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Leo smiles with his eyes still closed. He tries to stretch, but something or rather, someone is lying on his arm. He turns to his side and looks at the sight in front of him. He reaches out his hand to brush some stray hairs out of her face, so he can see her face better. She is still sound asleep, her breathing steady, her eyes still closed. His hand slides from her ear to her chin. Then down into her neck, over his mark up to her shoulder then over her upper arm. Further down to her hand, which he squeezes gently, to wrap his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

He bends his head a little forward, kissing her hair, inhaling her scent deeply while closing his eyes. God, this is heaven. She is heaven, and she is all his. So young, so innocent, ready to take on the world. His heart is full, it swells with pride.

She’s all his.

He smiles when she stirs, he sees her wake up slowly.

“Hmm,” She hums.

“Hey honey,” he whispers softly, stroking her hair.

She opens her eyes, looking straight in his. Her eyes look bright, happy, in love. She smiles. “Hey,” Her voice is hoarse from sleep. “What time is it? Did we sleep all afternoon?”

“I have no idea and I don’t feel like getting up to look at the clock.” He smiles lovingly, “I just want to stay here with you. Enjoy the after bliss, the tingles, your scent. Just- everything.”

She bends forward and kisses him gently on his lips and sighs blissfully.

“How do you feel? Sore? Are you hurt somewhere? I wasn’t that rough with you, was I?” Concern dominates his voice.

Elly shakes her head. “No, I’m not sore. Don’t worry so much, honey.” She smiles and turns to him. Before he can do anything about it, she straddles him. “On the contrary, I think I need another round.”

“God, Elianne,” he says breathlessly, he feels something stirring down below. “You have no idea what you do to me.” His hand grips her hips, while she places hers on his chest.

“Oh, I’ve got an idea,” her eyes glint mischievously. She leans forward to give him a small kiss on his lips.

His hands move from her hips to her cheeks and he grips her tightly. Giving everything, he has and putting it in that kiss. When she backs away to take a breath, she gazes at him. The feelings he feels are mirrored in her eyes. Goosebumps are taking over his skin, his hairs standing straight up. The feeling is so intense, so pure, he feels his eyes prickle. His eyes start to water, a single tear escapes.

Before it can run down into his hairline, Elianne places her thumb under his eye and wipes it away gently, she frowns. “Are you alright?” She whispers.

Leo nods, not able to speak, too overwhelmed by his emotions.

“Want to talk about it?” She whispers again, wiping another tear away.

“I just love you,” Leo whispers. “I love you so much, it’s overwhelming me. It’s swallowing me and I don’t know how to deal with it other than kiss you.”

“Then kiss me,” Elianne smiles gently, letting her hand run though his hair. Leo closes his eyes, enjoying the feeling.

Elianne kisses his lips again softly. “I love you too, I love you so much.” She sits up again and then gets off him to sit next to him.

Leo frowns and sits up too, leaning against the headboard, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, honey. It’s just, when I left to go to my uncle’s pack, I never thought I would ever feel like this. I never realised how much I loved you already, until they told me you were unconscious and fighting for your life. When Damon told me, I just- I wanted to come back immediately, I felt so worried, I- thought I would lose you before I even had you.

And then when you woke up.” A tear falls down her cheek. “I was so happy, I felt like I got a second chance. Even though you were blind, I knew I would fight for you, I knew I was in for it until the end. You changed me, you made me grow up and you’ve shown me what love is. Leonard Otis Roderick Anderson, I love you with everything I have.”

Leo leans forward, stretches out his arms to pull her to his chest. He kisses her with everything he has, while taking her face between his hands to wipe away her tears with his thumbs. He feels what she’s saying without saying. He places his forehead against hers and whispers, “honey, I’m not leaving you. I’ve got way too much to fight for. Hell, I’ve got you, what more do I need. We’ll be invincible, Elianne. Together.” He kisses her again; his hands roam her back.

A little while later, Leo and Elianne walk hand in hand into a crowded dining hall. Alpha Fredric sits at the head of the main table, his whole family is seated to his left and right, only two chairs are empty. When Christopher, who’s seated right next to their father, notices the couple, he smiles widely. “Hey, you two lovebirds, we already thought you weren’t coming anymore.”

Leo smiles and glimpses at Elianne, whose cheeks turn into a beautiful red. He squeezes her hand gently. “Don’t be shy, all these people know how this feels, don’t worry,” he whispers. She looks a moment in his eyes, then she nods and smiles a little.

Leo walks over to the empty chairs to take his seat. Christopher pats him on his shoulder when he passes him. “Congratulations man, welcome to the world of adults.”

Leo smiles proudly. “Thanks.” As he wants to take the place next to Jolena, Jolena stops him. “No, you go sit next to your brother, I’ll go sit next to Elianne, have some girl talk.”

Leo’s eyes widen and his gaze moves to Elianne, who smiles gratefully. “Okay then.”

Leo takes the seat next to his brother and immediately a full plate with food is placed in front of him. When he smells the delicious smell, his stomach rumbles. Christopher laughs loudly, then he moves his mouth to Leo’s ear, “love making makes hungry,” he whispers. Leo looks at him with a deadpan look.

“Can you stop? I want to eat, not think about- love making. I won’t be able to eat when I start thinking about that!”

Chris laughs loudly. “God, this makes me remember about Jo and my first time. I was just as flustered and embarrassed as you are now.”

“Leave him be, Chris,” Nick joins in from across the table with a smile. “You can tease him again when Elianne is expecting for the first time.”

Now Leo starts to blush heavily, “Guys! Can you stop! I don’t want to think about that, yet! You’re ruining everything!”

“You know, it won’t be long before a little one joins you two. Especially if you keep making love like this.” Nick smiles widely.

“You know, there’s a thing called anti conception and stuff. You guys may still live in the middle ages, but I happen to live in the twenty-first century. On top of that, it’s totally up to us when Elianne and I decide that we are ready to start a family, you don’t have anything to say about that. Now if you could just let me eat, I would highly appreciate that!”

“You’re totally right,” Chris who feels Leo’s mood change pats his shoulder, “We’re just messing with you.”

When Leo and Elianne walk out for a nightly stroll, the air is chilly, stars shine like fairy lights in the sky. Leo wraps his arm around Elianne. “Where are you going to stay now?” He looks at her intently. “Are you already moving in with me? Do you want me to build us a cabin? Or are you going to stay on your own for a while longer?”

Elianne holds still to look him in the eye. “Are you crazy? How could I ever spend a night without you?” She places her hand on his heart. “I’m sleeping at your place, until we,” she puts a lot of emphasis on the word ‘we’, “have built a home for ourselves. I’m never, ever going to leave you, Leo.”

“Are you sure,” he looks at her intently, “I would understand if you needed some time.”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

He wastes no second and places his lips on hers, kisses her with favour with the stars as their only witnesses.

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