Night Blood

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Chapter 6


I scowled as I walked out of the exam room and to the front reception desk. It was my turn to work at the women’s clinic in the hospital, and I’d been doing routine pelvic exam after pelvic exam, which was boring as fuck, not to mention frustrating, since women are always so embarrassed to talk about their vaginas.

“Carla Logan?” I called out.

I internally cringed when a woman in her sixties stood up and walked over with a sweet smile. Sometimes I wondered why I went into OBGYN thinking I could just deliver babies, and not have to deal with the gynaecologist side of it.

I let Carla into the room and gave her some time to get gowned before I went in with a fake smile on my face.

“What’s going on, Mrs. Logan?” I asked, trying not to sound bored.

“Well dear,” she said is a sweet, soft voice, “you see, after having a threesome last weekend I’ve been feeling a little sore.” She winced, “Maybe I didn’t use enough lubricant, because I was red for a couple of days after.”

I perked up, immediately interested.

“Oh?” I tried not to grin, impressed that a woman in her sixties was having threesomes.

“Yeah...” she nodded with a giggle, “I don’t think letting my husband screw me with a horse dildo a few days ago helped either. I just have a... a rough, scratchy feeling. That’s the best way I can describe it. Like I’m very dry deep inside.”

I jaw dropped. “Oh.... uh, well... let’s uh — let’s see what’s going on.”

‘Rock on, grandma!’ I thought to myself.

By the time my shift was over, I was damn near exhausted and in serious need of some alcohol and a good dick, so I quickly went home and showered, changed into my slutty black dress that went to my mid-thigh, threw my hair up into a bun and did my makeup; heavy on the black eyeshadow, and dark red lipstick. I looked hot, and I was going to get drunk and go home with whoever bought me the most drinks. I paired the ensemble with some red heels and a dark red light jacket, grabbed my purse and ordered an Uber. The best way to heal a broken heart, in my opinion, is to drink the pain away until you’re numb, and fuck until you can’t walk.

I got to a little dive bar that was popular with college guys, and felt eyes on me instantly, which made me smirk as I walked to the bar, eyeing a couple of guys who were looking at me like I was a meal.

“What can I get you, love?” The bartender asked me as I sat at the bar.

“Vodka cranberry.” I replied, giving him a smile and with a giggle, added, “light on the cranberry.”

The bartender winked at me and nodded, “Sure thing.”

I looked over my shoulder as I sipped on my drink at four guys who looked like they were in their later years of college who were watching me as they played their game of pool. One of them winked at me and I gave him a nod, finishing my drink. I motioned to the bartender and ordered another drink as one of the guys approached.

“Hey there, gorgeous.” He said as he leaned against the bar.

He wasn’t overly tall, and had the beginnings of a beer belly, dark hair and a five-o-clock shadow along his jawline. He was handsome, but not overly attractive to me. My eyes wept over his body and settled briefly on the bulge in his pants. Impressive.

“Oh, hi there.” I giggled fakely, knowing that his cock would be the one I’d be riding in a matter of hours.

It was slightly disappointing though, I was hoping the blonde guy who looked like Chris Hemsworth would be the one to come over, but oh well.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing all alone in a bar?”

Ugh, such a generic, cringy pickup line.

I shrugged, stirring what was left of my drink, the ice clinking against the glass.

“Oh, you know... just waiting for some hot guy to buy me drinks.”

He looked around and held his hands up, “Oh, I’ll leave then.”

He let out a laugh and I gave him my best fake laugh, rolling my eyes.

“Oh, stop.” I hit his arm playfully, “you’re totally hot.”

He grinned and motioned to his friends.

“My buddies and I got a bet.”


“We’re wondering if you’re single or not.” He laughed, “and if you’d be willing to join us in playing pool.”

I motioned to the bartender for another drink.

“I think you guys have enough players... Two per team, right?”

“You could keep score for us! Put that on my tab.” He said to the bartender.

I looked over my shoulder at his friends who were grinning and sighed.

“I suppose... if you keep buying me drinks.”


We walked over to the pool table and the guys instantly started looking me over.

“I’m Brock.” Said the one who had come to the bar, “This is Liam, Cole, and Greg.”

“Hey boys.” I said with a nod, “I’m Gloria.”

I never used my real name when I came to bars to pick up guys.

“Gloria... is that your real name?” Knock off Chris Hemsworth, aka, Cole said.

“It’s the only name you’re going to get.” I giggled, feeling tipsy.

After four more drinks and me trying to keep record for the guys, who were all seniors at NYU, it was safe to say that I was shit-faced drunk, cheering loudly when they got balls in the holes.

“Woohoo!” I cheered, to Greg, who wrapped his arms around me, “you sunk the ball!”

“Yeah I did, baby!” Greg laughed.

It was clear that Brock was feeling very jealous that his friends were paying me attention, and he walked over, pushed Greg away slightly.

“I saw her first, Greg.” Brock grumbled, wrapping his arm around me.

I don’t know why, but I started laughing hysterically at Brock thinking he owned me, and realized that I didn’t want to fuck any of these immature assholes, especially when Liam and Cole started arguing about a fucking video game.

“Listen... I’m gunna go now, and you guys... can have fun here.” I laughed.

“No, no! Don’t go, baby!” Brock groaned, “Stay!”

I laughed when he slung his arms around me and sighed when he kissed me.

“Mmm... Listen, I’m gunna go home, you guys really aren’t my type.” I laughed. “I’m too old for you, really.”

“No you’re not.” Brock laughed, “Come on, we all want to fuck you.” He said quietly.

I laughed, pushing him away, “gang bangs aren’t really my style, dude. I tried them a long time ago and wasn’t a fan. Threesomes, sure, but gang bangs? Nah, sorry.”

“Come oooon, Gloria.” He pouted.

“Who?” I leaned in, “Oh, right! Right, yes that is my name.”

Brock’s grip tightened on my arm, and I saw the other guys watching intently. “Come back to the dorm, baby.”

I groaned and sighed. “Listen... I’ll fuck youu,” I exaggerated the ‘you’, pointing at Brock, “But not your friends.”

“Fuck Liam, too. He’s my roommate.” Brock smirked.

I rolled my eyes and groaned, pulling on Brock, “Ugh... No, I don’t want to fuck your roommate.”

“Come on... he’s a virgin. Let’s show him how it’s done.” Brock nipped at my ear.

“Ohhh!” My interest peaked and I looked at Liam who’s face was flushed as the other two guys chuckled, making fun of him. “You should have led with that!”

I grabbed Brock’s hand, and then Liam’s and headed for the door, stumbling slightly, “Come on boys! Let’s go teach little Liam!”

They both chuckled and Liam held the door open for me as I kept pulling on Brock’s arm.

“Which way do we go?” I mumbled, feeling incredibly drunk.

“This way.” Brock chuckled, pulling on me.

“Let’s go, baby.”

I turned and saw Cole and Greg had followed us and I let out a groan of frustration.

“I said I wasn’t going to fuck your friends!”

“They’re just gunna watch.” Brock muttered.

“No!” I said loudly, pulling my hand away from Brock, “I’m not fucking all of your friends!”

“Shh! Okay, okay. Jesus...” Brock hissed, “Christ, just... just come on!”

I was pulled forward by Brock and struggled against him, as he and Liam pulled both of my arms while I stomped my feet in protest while Cole and Greg followed. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the reflection in a window of me being pulled like a stubborn dog by its owner.

“I look like a dog!” I screeched with laughter.

I let my legs go limp and stumbled onto my knees while the guys looked at me in shock and amusement.

“Now you’ll have to carry me like a stubborn dog who doesn’t want to walk!” I laughed.

“Christ!” Liam groaned. “She’s a fucking mess, we should just leave her.”

I felt myself get hoisted to my feet while Greg and Cole held me up.

I turned at looked at Cole, “Ya know... you look like Chris Hemsworth! Thor!”

“Yeah, yeah...” Cole laughed. “You said that already.”

“Guys, I really think I should just go home, I will not be very fun, and I will not fuck you all.” I said as I felt my eyes flutter.

“You’re fucking us all baby. Trust me, we’re all getting some tonight.” Greg smirked.

“Hmm? No.” I protested, “No.”

“Yes.” Brock added as the guys started pulling me toward the subway.

“No!” I yelled, “I’m not fucking you all!”

I was starting to panic a little, thinking I was going to get gang raped for the first time in my life.

“Let me go! I’m not... I don’t want to. I’m not going to sleep with you!”

“Yes you-”

“The lady said no, so leave her alone.”

I squinted and turned to see five large men behind us, their features impossible to see in the dark.

“Wow... that’s a lot of man meat.” I muttered.

“Let her go.” The man said again, walking forward into the street light.

My eyes widened when I saw the man was Ryan, the asshole contractor.

“Ryan?” I said softly.

Ryan cracked his knuckles and narrowed his eyes as the other four men walked forward. They all had that classic construction worker look, rugged, burley, and hard.

“We ain’t afraid to fight, motherfuckers.” One of Ryan’s guys said in a deep voice that made my pussy pulse.

I stumbled forward as I was let go of and Brock cursed under his breath.

“Fine. She’s a mess anyway. Let’s go, guys.”

Ryan reached out and gently took my arm.

“You okay, Charlotte?”

“Mmhmm... totally.” I saluted to him, “fine and dandy.”

“Let’s get you home.” Ryan said, gently wrapping my arm around his neck and holding me around my waist.

“Guys, I’m gunna get her home, I’ll see you tomorrow’.”

“Sure thing, boss.” One of the guys said, “Do you need help?”

“Nah, I got it. Thanks.”

I stumbled as I walked with Ryan toward his truck, which he said was in an underground parkade.

“You know, I was going to fuck two of those guys.” I said in my drunken state.

“Uh huh, I’m sure you were.” Ryan said as he shook his head, “I’m sure you’d only sleep with two of them.”

“I was! I was going to fuck two of them, because one was a virgin and I wanted to help, but now I’m not because they’re assholes.” I said through slurred speech.

“Uh huh, yeah. Sleep with two and get raped by two, right?” Ryan scoffed.

I pointed at him, “You! You, you, you... You rescued me.” I gasped and then giggled, “You rescued me from... from those guys. I am not drunk.”

“Oh trust me, you’re drunk.” Ryan laughed, “You are hammered.”

“Shit-faced.” I said matter of factly.

He chuckled, shaking his head as we walked into the underground parkade.

“You were with your friends, weren’t you? I can get a cab or an Uber, my dude. Go have fun! Live your life while your young before misery hits you.”

“Nah, I’d rather make sure you get home safely.” Ryan grinned.

“Have you been drinking?” I leaned against him.

“Nope. Not at all, I don’t really drink.”

I gasped loudly, “Really?! But it’s so fun!”

Ryan chuckled. “Uh huh.”

I started to feel lightheaded and looked at him.

“You know... You’re actually pretty cute. Wanna — I’d totally fuck you.” I giggled, biting my lip.

His eyes widened and he let out a loud, booming laugh that echoed through the parkade.

“Oh my god, you are... so drunk!” He laughed.

“Yes. Yes I am!” I held up my finger, “and I’m about to pass out I think, but you look like Michael B. Jordan.”

Ryan shook his head as we walked to his truck, chuckling.

“I’ve never gotten that one before.”

“It’s true though! You totally do.” I giggled.

“You know, I like drunk you. You’re nice when you’re drunk.” Ryan grinned.

“I’ve heard that before from... everyone. People think I’m a bitch, but I’m not when I’m drunk.”

“I never thought you were a bitch, I just think you seem nicer drunk.”

“Really? Because I am a biiitch.” I hiccuped.

“Nah. I think you’re—”

“I’m passing out.” I muttered, my eyes getting heavy.

“—No! No, what’s your address?!” Ryan looked at me.

I felt him grab me in his arms before everything went dark.


Vanessa smiled at me from were she was sitting across from me at the restaurant, and I returned her smile.

“So many choices.” She said softly, biting her lip.

“Right? I’ve never even heard of half of these things.” I said, cocking my eyebrow at some kind of sushi-pasta fusion dish.

“Would it be weird if I just ordered dessert?” Vanessa giggled.

I looked up from the menu and grinned, “Dessert first and then an entree.”

“Oh my god, can you imagine the waiters face?” Vanessa laughed.

I chuckled and shook my head. This was our first date, and after twelve years with one person, I was rusty as fuck at dating.

“Have you decided on your order?” The waitress asked.

I gave Vanessa a grin and nodded to her.

“I’ll have the fillet mignon, please.” She said softly.

“I’ll have the chicken cordon bleu.” I said with a nod.

“Of course.” The waitress said, taking the menus. “But you need three courses... we’re a minimum three course restaurant.”

“Oh.” Vanessa and I said at the same time.

The waitress handed up our menus again with a nod.

“I’ll come back in a few minutes.” The waitress chuckled.

“I guess we should have done our research?” Vanessa said as she bit her lip.

“I guess so.” I chuckled.

We both ordered garden salads for the first course, with Vanessa getting a chocolate lava cake, and I got a white chocolate mousse for dessert.

“So...” I coughed several times as wine went down the wrong way and then quickly cleared my throat, “tell me about yourself.”

“What do you want to know?” She said shyly, trying not to laugh at my almost drowning myself with wine.

I gave her a smile and chuckled. “What’s your last name? Do you have any siblings?”

“Oh! I didn’t realize I never told you my last name, sorry. My full name is Vanessa Magdalena Rodrigo, and I don’t have any siblings... do you?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I have three sisters. An older sister, a twin, and a baby sister.”

“Oh wow! Are you parents Old Blood or New Blood?”

“My dads Old Blood, moms New Blood. What about yours?”

“Both New Blood. My dad was turned in the twenties, mom in the forties.”

“My dad was turned in seventeen-ten, mom in twenty-nineteen.”

“Oh, wow! That’s crazy!” Vanessa gasped, “The oldest vampire I know was turned at the turn of the century. So your family is fertile then? There aren’t many fertile Bonded Soul’s where I’m from.”

I nodded, “Yeah, my parents were pretty lucky. They both really wanted kids, and I think that has something to do with them being about to reproduce, honestly. Where are you from?”

“Venezuela. You’re not from LA, are you?”

“No, New York. Well, Manhattan to be specific.”

“And your family is all there?” Vanessa said as she took a drink.

“Yeah... My parents, older sister, her husband, and their five month old son, twin sister, and my little sister... All in New York.” I said almost sadly, feeling homesick all of a sudden.

Vanessa nodded with a smile. “I wish I had a big family... but it’s just my parents and I.”

“Your parents are still in Venezuela?”

“Yeah. They’ve got a... well, they didn’t want me to come to America. They were very upset that I chose to go into nursing, actually. They wanted me to stay home and work with— Uh, they w-wanted me to stay home... And not be away from them.”


Vanessa nodded, “I left as soon as I could for school here. I have an apartment with two other vampires, but other than them I haven’t met many other vampires in America... I just needed to get away.”

“I haven’t met any other vampires here in LA at all.”

“Really? You need to get out to a speakeasy.”

“Oh?” I cocked my eyebrow.

Vanessa nodded with enthusiasm. “Yes! There a few vampires that hangout at speakeasies.”

I chuckled. “Never would have thought the here were speakeasies here.”

Vanessa laughed, nodding. “You have to know where to go, I guess.”

“What do you parents do? My dad owns an investment company and acts as the CEO and Chairman, and my mom works as the marketing manager for it.”

“Oh? Is it a big company?”

I laughed, “Yeah... you could say so. They’ve got offices around the world.”

“What’s it called?”

“Montgomery Industries. The main office is in Manhattan, Montgomery Industries Headquarters.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of them! There were talks about a location coming to Venezuela, but it didn’t work out.”

I nodded.

“So, you’re very well off, then.”

“Aren’t all vampires?” I chuckled.

“Have you been in relationships before?” Vanessa abruptly asked me, changing the subject.

I cleared my throat and nodded, confused as to why she changed the subject so suddenly. “I was in a relationship for twelve years.”

“Tw- wow.” Vanessa stared at me with wide eyes.


A light blush rose her cheeks and she looked down at her dessert.

“Vanessa?” I cocked an eyebrow.

“No.” She said softly, “No, I’ve never been in a relationship. My parents are... pretty strict.”

I struggled not to keep my jaw from dropping, and tried to find a respectful way to get an answer from her.

“Really? You mean you’ve never — that is, uh... you’ve never... been with... in a relationship?

Vanessa sighed and shook her head. “No.” She looked up at me, “Never.

I dropped my fork and chuckled awkwardly, “Uh, oops.”

She gave me a small smile, clearly amused that I was fumbling with my cutlery so much.

“Uh, well... Umm, wh-why did you come to LA?” I asked, trying to keep my cool.

Inside I was screaming knowing that my Bonded Soul hadn’t been with anyone before... that she was a virgin. Not from excitement, but from nervousness. I never would have thought that she’d be a virgin, but now it made sense why she didn’t want to be intimate right away. Fuck. It made me even more nervous. The only virgin I’d been with was Cleo, and we were both virgins at the time, so I had no idea how to approach this.

“School. I got into nursing school here.” Vanessa answered.

“Right!” I nodded, trying not to act weird, “Why’d you choose to go to school here in America?”

She cocked an eyebrow at me and blinked a few times. “To get space between my parents and I... I already said that.”

I shook my head and chuckled awkwardly. “Y-yes... yes you did. Sorry.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, totally.”

She sighed and nodded, running a hand through her hair, “It’s getting a little late, isn’t it?”

“Hmm?” I looked at my watch, “Holy shit. Yeah, I guess so, it’s half past ten. You have to be at the hospital for seven tomorrow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was so late.”

“It’s no problem!” She said with a smile, “I’m glad we did this, really!”

“So am I.” I said with a smile.

“When did you want to go out again? We won’t see each other tomorrow since you aren’t working.” Vanessa said with a slight pout.

“Whenever works for you-”

“Tomorrow night!” Vanessa said with a giant smile, “After my shift.”

“Okay.” I smiled, “I don’t want you getting burnt out, though. You have to study while you do your placement, remember? You have exams the first week back.”

She smiled at me and nodded, “I know. But I want to be with you.”

“I want to be with you, too.” I said softly.

“So, tomorrow then? Tomorrow evening?”

We both stood up as I took the bill and we walked to the front of the restaurant.

“Of course. I can pick you up at the hospital.”

“Alright.” She took my hand and leaned her head on my arm.

I paid the bill and we left, hand in hand as we walked to my car.

I walked Vanessa into the bungalow that she rented with the two other vampires and she invited me in. It was a small place with the kitchen and living room being combined, no dinner table at all, and a small hallway that led to closed doors.

“Chad and Brendan aren’t here, they’re both working tonight, so it’s just me. Well, us I guess.” Vanessa shrugged.

“Your roommates are both guys?” I suddenly felt very jealous.

Vanessa laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Yes. They’re Bonded Souls.”

“Oh.” I said in relief with a nod, pulling her close to me.

She pressed her lips to mine softly and I smiled, deepening the kiss.

“Want a tour?” She asked softly.

“Sure.” I gave her a nod.

“Of... my bedroom?”

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