Night Blood

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Chapter 10

*Note: Changes have been made to Sophie’s character, to reflect the correct age in the current timeline. She is thirteen, not ten, which is what I had written her as. Apologies!


I lit my cigarette just as I got out my apartment building door, and took a long drag, pulling my jacket closer to my body.

Holy balls, it’s cold.” I muttered.

I walked down the street as I took a long drag from my cigarette, scowling at a couple of teenagers who were sitting on the front stoop of a building, yelling at people who walked by.

“Hey, Tre look!” One of the teens grinned as I walked by, “Homeless chick!”

“Ha ha! Hey baby, come suck my dick and I’ll give you a dollar!”

They both broke out into laughter, and I stopped in my tracks and glared at them.

“I’m not homeless, you little fuckers.” I growled, “This is a Gucci jacket, and I’m a fucking doctor.”

“Oooh, wow.” One of the boys rolled his eyes.

“I bet you can’t even get a hard on, you look a five year old little German girl with that hair cut.” I cocked an eyebrow at them, looking at the other boy. “And you… Dude, are you even allowed to be outside without a helmet? Judging by the odd shape of your head, and how wide set your eyes are, I’d say no.”

Both boys’ smirks instantly fell and they scowled.

“Or maybe you need a doctor, you know, to fix your eyes. I can’t help with that, I’m a pussy doctor, but I know a friend who could. He’s an orthopaedic surgeon and could crack a few bones and push your face closer together.” I cocked my head to the side, and looked at the other boy. “I am seriously concerned about you, Gretel. Are you okay, you look like you’re about to cry. Want me to hold your hand and help you look for your mommy?”

The kid scoffed and stood up, “C’mon Tre, let’s go.”

They both quickly walked inside the building, looking over their shoulders at me.

“Did I hurt your feelings, little girl?” I called after them. “Next time think with the right head before you start hurling out vulgarities at passerby’s you little shits!”

I grumbled as I walked on, taking a drag of my cigarette as I continued on my walk to the subway, heading to the restaurant where I was meeting mom for lunch.

I walked into the bright restaurant and looked around as the host, an old man with a long, greasy ponytail and waxed moustache gave me a warm, welcoming smile.

“Bonjour miss! Welcome to le restaurant… Uh, Cello’s! Do you have le reservation for luncheon?”

I screwed my face up at him and his horrible French accent and looked at his name tag.

“Uh, I’m meeting someone, Gustav.” I looked around and saw mom at a table and pointed at her, “There she is.”

“Ah! I will le escort you to la table!” Gustav gave a half bow as he hastily walked from behind the podium.

“No thanks, I can do it on my own.” I waved him off.

I heard Gustav grumbling under his breath as I walked over to where mom was sitting. She gave me a smile as I approached and stood up.

“Hi, honey.” She said as she pulled me into a warm hug, “God, you stink.”

“Thanks.” I laughed, taking my jacket off and draping it over the back of the chair.

“You’re smoking again?” Mom gave me a sad look, “I thought you quit.”

“It’s not like it can kill me, right?” I rolled my eyes as I sat down, nodding at the third place setting. “Is someone else going us?”

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you? Lydia is coming too.”

I groaned dramatically, letting my head fall back. “Seriously? Are you guys best friends, what are you always together?”

Mom rolled her eyes. “You both my daughters, and if I want to have lunch with both of my grown daughters, then I will.”

“Why didn’t you tell me she was coming?”

“Because I knew you’d say no to coming.”

Before I could say anything, Lydia walked over from the entrance and gave me a big smile.

“Hey little sis, mom.”

“Hi.” I muttered as she sat down.

“I’m not late, am I? Traffic was a bitch, and Colton was fussy.”

“No, you’re not late.” Mom said with a smile, “Why was Colton fussing?”

Lydia shrugged, looking down at the luncheon menu, “I think he’s going to start teething soon. I mean, he’s four months old, and now that we know from his bloodwork that he’s one hundred percent vampire, that put him on the right track for it… Right?”

Mom nodded, “Yeah, you were around five months when you started to teeth, Charlotte was four months, CJ a little later than her.”

“And Sophie?”

Mom sighed sadly. “Right around six months… Like any other human.”

I nodded silently. “So… The bloodwork was definitive then? It came back one hundred percent that she’s… human?”

Mom gave me a nod. “Yeah, Carlos said that her blood had virtually zero vampiric genes. It explains why she was such a fussy baby, too.”

“Really?” Lydia asked.

“Well, she was a human baby nursing from a vampire. She was getting nutrients that her body didn’t need from my increased feeding and from my body. God, I felt so terrible when she was five and Carlos did the first blood testing on her… If I had switched her to baby formula she would have been such a happier baby.”

“You didn’t know, mom.” Lydia squeezed her hand, “How could you? As far as you knew, vampires couldn’t have human children.”

“I still don’t know how it’s even possible.” I bit the inside of my cheek.

“Dad and I were both human… It’s just a weird coincidence that we somehow passed on the human gene to Sophie instead of the vampiric one. I blame myself for it, since I was turned way later than your dad was.”

“It’s nobody’s fault, mom.” Lydia said, “It just happened.”

Mom nodded.

“So… She’s completely human then? Like, she’ll age forever?” I asked.

“We don’t know. There are only a handful of cases of vampires having human children, and it’s fifty fifty on them either being mortal or immortal.” Mom closed her eyes for a moment, “I hope to god she’s immortal… I can’t face the possibility of her aging while we’re all stuck at our ages… The thought of watching her grow old while I’m stuck as a fucking twenty-three year old makes me sick. The thought of burying her?”

“Don’t think about it.” I said, “Just focus on her now. I mean, if she does keep aging, you can just turn her, right? Well, dad could.”

“Maybe. I don’t know… I don’t know if a turning would work for Sophie since she’s the child of-”

“Do you ladies need any more time deciding?”

We looked up to see a young man smiling at us.

“Oh. Uh, girls?” Mom looked at us.

“I’ll have the Caprese salad with bruschetta.” Lydia said with a nod.

“Could I get the shrimp scampi?” Mom said with a smile, “But without garlic, please. I’m allergic.”

“Certainly, I’ll let the chef know you have an allergy to it.”

“Thank you.” Mom gave him a smile.

“Could I get like… A burger?” I asked the waiter.

“The luncheon menu is fixed, miss. I’m sorry.”

“Fine.” I grumbled, “I’ll have the… Chicken panini with fig jam, and watercress salad.”


Mom insisted on paying the bill and driving me home, so after we ate we walked to the car, saying goodbye to Lydia, who was parked beside mom’s car.

“Well, if it isn’t Doctor Smiley-face.”

I froze in place and felt heat rush to my face.

“Ryan?” Lydia said with a smile.

“Hey, Mrs. Vitale.”

I turned around slowly so see Ryan giving me his ‘come fuck me’ smile and nodded at mom.

“Are you their sister?” He asked.

Mom laughed, “No, I’m the mom.”

Ryan’s smile dropped. “There’s no way you’re their mom.”

“I get that all the time.” Mom blushed, “But yes, I am their mother.”

“Plastic surgery did wonders for her.” I said with a grin, earning a hard glare from mom.

“I thought you were going back to Atlanta.” Lydia crossed her arms with a smile.

“My company got the contract to renovate a hospital here, so I’m sticking around to do up designs for proposal. I’m actually heading to a business lunch with the hospital chairs to discuss the designs now.”

“Oh, So-”

“How do you know Charlotte?” Mom asked.

“I’m renovating the hospital she works at.” Ryan said with a cheeky grin. “We’re friends.

Mom’s face lit up and she looked at me, then back at Ryan. “Do you have plans for Easter?”

Mom!” I gave her a horrified look, “I’m sure Ryan has plans, since Easter is in two days.”

“Actually, I don’t. I don’t have family in the area and was planning to have dinner at the hotel I’m staying at.”

“Oh! You are more than welcome to come eat with us.” Mom grinned, “Nothing fancy, just family, but we’ll have plenty.”

Mom!” I hissed.

“I don’t want to impose-”

“It’s no imposition!” Lydia spoke up, “Seriously, my dad always makes way too much.”

Ryan gave her a smile and looked at me, his smile getting wider, “Well alright then, I’d be honoured, thank you.”

“Great!” Mom squealed, “We look forward to it.”

Ryan nodded, “Should I bring anything?”

“Just yourself.” Mom grinned.

“Thank you very much.” Ryan chuckled.

I stared daggers at the back of mom’s head as she gave Ryan her address, but plastered a fake smile on my face when Ryan looked at me.

“I’ll see you on Easter, Doctor Smiley-face.”

“See you then.” I gave him a nod.

As Ryan walked into the restaurant was out of earshot I glared at mom. “Why the hell did you invite him to dinner?!”

“You guys are friends, I thought-”

That man is not my friend!” I hissed, “He is a… Creepy… Rude-”

“Ryan is not creepy or rude.” Lydia glared at me, “He’s a really nice guy.”

“How do you know him?” Mom asked.

“He renovated the new hotel Vinnie bought a few months ago as a freelancer.”

“Oh! Well, there. If he’s not your friend, then he’s one of Lydia and Vinnie’s friends.” Mom gave me a smug smile.

“Mom-” I groaned.

“If you don’t want him there, then you tell him.” Mom cocked an eyebrow at me, “Go on. Go tell that nice man that you don’t want him to come have Easter dinner with us. Go tell him you’d prefer him to sit alone in his hotel room eating hotel food instead of being with nice people in a nice house. Go on, be rude.”

I let out a groan and let my head fall back. “Fine. He can come.”

“Good.” Mom gave me a triumphant smile. “Now get in, it’s chilly.”

I was not looking forward to this dinner. Not. At. All.


I sat across from Vanessa at the restaurant and smiled as she slurped up the last piece of spaghetti from her plate. We had been dating for two weeks now, and it was the happiest two weeks of my life. Vanessa was so pure. She was like the breath of air that you take after being underwater, she was the oasis in a desert, the beacon in a storm, she was… Everything. I want her. I want every part of her, I want to devour her with a fury, make her mine.


Sweet Jesus, the more time we spend together, the hornier I get. I need her. My soul needs her soul and it’s driving me crazy. The Bond has gotten so much stronger, and I know she feels it strengthening too, because she’s gotten so feisty. She’s sent me dirty pictures of her in lingerie, dirty texts, and has gotten so fucking good at teasing. I can smell her. Her smell is intoxicating.

“I have something for you.”

“Hmm?” I shook my head and blinked a few times, “Sorry, what?”

Vanessa gave me a smile. “I said, I have something for you.”

“Oh?” I sat up straighter.

“Hold out your hand.”

I smiled at her and did so, watching her tie a woven brown and blue bracelet around my wrist.

“When I’m anxious, or can’t sleep, I made these… friendship bracelets. It’s something I’d do as a kid with the other kids… It’s silly, I know, but…” Vanessa bit her lip and looked away, “I thought of you when I made this one.”

I looked at the bracelet on my wrist and grinned. “I love it.”

“You do?”

“Yes.” I nodded, “Blue is my favourite colour.”

She smiled warmly at me. “I’m glad.”

I held her hand in mine, and brought it up to my lips, placing a soft kiss to the back of her hand, watching a blush rise to her cheeks.

“I’ve been thinking…” She said softly.

“About what?”

“You. Me. Us.

“And?” I urged, “Is that good or bad?”

She giggled, tucking her hair behind her ear, “Good.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.” I chuckled.

“I… I want to be yours.”

“You are mine.”

“No… I mean, yes, but…” She drew in a breath and looked at me with confidence, “I want to be yours completely.

My eyes widened slightly and I swallowed hard.

“I’m ready.” She said with a small smile of excitement, “I’m ready to have sex.”

My jaw just about fell to the floor and my heart rate increased with adrenaline and excitement.

“When? Right now?”

Vanessa giggled and squeezed my hand, “Not this second.”

I grinned at her, “I know not this second, but, like… When?” I cleared my throat, “We’re on opposite schedules for the next two weeks at the hospital, and-”

“When the bill is paid and we leave.” Vanessa said shyly, “I want you to make love to me tonight, Christopher.”

So many thoughts raced through my head — Both heads. Excitement, nervousness. I’d only been with Cleo, so I had no other experience besides what she liked to do, what if I couldn’t please Vanessa? Oh shit, what if I finish too quickly and leave her disappointed? What if she realizes that I’m not what she wants? Should I pull out all the moves, or stick to basics? Oh god, what if I hurt her, or what if she panics during it and wants me to stop. Would I be able to stop? I genuinely have no idea if I would be able to stop if she changes her mind. I want her. I want her so fucking badly that I don’t know if I’d be able to stop, or go slow and gentle. The want was just… so strong. I was wrestling demons, and those demons were my head and my cock. My head wanted to be gentle, to make her first time something worth remembering, and something that wouldn’t scar her, but my cock? Oohh, my cock wanted to be balls deep inside her pussy, fucking her relentlessly, feeling her walls clench hard around it, milking it for ever last drop of its cum. I wanted to watch her face contort into ecstasy as she came, over and over again on my cock. I wanted to taste her sweet pussy on my tongue, feel her tremble with pleasure, her fingers in my hair, her thighs squeezing my head as she came. I wanted to hear her scream my name.

Oh god, I think I’m going to have an anxiety attack thinking about what I want versus what I want to give Vanessa. A night to remember. A night full of passion, pleasure, and love.


I shook my head and blinked a couple of times, staring at Vanessa.

“Are you okay?” She said with concern. “That’s the second time you… spaced out.”

I chuckled awkwardly. “S-sorry. I do that sometimes… Not when I’m doing something important like driving, or working or something, oh god! N-not that this isn’t important, because it is! I think being with you is very important. Food- dinner that is, is very important, bodies need nutrients, and — Oh, uh… I mean… Shit.”

Vanessa cocked her head to the side and blinked a few times before she broke out into a fit of laughter. She let out a snort and covered her face with both hands, shaking her head in embarrassment which made me join in, laughing with her.

I’m not sure how long we laughed for, but once we settled down I cleared my throat.



I struggled to hold my smile back, trying to remain serious.

“Are you sure you’re ready?”

She drew in a long breath. “Yes. I’m sure.”

I gave her a nod, searching her eyes with mine. “If you’re sure… Completely sure.”

She nodded, smiling softly.

“Then…” I held her hand, running my thumb over the soft padding of her palm. “I’ll pay the bill and we can go.”

She nodded, biting her lip as she smiled. “Christopher?”


“I’m… excited. Very excited.”

I grinned at her and kissed the back of her hand again. “So am I. Trust me. So am I.”

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