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Elianne walks her round along the pack’s border late at night. The humans that set up camp near the borders have moved somewhere else. She narrows her eyes, a little further down the border, there’s a piece of the fence that looks like it has been broken. She frowns, has someone gotten onto their land unnoticed. The place where she is now, is the furthest point away from their packhouse, but it is close to one of the human settlements. The humans would use the access roads to go in and out of the reserve though, they wouldn’t break the fences to go in and out, so it really must be a trespasser.

She walks closer to inspect the fence. The fences are not that high they reach to her waist, any wolf could jump over. But it’s been a very long time since there was a real war. The only threats are the rogues and the humans that light the houses on fire. There’s never really been a reason to place a higher fence. But with the reserve added to their territory, it’s almost impossible to keep an eye on every inch of the border.

On the other hand, it’ll be hard to let people in and out, should they place a higher fence. It would raise a lot of questions and a lot of protest from the humans in the settlements. Elianne sighs, it’s not easy to find a middle ground in this.

She sniffles, to see if she can smell any traces. Her eyes focussed on the ground; she notices tyre tracks. She kneels and studies them, heavy trucks, it seems. She follows the trail for a while until she smells something. She sniffles, something is burning. Her senses immediately are in alarm. These are the humans that have burned whole villages in the area!

She immediately alerts the warriors and Damon, then she stalks closer carefully. If the humans are still there, she’s in the minority. The chance of being caught and putting herself in danger is way too high, so she decides to lay low until reinforcements have arrived.

When she comes closer, she sees a few houses are on fire. The glow of the fire gives the whole area an orange glow. She hears screams coming from the houses and people yell against each other. In the middle of this human settlement is a fountain. Right next to it, she notices two men fighting each other. One of the men looks still very young, about her age. The other one looks like he’s just a bit older than Alpha Chris is, like in his forties. The young man pushes against the shoulders of the older man, challenging him to fight back. They yell against each other, but the noises from around the place and the distance make it hard to understand what they’re saying. She frowns, who are those guys?

She sniffles, a familiar scent hits her nose. Rogues. That’s Jones?

She immediately shifts into her wolf and crawls closer. She needs to see those eyes to be sure.

“Why did you do this? I told you to stay away and not interfere! You’ve done this again, went behind my back and taken my men! I’m trying to make peace, right the things you’ve done wrong so my men can build a place they can call home! You are only making them dig their graves even deeper!”

The older man smirks evilly, “you think you’ve got anything to say? That you are the Alpha of this pack? Well, boy, think again, you’re not! I am!” He pushes the younger man aside and starts walking away, “now if you’re wise, you won’t step in my way again! You know what I’ve done to your little brother, I can do it to you too!”

“What did you do?” The man yells and he pulls on the shoulder of the older man to get his attention. And the man turns around.

“I killed him. I bit his neck and saw him draw his last breath.” The older man turns back around and walks away, shouting orders to his men.”

The younger man leaps and jump on the older man’s back. They start to fight. In the distance the siren of a fire truck is heard and both men stop fighting, immediately alerted. They order for everyone to enter their trucks to get away as fast as they can. Elianne comes out of her hiding spot. Ready to follow the trucks. She needs to see where these guys are going.

If that older man is really Jones, which she couldn’t really see in the dark, then who is that other guy?

She sees how the younger man opens the door of one of the trucks, but scans the area and looks around before he gets in. She quickly ducks away when his gaze points her way. Did she see green eyes? The same as Vince Jones’s and- Mike’s? Then that guy is Mike’s brother! Mike never told her about any brothers, what’s going on here?

As soon as the trucks leave, Elianne makes her wolf run after them. The trucks have a hard time because they’re driving on bare terrain, so it’s not hard for her to follow.

She takes a glance back to the village and sees the fire truck has arrived, together with the warriors of the pack. They couldn’t come in their wolf forms, but had to come by car, that’s why it probably took them much longer to get there. The humans don’t know they’re living next to a wolfpack.

‘Elianne, where are you? I thought you’d be at the settlement?’ Damon links her.

‘I’ve seen Jones, I’m following him and his men.’

‘Jones, again? He’s got a lot of courage to come here and show himself again in such a short period of time.’

‘Yeah, there’s something not right here. Something’s off, I’m going to investigate.’

‘Want me to come?’ Damon sounds worried for some reason.

’You’re not strong enough, stay there. We need you to lead the pack right now. Don’t worry, I’m only going to investigate, I’ll stay away from them and won’t do anything without backup.’

Elianne follows the trucks for hours. Until they hit the road and can speed up. The trucks gain distance and are now in an advantage. Following their scent is hard as the trucks themselves have no scent.

Elianne sighs and curses by herself and turns around. Another dead end.

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