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There’s a knock on Leo’s door. When the door opens, Danny comes in. Leo gulps, Danny doesn’t look very happy. He is not scared of Danny by any means, but he knows how much Danny means to his mate, so he definitely wants to be on his good side.

“Hey Leo,” Danny smiles. Maybe Danny’s mood is not that bad after all.

“Hey Danny, take a seat.” Leo gestures for the chair that stands beside his bed and Danny takes a seat.

“How are you doing, I heard you are doing much better now.”

“I am, I just signed the release papers. I am going home.” Danny sighs happily, “not a moment too soon if you ask me. And you, I heard you are doing well except for your legs.”

Leo nods. “Yes, that’s right. My legs are still not strong enough to support my weight. Your brother has offered to do some exercises though, I hope they help strengthen my legs.”

“I truly hope so too, mate.” Danny looks sincere, then Danny shifts nervously in his seat.

“Did you want to say something?” Leo asks, noticing Danny’s nervousness.

“I, err, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Danny looks unsure.

“Shoot.” Leo smiles. Whatever could make Danny so nervous? It must be something serious.

“I’ve heard that you and Elianne have gotten quite close lately.”

“That’s right.” Leo smiles when he thinks about his Elianne.

“Do you think you’ll be able to keep it in your pants until she’s eighteen?”

“Err, she’s making it quite the challenge for me. She already asked for me to claim her.”

Danny’s eyes widen. “What stopped you? Why didn’t you?”

“Err, I really didn’t want to cause any problems. I know how important she is to you.”

“As long as she is certain that you are her mate, and that she truly wants to be with you. I don’t see any problems. I’ll even talk to our father for you.”

Leo looks surprised. “What made you change your mind about me?”

“Leo, I have a mate too. I know all too well how hard it is to reign in your wolf. The thing that made me angry about you was that you did things while she was still incredibly young and didn’t feel the mating bond. Now that she feels it too, I don’t see any problems.”

“You’re saying that when she had given her consent at that meeting, you wouldn’t have objected?”

“Something like that. I would still wonder if it would be a wise idea, but, yeah, I think so.”

“Well, it’s nice to have your support.” Leo smiles sincerely.

“It’s nice to add another brother to the family,” Danny winks and pats Leo’s shoulders.

Leo’s smile falters. His wolf is getting agitated.

“Are you alright?” Danny looks concerned.

“My wolf is agitated, nervous as hell. I don’t know why.” Leo shakes his head confusedly.

Danny frowns, “how well was your bond with Elly again?”

Leo looks at him as if he’s seeing a ghost. “Where is she anyway? Wait, I’ll mind link her.”

‘Elly? Honey?’

‘Elianne? Where are you?’

‘Honey are you alright?’

Leo sits up, throwing away his bedsheets. “I need to get out of here.”

Danny frowns confused. “Leo, you can’t stand straight, what’s going on?”

“She doesn’t respond. There’s something wrong, I can feel it.”

Danny gets up from his chair and pushes Leo back. “Let me handle this. We’ll find out what’s wrong. I’ll link Chris, or Damon, or, who’s in charge right now?”

“Damon is, but let me come, I need- I need to see her.” Again, Leo tries to get up.

“Leo, I need you to stay here. I can’t look out for you and set up a search party for my sister at the same time! Please! Stay!”

“Just go already! Sent Thymen over here!” Leo yells.

On her way back to the Pack lands, Elianne has the feeling that she’s being followed. For a long time, she has this feeling. It’s making her irritated to the bone.

Finally, after a long time she decides to do something about the annoying rogues. She tries to see beside her but doesn’t see anything. She sniffles. Rogues, did Jones see her and tell his guys to follow her? Or are these just some lone rogues?

She stops and shifts into her human form. “Come out and fight me, if you dare.” She challenges.

Two rogues come out of the bushes on her left. They snarl and bare their teeth. Elianne sighs by herself. Seriously, the last thing she feels like doing right now, is fight. She has had a long day and the only thing she longs for is her comfortable bed. And maybe Leo. She shifts back to her wolf, feeling vulnerable in her human form.

The rogues stalk closer, lowering their heads in a threatening way. They start to walk in a circle around Elianne. One of them charges forward, she loses sight of the other one.

She lowers through her front paws, ready to face the rogue. She bares her teeth, letting the charging rogue know that she’s not afraid. The rogue keeps running at her and being able to predict what he’s going to do, she skilfully dodges his attack.

What she realised too late, is that the rogue charging at her was a distraction. The other wolf is now behind her, leaping up and landing on her back. His teeth bite down harshly in her neck and she yelps.

Suddenly a loud growl that makes the ground under her paws shake is heard. Elianne can’t look up, as the rogue is still on top of her, but she could recognise that growl anywhere.

The rogue bites down a bit harder. She feels him shift so he can tighten his grip on her neck. She hears him growl on top of her and she feels his saliva drip down her neck onto the ground.

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