I’m allowed to do some exercises with you. I thought you would prefer doing those with me instead with a whining nurse.”

Leo smiles. “You’re the best. Looks like your training as a physiotherapist comes in handy after all.”

Thymen smirks. “No one understood why I wanted to do that training and when I came back and started working in the kitchen, my father only thought it was a waste of money and time.” Thymen sighs. “But I’ll prove to them that my training wasn’t a waste, I’ll prove to them that this is what I’m made for.”

“And I’ll be your guinea pig for sure, huh?” Leo raises his eyebrow with a glint in his eyes.

Thymen nods, “uhuh, that’s right. Want to start?”

“It’s not that I have somewhere else that I need to be,” Leo shrugs.

Thymen let him work his muscles hard. His legs are sore. Even though they can’t support his weight as of yet, they’re burning right now.

Later that night Elly drops by, but she looks very tired. Leo frowns when he looks at her. “Honey, aren’t you tired? You look like you could fall asleep any moment.”

She shakes her head. “I don’t care, I can sleep later. I just want to be with you now.”

“Come here. He pats on his lap and spreads his arms. She immediately hops on his lap. He closes his arms around her and sighs contentedly. “It is so nice to have you here. And then to think you didn’t want to have anything to do with me a few months ago. I feel like I’m the luckiest man on earth right now.” Leo smiles widely. He places his hands on her waist so he can move her in a different position, but Elly doesn’t agree and instead straddles him, with her head against his chest. Leo places his fingers under her chin and raises it, so he can look her in the eyes. “Just look at you,” he whispers. “Look at this beauty sitting here on my lap. Do you know what? The best thing is, that this girl is mine. All mine.” Leo kisses her with favour, tasting her sweet lips, inhaling her intoxicating scent that drives him crazy.

Elly moves her hips a little to be able to hold into him in a better way and Leo moans. “God, don’t move, honey.”

Elly grins mischievously, “I’m glad that at least that part of your body still works.”

Leo laughs loudly, but his eyes turn a shade darker. “Oh honey. How I wish you were eighteen already. I would’ve pinned you, here and now.”

“Hmm, what is holding you back?” She whispers seductively.

Leo’s eyes grow as wide as saucers. “Err, your dad, your brothers and your nephew. And err, we’re here in the clinic, anyone could come in and see what we’re doing?”

“I don’t care.” Elianne smiles a little. “The whole world is allowed to see that you’re mine.” Elianne growls softly.

Elianne kisses him just under his lower ear and moves her kisses down to his collarbone. “Elly,” Leo breathes. He feels how his pants are getting tight. He shifts uncomfortably. “Stop it, I can’t handle it. I won’t be able to contain myself much longer.”

Elianne pouts. “You’re no fun, party pooper.” She sticks out her tongue and Leo laughs.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I’ll get in serious trouble if you don’t stop. You know I want you just as much as you want me.”

Elianne sighs and leans against his chest again, “I know. You know what, you’re actually a pretty comfortable pillow. Can I sleep here?”

Leo scoots a little over and makes some space for Elianne. “Come here, you can lay here.” Elianne crawls over and lays next to him, her head in the crook of his neck and her feet intertwined with his.

Soon they both lay comfortably, enjoying each other’s body heat and the tingles that grow between them.

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