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Let it Rain | Orianna | wlw [Short Stories DRAFT]

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I came across a woman, to me, she's different at first sense. I wasn't sure how my existence turns out to be that day. By only gazing at her, I was fallen into my emotions. I couldn't find reasons to take away my eyes from her, millions of thoughts by just gazing at her. My existing state of mind are present at that moment, but I couldn't find any reason to describe her one. How I felt, I was fascinated quickly by her. I didn't ask her name, but I saw the card she provided me to pay her bill, her name was Orianna Ferguson. I arrived back to let her sign, she brought her pen and stroke the pen signing and done. Noticing, she didn't even stare at all the paper where she signed. I leave after and let her enjoy her moment time alone. “Hey! Kiss! She can't see…” said the other staff saw a lowered tone, almost whispering, lowering her head down. “You didn't notice, do you? No judgements. I mean, she's a regular guest, I call her a lady in a hat.” Dana, my co-waitress sneered while she said. Since the day I was bothered by the idea, she got me mesmerized. Should I talk to her? Or rather, have this dumbfounded idea. Waiting and standing here from afar, contented gazing enthralling her unique beauty on purpose. I have a million reasons to accept the fact. Will she be able to see me? Glance back or able to meet our eyes, recognizing me. Have you ever felt something that is missing…?

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Said the waitress, patiently gaining attention from the only lady customer left, sitting at the corner alone on her table with a cup of tea and elegantly cupping her sweet perfect chin.

The waitress looks at the lady seems her mind floats as the waitress observes her, the waitress is also taking a glimpse of the rain pouring slowly running outside those classic window glasses sill of the restaurant.


The waitress said politely and patiently, she never left her side. She waited for the lady's response by looking at her, and she looks around, finding some staff members at the counter also observing them.

The tiny classic restaurant rested at the corner of mini streets at the old building that was spared from demolition, preserved as a heritage site in the place. That includes these tiny little classic restaurants also saved and spared by the local government, the owner also paid a hundred thousand bucks for its treasure for the place.

“Mada — “

She was about to gently touch her shoulders. The waitress stopped when the lady simply looks at her eye to eye, those blank stares she had and very noticeable.

“I heard your presence…” she replied pulling her sleeves wrapped around her slim arms and slender fingers like a mannequin. The sleeves wrap like a glove with a coat resting on the back of the chair, where she's sat. She gently touches her collar down to her neck, still, her eyes are blank.

“Address me, miss… I'm still young to address me, madame… and also not married” she added, not looking at the staff. Who took a glimpse at the classic band on the stage, still performing their piece.

“Uh…apologies I didn't — “the waitress sounds a bit hesitant the very unusual night for very unusual guests for the old classic little restaurant having a group of musicians with their instruments to play until midnight.

“Uhm…miss…about an hour the place will be close…” she politely said same time reminding the elegant young lady in front of her still looking at the window

The waitress observing her pulled out her shiny purse made of leather. She traces the edge of her purse. The young lady started strange-looking those files of cards without further hesitation she glided her fingers of familiarity with gently pulled the shiny edge gold color card placed on top of the table the staff was stunned, by such a delicate manner. How this woman delivered those words herself. And how she carries herself with such quiet behavior.

The other female staff at the counter observing as she's watching the co-waitress was fascinated by their guest…
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● Let It Rain ● Is a Collection of a Fiction Short-Stories with a Fictional characters about the lives of Each Ferguson women who loves Women, their Relationships and Love-Affairs.

Authors Note :
Hi, thank you for checking out my book. Consider errors, grammar, and phrases will bump ahead. English wasn't my first language, I speak a few. As you may know, I tried my very best, giving you a heads-up. In case you'll (ROAST ME) on Review Section.
Every Writer/Storyteller has their Own Unique Writing Styles.
Have a nice day Enjoy Reading! xxx
Thanks again...♥️

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