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Elianne hurries her grandmother into the basement that is specially designed for this kind of situation. It’s not large, but it is enough for the both of them.

“Elianne, you’re a warrior, don’t you have to be with your fellow warriors, fighting this war?

Elianne lets her grandma sit down on one of the chairs standing against one wall of the basement. “No grandma, the Captain ordered me to stay here with you. I need to be able to protect you if the enemy gets here.”

“But they won’t find me,” Elisabeth objects. “The walls are soundproof, scent-proof and they are bomb-proof as well, I’ll be as safe as I would be in the safe room in the Packhouse.”

“I can’t just go against my Captain’s orders, grandma.” Elianne shakes her head.

“At least go take a look around the house, if there’s no one coming. You can always come back if you need to.”

“Grandma! No!” Now Elianne is getting annoyed, “I am not going against my Captain’s orders! He’s already got something against me, I’m not going to make it worse!”

“Just do as I said,” Elisabeth frowns, “I’m commanding you, I’m a Beta’s mate, you cannot refuse my orders!”

“Grandma,” Elianne sighs, “I can’t, really.”

Elianne decides to mindlink the Captain, she really doesn’t want to, but it seems her grandma isn’t giving up anytime soon.

It is against his principles, but if Leo would ever roll his eyes on someone, he would do that right now. The woman really is as stubborn as a mule. Seriously, for a woman her age, Elisabeth is a feisty one.

He shakes his head, his mouth raising at one side into a crooked grin, while speeding to the aid of his warriors. When he arrives at the borders, the group of human males are still pointing their guns at his warriors.

The tension is unbearable. One of the warriors approaches him to give him an update on the situation. “Captain, these guys are by far in the majority. What do we do?”

The moment the warrior asks him that question, Chris, together with a lot of warriors arrives at the scene. Leo immediately walks over to Chris, to discuss the situation. But Chris oversees the situation quickly and starts shouting commands. It’s not the first time Chris takes the lead and takes over from Leo without even consulting Leo. Leo lets him, he knows better than to go against his big brother. It doesn’t bother him, he is happy that they have a good bond and that they can work together so well.

In an instant all humans are overpowered, stripped of their weapons and now they’re shivering with fright. The warriors didn’t even need to shift, they could handle the situation in their human form. They didn’t expect this little community to defend itself, let alone to be a skilled group of warriors.

Leo tells most of his warriors to take the prisoners to the dungeons. A few warriors are instructed to stay behind to clean up the mess.

Leo opens the door of his truck and steps in. He lets the engine roar before he heads off to the little cabin of grandma Harris. When he parks his car, he notices the front door is wide open. He quickly steps out of his car, his instinct telling him something is not right. He hears the groaning of a man and when he looks around, he sees a man limping away from the cabin, the face of the man battered and bruised.

He hears screams and instinctively he perks his ears. He hears the cries of a female putting force in her movements. He instantly realizes there’s a fight going on and he follows the sound. He walks around the house, groans of a male reaches his ears.

When he skims the area behind the little house, he sees movement at the treeline. A small but fierce female kicking and beating up a man. A proud smirk appears on his face when he realizes who the female is.

The sound of snapping twigs pulls him out of his daze. He looks further into the woods and he notices a figure. Hidden and dark, the female hasn’t noticed him yet. Leo sees something glistening in the figure’s hands and he starts running. He takes a leap, colliding into the female and shoving her out of the way. At the same time a loud bang is heard. He feels a burning pain in his shoulder, but doesn’t care. The female grunts underneath him, shaken up by the sudden force that pushes her down.

Leo gets up quickly, removing his weight from the woman and turns around to face the dark figure. He runs over, prepared to fight. He doesn’t have a gun with him, but he doesn’t care. He is in front of the figure in an instant, taking advantage of the man’s surprise. He pounds his fist against the hand of the man who immediately drops the gun, howling out in pain. While the man grabs his painful hand with the other and presses it against his chest, Leo plants his fist against the man’s temple and the man drops to the ground.

The man is out, so Leo turns and walks over to where he left the female. She’s still on the ground, breathing heavily but she is sitting up. The man she was fighting lays on his back, his face battered and bruised. He steps in front of the woman and reaches out his hand. She takes it and he hauls her up. When she lets go of his hand she looks up into his eyes. He sees the storm in her eyes, her fury, her adrenaline, her fierceness. Feelings he recognises from his own fights.

“You’re bleeding,” she states with a hoarse voice. She reaches out her hand, and traces with her finger around the wound on his shoulder. Tingles erupt under her touch. He shivers involuntarily, it gives him goosebumps, the hair on his arm standing straight up.

“I know,” he says. He shrugs, “it’ll heal. The bullet only grazed my skin and it wasn’t silver, it’s nothing serious.”

She seems dazed when she looks at him. Her hand slides up, to the back of his neck where it meets her other hand. She pulls herself up, to get a better look in his eyes, it makes her stand on the tips of her toes. Leo lowers his head, his lips almost touching hers.

When he places his lips on hers softly, she blinks her eyes, waking up from her daze. The sound of a loud clap is heard and almost immediately he feels a sharp sting on his cheek. He widens his eyes, then he growls loudly. She wriggles out of his hold and runs away.

Leo rubs his cheek, “Elianne, wait! Elianne!” He calls her name, but she doesn’t turn around, she’s gone. Leo shakes his head, how could he let this happen? Kissing a minor, he could kick himself for this. She must be completely in shock, a grown up man kissing a girl who’s just sixteen years old. It’s not done, she could accuse him of sexual harassment. His self-control was completely gone. His wolf completely took over, shutting him out. The tingles he felt when she traced his wound, the urge he felt to kiss her when she wrapped her hands around his neck, he is now sure she is his mate.

But he has to find a way to reign his wolf in. Something like this can’t happen again, at least not as long as she is under age. She doesn’t feel the bond, she’s not eighteen yet, so he just has to wait, one way or the other.

When Elianne slapped him, his wolf cowered back. Leaving Leo to solve the mess he left behind. He looks at the two men and sighs. Those guys will still be out for a while. He mindlinks a couple of his warriors to come and take these to the dungeons as well. He sighs again. Then he turns around to go and search for Elianne. He has some explaining to do, maybe even apologise.

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