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Leo is back on his way to the little cabin. He has been trying to forget the feelings he had on his way back to the Packhouse for a week now and was pretty much successful, until now. Everything he felt last week is coming back. His wolf becomes more restless the closer they get to the little house. He growls, what is it with his wolf? The only thing he can think of is that this girl is his mate, but how is that possible? She isn’t of age yet, so how in the world does his wolf know that she is his mate? If she really is his mate, he’ll have a hard time reigning in his wolf. He will have to wait for two more years until she is ready, and she will recognise him as her mate. Leo sighs, this is going to be hard.

The roof of the little cabin comes into view, it peeks through the trees, but before he has even reached it fully, a warrior on the western border mind links him. ‘Captain, I’ve spotted a group of humans coming in the direction of our territory, what do I do?’

Leo frowns, humans? There’re some adventurous humans that want to hike the mountains here and there are the humans that live in the little villages scattered around in the woods, but they’ve lived here for decades without any problems. Most humans stay away from the woods here, though. There’re rumours going around the humans that these woods mean bad news, so most people stay away. ‘Do what you always do. Halt them, ask them for their intentions, but do not let them know we’re werewolves. When they ask why they are not allowed to pass, tell them that there’s a dangerous animal lurking around or something.’

Leo replies. Leo remembers the rumour Christopher told him a few weeks ago. Chris never told him whether the attackers of the villages in the area are human or werewolf, or even someone or something else, so they must be careful.

Leo drives further, he decides to check on Elianne quickly and then drive further to the place where the humans are at the border. Just to be safe.

‘Captain, the group is growing, there’s more humans coming! They are all males. It’s like fifty of them.’’

‘What do they want?’ Leo frowns. He parks his car in front of the little cabin. He waits with stepping out until he has his answer.

‘They don’t want to tell us. They seem to be looking for trouble. They are threatening to kill us if we don’t let them through. They asked if we haven’t heard of the rumours going around and whether we want to suffer the same fate. What are they talking about, Captain?’

Leo slams his steering wheel. Fuck! This can’t be happening right now! He needs to get Elianne with her grandmother out of here, as soon as possible.

He jumps out of his car, slams it shut with a loud bang and pounds on the front door. Elianne’s head peeps carefully through the crack of the door before opening it for him. “Captain.” she greets him, intimidated by his deep frown and piercing look.

“Harris, I am not coming in. I need you to grab your grandmother and get the hell out of here. Right now!”

“Why?” She frowns as she steps back to let the tall man into the hallway.

“Just do as I say.”


“Do as I say! Don’t undermine my authority!” Leo interrupts her, roaring. “Now is not the moment to question me or to go against me!”

A quiet voice from upstairs is heard and then silent stumbling. “Elianne, what is all that noise downstairs?” Her grandmother is on her way to the stairs.

“It’s nothing grandmother,” Elianne looks up to where the voice of her grandmother comes from. “We just need to get the truck and move to the Packhouse for a while.” Elianne makes sure her voice is steady and calm, to not worry her grandmother.” She turns back around to face Leo, “Captain, what is going on?” She makes sure to keep her voice down.

“Nothing yet, but there’s a threat,” Leo says gruffly, “now do as I say, hurry!”

“Grandma?” Elianne takes the stairs to see where her grandmother is. “Where are you, are you coming?”

Leo starts walking up and down the hallway. Why is Elianne such a stubborn girl, why does she just not do as he says? And what is taking them so long?

“Elianne!” He roars, “Get your ass down here and get the fuck out of this house! I’m not telling you again! I won’t hesitate and come and get you and move you out of this house myself!”

He hears the soft voice of Elisabeth, saying something to Elianne along the lines of, like, who is that rude man downstairs? And then he hears Elianne replying. “It is my boss, grandma, I’ve told you I am a warrior now. The man downstairs is the Captain, Leonard Anderson. I’m sorry if he is behaving rude, but he doesn’t know how to be polite. He just is in a hurry and wants us to be quick, do you think you can do that, grandma?”

Leo has to suppress a smile, the situation may be very serious, but he can’t help but find it funny how Elianne explains him to her grandma.

Finally, they show at the top of the stairs. Elianne comes down first. Halfway down her descend, Elisabeth looks at the rough, intimidating man in her hallway. “You must be mr. Anderson.” She says with a wary gaze.

He nods but doesn’t say something. Something inside him tells him that even his deep voice may give her a heart attack. He knows he has the appearance of a rough man. With his tattoo’s, his shaven head and his huge muscles bulging, for everyone to see. It suits him. He is a hard man, he has this rough way of life, he doesn’t try to be tough, he is tough.

‘Captain, the humans are not backing down, they’re really threatening us now. We are with too little to be able to keep them out. What do we do?’

‘I’ll link the Alpha and get you some assistance, hold on, we’re on our way.’ Leo mind links his brother, Chris, and the warriors at the Packhouse to hurry to the Western border. He frowns again, Elianne and her grandma need to hurry up, they don’t have much time.

“Elianne, Elisabeth I need you to hurry and get out of here. The situation is getting worse.”

“I am not leaving my house, Mr. Anderson,” Elisabeth folds her arms in front of her chest and frowns stubbornly, “you can be as tough as you like, I’m not going. I’ve never left my house ever since I moved here with my mate and I am certainly not going now!”

“Grandmother,” Elianne turns to Elisabeth, “I really think it is best that we listen to the Captain.

Well, Leo thinks by himself, the apple does definitely not fall far from the tree. It’s quite obvious where Elianne got her stubbornness from.

“I am the mate of a Beta, you can’t just command me,” Elisabeth doesn’t budge.

“Ma’am, please, I am responsible for your safety and Elianne’s. If you stay here, you’ll be in the middle of a war.” Leo tries to approach her in a friendly way, maybe it will help.

“Then let them come,” Elisabeth says sternly, “I am ready.”

Leo sighs, he really doesn’t have the time for a discussion like this.

The snarling and growling of wolves is heard close by, gunshots are fired.

“Elianne, Elisabeth, get out of here now! If you don’t take cover and do not show yourself!” He looks Elianne straight in the eye, “I am relying on you now, you have to keep your grandmother and yourself safe! I’ll mind link you when it’s safe to come out, understood?”

“Yes sir!” Elianne looks at him with a serious look on her face.

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