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Leo is nervous. Normally Leo is a very down to earth man. Yes, he has a bad temper sometimes, but he is not easily upset about things. Right now, though, now is a totally different story.

He doesn’t know what to do with himself, he feels lost. He feels like his whole future is laying in the hands of Patrick Harris, the former Beta of the Pack and Elianne’s father.

“Sit down, would you?” Chris grumbles from behind his desk. “You’re wearing down my carpet.”

“Sorry,” Leo wipes his clammy hands in his pants and takes a seat.

“That nervous, huh?” Chris looks at him with wide eyes of surprise.

Leo nods, “I know, it’s not like me at all.” Leo shrugs.

“This is about your mate; I would be nervous too.” Chris doesn’t get to speak further. A knock on the door interrupts him. “Enter,” he says instead.

“Alpha, you wanted to see me?” Patrick takes a step inside the office and looks a little unsure.

“That’s right,” Chris gestures to an empty chair in front of him. “Come in and take a seat.”

“Is something wrong?” Patrick asks as he sits down with a worried look on his face.

“Have you talked to Elianne lately?” Chris asks.

Patrick shakes his head. “No, not really. As you know the relationship with my daughter is not particularly good. What has she been up to this time? Seriously, sometimes I feel like giving that girl a good spanking!”

A low growl escapes Leo’s throat when he hears Patrick talk like that about Elianne. Patrick looks shocked at Leo. “What is going on?”

“Elianne is my mate.” Leo looks Patrick fierce in the eye. Not about to budge or look away.

“What?” Patrick looks at Leo with eyes of surprise but recovers quickly. “Does she know?”

“Yes,” Leo nods curtly, but then looks down at his feet. “I kissed her before I told her. She wasn’t very pleased with me though, and she doesn’t believe me. It was right after the fight. We had a moment and I got carried away. I kissed her without her consent. She hit me in the face. I let her calm down and talked to her a bit later, but she wouldn’t hear me out, she actually hit me in the face again.”

Patrick is quiet for a minute. “And why are you telling me this? It’s not that I really have a say in the things my daughter does.”

Chris leans forward on his desk. “We know. But we thought we should let you know. You wouldn’t want to hear this from someone else, would you? On top of that, your daughter is still a minor, which means you are still responsible for her, whether she likes or not, you still need to know about these things.”

“I don’t think it is wise to force her into a relationship with you if she doesn’t want to. You may be her mate, but she doesn’t feel it yet. If she really is your mate, she’ll come around when she turns eighteen, when she’s a bit more grown up and is able to recognise her mate. At least, I hope she will.”

“So, you’re not mad that I kissed her?” Leo looks at him wonderingly. “I am eight years older than she is, you know.”

Patrick sighs. “I would love to punch you in the face right now, but I think I would be a hypocrite. It’s not that we’re talking about the most innocent girl in town, right? She doesn’t tell me anything about boyfriends, but I know that she’s not totally innocent in that department. If it was just a kiss, I don’t think it is necessary to kill you for it.” Patrick winks. “But I think it is best if you leave her alone for a while from now on. Let her make up her mind, calm down a little.”

Chris nods. “Alright. that seems fair.” He looks at Leo, “are you alright?” Leo nods. “What do we do when she reaches out for Leo? Is he allowed to respond to her advances, or do you think it is best to wait, even though she’s the one igniting the thing at that moment?”

“I don’t know. I think it is best to wait. As you said, she’s still underaged, so you could get in trouble if people are going to gossip. You don’t want to put extra stress on what’s going on between you, by people gossiping or ratting you out.” Patrick shrugs, “That’s what I think.”

“I think we can agree on that,” Chris looks at Leo again, “can’t we?”

Leo nods. “It’ll be hard, though. I mean, to stay away, to keep my wolf in check.”

Patrick nods understandingly, “I’ll have a chat with Elianne, I’ll make sure that she stays with my grandmother for a longer while, that’s she stays away from you. Come to me if she’s giving you a hard time, I’ll do something about it.”

Christopher chuckles, “like giving her a good spanking?”

Leo glares at his brother, “seriously, that’s my mate you’re talking about.” Christopher keeps chuckling, hearing his brother. “Grose,” Leo scrunches his nose.

After that they discuss some Pack related things and then Patrick leaves to tend to his family again.

“Well,” Chris sighs with a smile. “That went better than expected, I think.”

Leo gets up from his chair and walks over to the window. He has a nice view on the big open space in front of the Packhouse. He sighs. “We Anderson-men don’t know how to be with our mates the easy way, do we?”

“It’s worth it, though,” Chris also gets up and moves to look through the window over Leo’s shoulder. “Your relationship will only be stronger if you really have to work for it, trust me.”

“Jolena gave you a hard time, didn’t she?” Leo looks to the side to look at his brother.

“She did. She has had a hard time accepting that she’s human and I am a wolf. Sometimes she still doesn’t get my possessiveness, or the way my senses work, that she can’t keep any secrets for me. But overall, we’re good.”

“Good for you, man. I am really happy for you.”

At the same time, Elianne walks around in the garden of her grandmother’s cabin. The roses are full in bloom. It’s still warm outside, the setting sun comes through the canopy of leaves from the trees. Elianne takes a deep breath, she loves the forest air. She takes a seat on the bench beside the little shed and looks around the garden. Her thoughts automatically wander over what happened earlier that day. How she seemed to be under some sort of spell when they stood in front of each other right after the fight. She remembers how she was in a daze, how he looked at her, how it felt when she touched him. How it felt when he kissed her. She didn’t feel the tingling sensation all other werewolves speak of, when they touch their mates, but she still felt a warm feeling inside.

When he kissed her, she liked it, a lot, but she got scared. The feelings she got overwhelmed her, so she pushed him away. She may have overreacted a little bit, but she can’t do anything about it anymore. She shakes her head. He’ll probably give her some kind of punishment for hitting and disrespecting her superior. And when her father finds out, he’ll give her an earful on top of that. Elianne sighs, she just has to deal with whatever will come her way.

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