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Leo blinks with his eyes. It’s the first time in a while since he walks on his own outside. He closes his eyes when he feels a gash of wind in his face. God, he missed this. He breathes deeply and inhales the moist forest air. Today is the day that he is released from the hospital.

He feels a pat on his back. “Hey man,” Damon starts walking beside him, “how does it feel to be outside again?” Christopher joins them at Leo’s other side.

Leo smiles, “It feels so good! You have no idea how hard it was to have to stay in that room and not be able to go outside. My wolf went crazy.”

Damon points in the distance, “look, your badass mate is doing one of her killer trainings again.”

Leo groans, “Damn, she looks good in those tight shorts. She’s so strong, so fierce, and she’s mine!” A grumble comes from deep inside his chest as he looks at the men at both sides of him. “Hey! Stop staring at my mate’s butt!”

Chris and Damon start laughing. “We wouldn’t dare to look at her the wrong way, Leo and you know it.” Chris smiles. “She’ll kick our butt herself when she finds out. Now go, go get your woman.”

Leo walks forward, over to where Elly is training. When he comes close, she turns and looks at him with eyes wide with surprise. “Leo! What- what are you doing here? I thought- you’re out. You didn’t tell me!” She walks over to him and climbs over the fence of the training grounds and she gives him a kiss on his cheek.

Leo smiles cheekily. “No, I didn’t, I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“You little rascal,” she fakes anger, but her eyes don’t stop smiling. “I would love to give you a toe-curling kiss right now, but I’m too sweaty and too stinky, so you’ll have to wait.”

“Hmm,” Leo smirks naughtily, “Can I come and take a shower with you?” He raises his eyebrows suggestively.

“Leo! Behave! I’m not eighteen yet, so no.” She pushes against his chest.

Leo smiles and raises his eyebrows suggestively. “I don’t mind you being not eighteen yet and err, we’ve got Danny’s blessing.”

Elianne smirks, “I thought that you always were the older and wiser one of the two of us?”

“I don’t always want to be the wiser one of the two of us.” Leo smirks. “But I’ll wait until you’re ready. You just let me know, alright?”

Elianne nods and smiles, then she realises what he just said. “You said Danny gives us his blessing?” Her mouth falls open. “Seriously?”

“Hmm,” Leo nods and smirks. “So, shower? You and me?” He looks at her with pleading puppy eyes. “Please?”

“Hey Leo, hey Elianne,” Damon greets them. “Can I tell you a fun scoop?”

“Go ahead,” Elianne smiles at him. “Tell me what’s new.”

“I am going to stay here for a while.”

“Seriously, that’s awesome!” Elianne exclaims. “Why?”

“I am going to do some kind of internship with your Alpha. Get to know the craft.” Damon turns his attention to Leo. “I’ve had a very good chat with your father. He is incredibly wise and very humane, but also very down to earth. I think we’ll get along very well.”

“Yeah, well he’s been living on this earth for quite a while, he’s been through a lot. His experience in life is second to none.”

“Well, I better get going. The cabin on the mountain needs to be cleaned. I’ll be living there for the time being.”

“Good luck, man. If you need any help, let us know.”

“I will,” Damon pats Leo’s shoulder, “thanks. It’s good to see you walk around again.”

Leo wraps an arm around Elianne, and they walk into the Packhouse. “Your bathroom or mine?”

Elianne laughs, “yours, yours is bigger than mine. We don’t fit together in mine.”

“Leo, do you have a minute?” His father stops him from going up the stairs. “Err,” Leo looks at Elianne.

“Go, I’ll be able to shower on my own.” Elianne winks.

“Alright then.” Leo turns his head and looks at his father. “What did you need me for?”

“It’s about the Alpha ceremony this evening. I need to know what colour tie I should wear.”

The dining hall is brightly lit. When Leo walks in with Elianne on his arm, he looks around. Everything is set up to be able to celebrate the Alpha-ceremony that will take place right in front of the packhouse. Afterwards they’ll celebrate and eat in the big dining hall. Leo smiles, there’s a lot that happened the last few days.

Leo walks out of the packhouse, still with Elianne on his arm. He is proud to be able to show her around. He is certain, it won’t take long before she will be his fully. He looks at his right, straight in Elianne’s eyes. “Did I already tell you how beautiful you look tonight?”

“Yes, you did,” Elianne smiles, “only for the tenth time or something.”

He stops walking, makes her turn to him and takes her cheeks in between his hands. He kisses her softly on her lips and lingers for a bit afterwards. “I love you, Elianne. I love you so much.” He looks in her eyes, hoping to show her just how much he loves her.”

Leo feels a sudden pat on his shoulder. “Hey lovebirds, I’d like for you to go and take your places. The ceremony is about to start.” Christopher laughs at them. “Making love is for later.”

Leo smiles too. “We are already going.”

There’s a table and a chair, placed facing the crowd. Fredric takes place behind the table; Christopher stands to his right. To the left is Alpha Evan Krane as an official witness. Jolena is standing all the way to the side.

“Because there is no other former Alpha who can do the ceremony, I will perform the ceremony together with Alpha Fredric.” Christopher says loudly for everyone to hear. “Are you ready, Alpha?”

Fredric nods.

“Raise your right hand and repeat after me:

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Alpha of the Grey Mountains Pack, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Laws that are the constitution drawn up by our forefathers.”

Fredric repeats the oath and when he is done, the Pack members applaud. Then he takes place on the chair behind the table to sign the official documents. Then he switches places with Christopher, who also signs the papers. Last, Evan Krane takes place behind the table and signs the documents. When he stands, the pack members again start to applaud.

“Applaud for your new Alpha, Alpha Fredric Anderson!” Alpha Krane shouts. Fredric smiles when he hears the pack howl and clap.

When the applause silences, Christopher shouts, “now let’s eat! We’ve got to celebrate!”

Leo walks over to where his dad is standing. “Congratulations father. What you’ve done here is going to be memorable. I wish you all the wisdom and all the best.”

Fredric gives his son a hug. “Thank you, Leonard. It means a lot. Now go to your mate and celebrate. Enjoy this evening.”

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