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It is almost impossible, what is he doing here? Elianne tries to look up, to see if her ears aren’t fooling her. But the rogue on her back pushes her head down, making it hard for her to see anything.

Her rescuer growls lowly again. Hearing that growl make the hairs in her back stand straight. It’s just impossible that he’s here.

She heads another growl and thudding paws. Just as she tries to throw the rogue on her back off, she hears a loud yelp. The rogue on her back is distracted for a second and she takes that opportunity, to throw him to the side and knocks him over with her head. The rogue now lays on his back, with its sensitive open on display. Elianne wastes no time and bites the rogue’s neck with force. It takes a few seconds, then the rogue goes limp.

Elianne turns around to how her rescuer is doing. Not too well, when she looks up, she sees the rogue digging its nails in his back and he whines loudly. He shakes on his legs and lands on the ground with a thud. The rogue wastes no time and tries to bite her rescuer’s neck.

Elianne doesn’t think twice and attacks the rogue from the side. Knocking him off the other’s back. The rogue immediately gets back into a fighting stance and starts circling her. When he starts coming for her, she braces herself and lets him come. When he leaps up, she lowers herself and bites down right in his stomach. The rogue yelps and falls to the side.

Elianne starts to stalk him threateningly with bare teeth, the rogue tries to shoot away from her, but doesn’t get far. In a second, she bites down the rogue’s neck, ending the guys life at once.

Elianne turns to her rescuer. Who still hasn’t gotten up, he still lays there on the ground. He has shifted into his human form, too weak to protect himself. He shivers.

Elianne shifts into her human for and crouches down in front of him.

“Leo, what are you doing here? Are you crazy?”

He shakes his head. “Elly, I had to, I felt your nerves. I felt something was off and I just couldn’t sit still or wait for someone else to rescue you.”

“Yeah, and now what? I carry you home? You’re too heavy and we’re too far away.”

Leon shakes his head again. “Just let me come to my senses, I’ll be fine in a few minutes. Then I can shift back, and we can go home.”

Elianne frowns. “Leo, in your human form you can’t even walk. How were you even able to shift and just run here?”

“I forced myself on the floor. Then I just let my feelings overtake me and I shifted instantly. Adrenaline did the rest.”

“You could’ve been killed you know. You’re in no condition to walk on your own, let alone fight with dangerous rogues.”

Leo grunts as he pushes himself from the ground with his arms. Now he sits up. “How’s my back? It stings like hell.”

Elianne walks around him and looks at his back. “There’s scratches from your shoulder blades almost to your butt. There’s a few deep ones that must hurt a lot.”

“Are they healing?”


“Shit. That’s not good. Probably the rabies, still.”

Elianne sets herself on his lap, knowing it will speed up his recovery and he automatically wraps his arms around her. “Don’t do this ever again, Leo. Make sure you’re healed first.”

“I’m sorry if I made you worry, honey. My wolf was restless.”

Back at the packhouse, Leo drops down in front of the steps. Not able to place any other step. He is wasted.

“You’re back.” He hears a voice say. When he looks up, he sees it’s his brother Chris. l with a few other men. “You had us worried, man. Don’t ever do that again. You’ll put yourself needlessly in danger.”

When he doesn’t talk back, his brother frowns. “Shift. So, I can talk to you properly.” Chris turns his head and asks for pants. Then he looks down in Leo with a frown. “I’m waiting.”

‘Give me a second. I’ll shift when I have the energy.’ Leo links Chris.

Now his brother is getting impatient. “Just shift already!”

Leo can’t do anything but obey. It’s not fair that Chris is able to use his Alpha command. When he sits on the ground in his human form, someone drops a pair of pants in front of him, but he doesn’t move. His legs are still not strong enough.

“How did you do that?” Damon asks Chris. Damon was the one giving Leo that pair of pants.

“Alpha command,” Chris shrugs. “You can do it too. Anyone will obey. Use the power of your wolf. It just goes without saying. Your dad can do it too, my dad can still do it. As long as you’ve got Alpha genes, you can do it. Even Leo has an Alpha command. Only his is not as strong.”

Chris looks down on Leo. “Why are you still sitting there? Get up, pull on your clothes!”

Leo growls. “I can’t!”

Chris frowns again and folds his arms in front of his chest. “Why not? You left the clinic all by yourself, you went and found Elianne all by yourself, and you got here all by yourself. So, don’t act like a weakling and get the fuck up on your feet!” Chris sounds mad.

“I can’t!” Leo yells with a loud growl”. “I can’t stand on my feet! Only in my wolf form I can move around!”

“It’s true Alpha,” Elianne interferes as she lays a hand on Chris’s bicep. “He can’t stand.”

Chris turns and his eyes are dark. “I know he’s your mate. Don’t defend him like that. It’s pathetic.” Chris bends down and places his hands underneath Leo’s armpit. “Damon, help me out here.”

Damon frowns, not sure about what to do, but one look in the eyes of Christopher and he quickly takes Leo’s other side and together they pull Leo up.

“Now let’s see how well you can stand.”

Leo shakes his head. “Don’t let go. Please, I’m not fooling you! I truly can’t stand!”

“Christopher!” The gruff voice of Fredric makes everyone freeze in place. No one has ever heard Fredric use his Alpha command against Christopher. “Don’t bully your brother but put yourself in his place and think if you wouldn’t have done the same if this was about Jolena!”

The men around Chris and Leo, obediently scurry out of the way when Fredric comes closer. Christopher frowns thoughtfully, when he meets his father’s piercing gaze, he immediately looks down to his feet.

Leo is still being held up by Damon and Chris. Fredric turns to him. “Leo, can you stand by yourself?” Leon shakes his head.

“Alright. This is what we are going to do.” Fredric points at Danny, who was standing on the side-lines the whole time. “Daniel, get a wheelchair for Leo.” Danny nods and immediately disappears. Fredric’s gaze moves to his eldest son. “Christopher, are you healed?”

“Almost, Alpha.” His gaze is still pointed to the floor.

“You take over your position as Alpha for now. Make plans to catch the green-eyed enemies. We are going to have a chat about an Alpha ceremony and prepare as soon as I am done with Leo.” The men around them gasp. Chris tries to speak but is immediately shut down by Fredric.

His gaze turns to Elianne. “Elianne, go with your Alpha and help him with his plans. When you’re done, or take a break, I want you to come back to Leo, so he can heal faster.” Elianne nods.

“Damon, I want you to follow Christopher everywhere he goes. See what he does, how he does the things and learn from it. You’re way too inexperienced for an Alpha your age.” His gaze flickers over Christopher for a second. “Christopher will make sure to contact your father and inform him about your lengthened stay.”

Danny comes back with a wheelchair and Damon and Christopher help him sit down. Damon and Christopher start to walk away with Elianne, to do what they’ve been told.

“Leo, we are going back to the clinic. I’m going to give you a dose of my blood. Hopefully, it’ll be enough to gain back the strength in your legs. Daniel, can you bring Leo to the clinic for me please? I Have to check on something before I’ll join you.”

Danny starts pushing Leo’s wheelchair. “What the hell was that about? An Alpha ceremony?”

“I have no idea,” Leo says, “I’d like to know too.”

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