Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 10

Devon “Dev East” Brewster Jr. POV

“Yo Man so you really have another kid and a son at that.. how you feel.. I mean be real” My Body Guard asked after I was telling him about Mina and I having another kid.

We were currently at the mall, I was already ten bags in already going shopping for Malik and of course Kyllie, knowing his moms he got everything under the sun already, but I wanted to do some spoiling for myself. Mina didn’t call me yet but I know she was busy moving all her stuff so I didn’t want to bug her, but I wanted to see my son, so I’ll call her when I get in the car.

“On some real shit bro, the feeling of having a son is amazing already, it doesn’t feel like I was without him for three years.. felt like I was there all his life... I’m happy his moms always let him know who I was and not letting some other fuck nigga play daddy.. that shit would of hit me hard man... but from here on out he gone see my face.. I’m happy as shit that they’re moving up here real shit” I spoke truthfully.

“Bro I feel you on that one, I’m happy for you man.. congrats nigga” we slapped hands and did a man hug.

“Thanks bro... thanks bro” I told him.

“So what ya other baby moms look like.. yooooo do Mama east know” he asked surprised.

“yeah man of course she knows.. I told you I knew this girl since I was a buck she grew up with fresh.. but this her” I said showing him a picture of Mina thatI took off her Instagram.

“Damn nigga you lucked up.. she beautiful.. how you gonna break this to Marie.. what about Kylie?” He questioned again.

“Man fuck Marie real shit I don’t have to explain shit to her the only thing she need to be worried about is Kylie.. and even on that aspect she been failing at that lately but once Mina get back to New York Moms cooking dinner they coming over they gone meet there”

“word word.. mom’s cooking you know I’m sliding through”

“bet, let’s get outta here though I think this is enough for them”

“Aight daddy of the year” he said laughing which made me follow up.

“Yo Turn that shit down for a min” I told my driver. I had to call Mina to see how she was making out it was already four. Good thing New York wasn’t that far away from philly.

Facetiming Baby Girl...

“Hola” her beautiful face appeared on the screen as she smiled like she was happy to see me.

“What’s Good Mama, how you make out? Where is my son? You driving on your way back?” I asked her throwing question after question.

“Hey, everything went well, I made it out good it wasn’t that bad loading the truck up.. Malik is in the back knocked out like he did all the work, and to answer your last question yes I’m driving back.. what somebody missed me?” She answered.

“Cool Cool, you didn’t run into that fuck nigga did you?.. And to be honest I do miss you” I chuckled at the last one because I did miss her.

“aww well I miss you to.. yes but I’ll tell you about that later.. but did you get to your moms yet.. I’m starving, can’t wait to eat” she said, changing the subject because she probably didn’t want to upset me, but I’m not mad at her and I wasn’t going to get mad.

“Nah ma im on my way there now I just left the mall brought Malik and Kylie some shit”

“aww I can’t wait to meet her beautiful self.. she looks just like you Dev, I always wanted a daughter I was so mad when they told me I was having a boy I wanted to cry but when Lik came I just fell in love” She expressed, The way she admired our son was so beautiful and made me love her even more.

“ahhh don’t do my son like that mamas, it’s cool cause Ima give you that girl you always wanted.. but aye look I don’t want you talking on the phone while you driving with my son so call me when you first hit New York and Ima come get y’all from ya pops crib aight” I told her.

“okayyyyy. Yeah that will work it shouldn’t be bad getting back less traffic” She said.

I can tell she was a little off Guard about what I just said but I was serious.

I chuckled. “aight ma drive safe.. I love you”

“I love you to” She told me back and hung up. It was amazing how we could still tell each other we loved each other and still mean it after three long years.

“Aaahhh ya boy pussy whooped” Shooter yelled laughing while dapping up my little brother.

“Nah boy you the one that’s pussy whooped” I told him. He just flagged me off cause he knew I was gonna say something about Heather.

“Y’all niggas wilding” He Said. I laughed then grabbed my blunt and sparked it and got on my phone getting on Instagram, I decided I was gone post my son. Using this same picture I took from Mina Instagram, the picture that I picked they couldn’t really see his face, but people gone put two and two together and know it’s Mina son because she’s known everybody knew her she a good ass dancer and a bomb ass hair stylist, And whoever didn’t know I know they gone go digging deep trying to figure out where he came from. But I don’t give a fuck they can suck my dick this my son, I also didn’t want my crazy ass fans talking shit about Mina either After I finished my post I got off social media and finished smoking and finished the way to moms crib.

Amina Joy Smith POV

“Leeky you excited to be in New York?” I asked looking back at my son as we was driving through New York going towards my dads house. It wasn’t that bad getting back it was now seven, I know dinner probably started already.. they know we was gone be late anyway but I still had to get washed and dressed Lik was cool already.

“Yes mommy I want to see my daddy and little sister” he said back excitedly. I decided to tell him about his sister. Finally he took it well. He was more happy than anything because it was always him. Nobody has a child but me, I was happy that he can have somebody to interact with.

“Aww you happy to have a sister?”


“Okay baby well we’re about to get out to get ready mommy have to get washed and dressed” I said as I parked.

“Okay” He Said and we both got out and we made it up to the room I’ll be staying in until I move in my house. My old room was now Malik’s

“Leeky go in your room and play the game until mommy is ready Okay” I told him rushing.

“Okay mommy” he said running down the hallway. My dad was back but he wasn’t in the house probably somewhere hoeing around. I knew about the lady he was seeing. He probably didn’t want me to know because he thinks Ima be mad at him. Which I wasn’t because my mom was seeing somebody too but sneaking around about it, I didn’t understand that. I grabbed my phone so that I could text Devon.

To Papi: Hey, we back in New York now.. at my dad house.. you could make your way now.

From Papi: aight I’m on my way.

I replied back Okay and I hopped in the shower to wash all that sweat off, the next thirty minutes I was getting out to get dressed. I picked out an outfit from one of my friends that lives out in cali a shop called Shai I always supported her and she always supported me whenever I went out Cali or she came to Philly. Five minutes into putting my clothes on a knock came through the door.

“come in” I said thinking it was Malik.

“Wassup mamas, Heather let me in” Devon said as he walked through the room. I noticed he took his little ass braids out but they were cute on him.

“Oh she here I didn’t even know”

“yeah she looks worn out” he smirked at me.

“oh my god Devon stop it”

“Aye ma it’s not me talk to your girl” he replied back laughing.

“where is my son?” He asked followed up.

“in his room.. it’s down the hall if you want to pop up on him”

“I’m about to go do that.. hurry up, ya ass take all day everybody waiting on y’all” He said making his way to the door.

“who is everybody Devon?”

“You’ll see” he said while making his way out the door. As he was walking out Heather was walking in.

“Good. Because you looked crazy just now” Devon said, finally exiting out the room.

“shut up” she rolled her eyes and came and sat on the bed. She looked fully dressed and a fresh face now.

“So where are you going best friend you look cute?” She asked sitting on the bed.

“Thank you babe, and Devon mom is cooking dinner. We are all going over there.. you want to come?” I offered.

“Nah, I’ll let you get your family time.. I need to catch up on my rest anyway” She said standing to her feet yarning.

“mhmm bitch don’t think you off the hook, I want to know everything” I Teased.

“yeah yeah and I want to know every detail also.. bitch your glowing” she slapped my butt then ran out the room. I just laughed and shook my head at her stupid ass. I gathered all my stuff I was bringing with me and headed down to Malik’s room. The door was open, they were in their own little world and didn’t notice I was there so I just sat there and listened to their conversation.

“so-so-so my little sister is there daddy?” Malik asked.

“Yeah man are you excited to meet her?”

“Yes, does she look like me?” Malik said, pointing to himself.

“yup she does she smaller than you though”

“so she looks like my mommy? Because everybody always tells me you look just like you mommy” Malik said which made me and Devon laugh at the same time he looked over at me then back at Malik to answer his many questions about his sister.

“No son you look like me and your mom but you just look like your mom more, but let’s go so we could see your room” Devon said which shocked me because he got him a room already.

“room?” I questioned him not that I had a problem with it I just wanted to know.

“yeah room, is that a problem?”

“No nothing like that...i was just surprised”

“Yeah I cleaned my guess room out Ima take him tomorrow so he could fix his shit up” He said standing to his feet.

“okay... well are you guys ready?”

“Let’s be out” he said, grabbing Malik and carrying him out the door.

“He can walk, you know,” I told him.

“I know but I didn’t get to carry him as a baby so Ima carry him any chance I get.. he is still my baby” He said as he kissed his forehead while Malik head laid on his shoulder.

“Ima tell Heather we are leaving I’ll meet y’all in the car , his booster seat in the living room” I told him.

“aight ma” He said walking off. I walked off towards Heather room knocked twice and open the door to her laying under the covers knocked out, I shut the door back and said Ima just text her. I walked out my dad house, locked the door and got in the front seat of Devon’s car and we pulled off going to his house.

We arrived at Devon’s house thirty minutes later and I saw a lot of cars parked outside his house. I wasn’t expecting a whole house full of people but I guess it was a little too late.

“You ready? Ima grab Malik” He asked looking over at me.

“Okay,” I said, I started to grab the door handle to open but Devon pulled my arm back.

“I got it. Don’t move” He told me. I playfully rolled my eyes and sat back and waited until he grabbed Malik and then opened the door.

“well thank you gentlemen”

“ha ha real cute.. come on girl” he said grabbing my hand. We walked through the house from the garage and soon we hit the inside we heard a lot of talking and laughing. We soon entered the living room and everybody stopped talking and looked towards us when they noticed it was just me they got excited mainly Devon’s mother.

“aahhh oh my godddd Amina!!” She yelled out getting up to come hug me. I hugged her back as tight as she was hugging me because I really did miss her.

“Faith women stop hugging that damn girl so tight” Devon dad said getting up coming over to hug me the same.

“how you been baby girl?” He pulled away and asked.

“Good pops, how have you been? I see you walk with a limp now” I said laughing pointing to the cane he had in his hand.

“yeah old man can’t get down like he use to—”

“So who is this handsome young man” his mom looked at me and Devon and everybody In the room had their eyes on us now. I looked up at dev and then dev looked at me for approval so I just nodded they was gone find out anyway.

“This my son.. Mina had him four years ago” Devon broke the silence. it was silent again for a while before anyone could speak all we heard was.

“Daddy” from Kylie running down the hallway “hey baby” you heard Devon yell back as he turned around while kylie started hugging his leg. By now Malik was waking up. Devon finally put him down and squatted down to Malik level.

“Lik you remember I told you about your sister?” He asked him. Lik nodded because he was still tired.

“this is Kylie.. baby this is your brother Malik” Kylie didn’t say much because she was shy so she got in between Devon’s legs and stood there.

“ma ma don’t be like that that’s your brother” He told her, I just smiled because she was so adorable and such a daddy’s girl.

“They will get used to each other,” Devon said standing up.

“So this was the surprise?” His mom spoke, making us look at her.

“yup... surprise” Devon said laughing and smiled. His mom gave him the eye while looking down at Malik.

“Hey baby, are you hungry.. come with ma ma” she said grabbing Malik while walking out the living room but before she walked out she gave me the eye and pointed at me.

“we’ll talk later” She told me as she took Malik and Kylie I just said okay already knowing what was to come.

\“You good?” Devon asked me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder walking me to his couch. I knew half of the people already because of last night. We sat down and we were just chilling around until his mom called me in the kitchen.

“Yes mama” I said, going over to hug her because I know she was hurt a little bit.

“don’t yes mama me girl.. tell me everything” She demanded. by the time I told her everything even about Rasheed she was hugging me while rubbing my back because I was crying. I finally got myself together and she sat my food in front of me and told me to eat. Soon as I was almost done eating Devon came running in out of breath.

“Damn kids got me running” I just laughed at him because he looked like a big ass kid but I guess that’s what kids make you do, Make you be a kid again.

“need some water” I chuckled and asked.

“he’ll yeah.. they getting along really good now”

“well that’s good.. I’m happy that they are.. I didn’t want to see two mean ass Devon’s go against each other... I’m so tired” I said, throwing my head Back.

“that’s crazy they both do act like me.. he can stay the night right? How about you crash to?” He asked, grabbing water out the refrigerator.

“Yeah I have no problem with that.. you sure with your daughter here?” I asked. I just wanted to make sure because I know how I’am about other people around my son. He just stuck his teeth.

“Yeah mama stop playing” he said getting up to grab the water bottle before drinking the whole thing.

“Damn thirsty” I said laughing.

“HA jokes.... come out to the front porch with me” He told me.

“is The kids okay?” I confirmed.

“They are going to be good. My mom got them and she getting them ready for bed.. come on” He said and grabbed two red plastic cups and the bottle of Henny. This nigga trying to get fucked As i thought to myself. Thirty minutes later into talking and giggling with one another we were three glasses in and now rubbing and feeling on each other until the door opened. It was his friends, his mom and dad walking out getting ready to leave.

“Sneaking off again for old sake?” His dad said while everybody followed outside.

“y’all out?” Devon asked ignoring his dad’s comment

“yeah son we see you maybe.., tomorrow” his dad shook Devon’s hand.

“Ard pops.. Ard mama.. y’all be safe and call me when y’all get in” Devon told his dad.

“yeah if he answers.. you look smacked bro” Shooter said to Devon laughing and dapping him up also.

“Ard bro.. stay up, hit my line” they all got into their cars and drove off.

“Let’s go check on the kids’ ′ I said and we locked up and went to tuck the kids in their beds.. only thing is Kylie wasn’t in her bed. She was asleep with Malik right next to her. I was happy that they warmed up to each other. That’s all I wanted was for my son to be happy, And this was his happy place.

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr. POV

After we tucked the kids into bed we both walked out their room.

“Aye where are you going?” I asked Mina while pulling her back side to my front.

“umm to the guest room” She told me. She really was full of games cause she loved playing.

“nah mama stop playing you know you sleeping with me” I said as I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and started running towards my room.

“OH MY GOD.. DEVON YOU BETTER NOT FUCKING DROP ME” She said yelling but laughing at the same time.

“Stop yelling girl before you wake my kids up” I said, slapping her ass then throwing her on the bed. I walked over to my dresser and threw her one of my t-shirts. I took my shirt off and my pants before going towards my dresser and started rolling up three Ls. After we smoked all three we started watching Friday halfway into the movie Mina started feeling on my dick. I knew she was horny she smoked three Ls and had three glasses of henny shit I was horny too so you know the next thing I know I wasn’t expecting at all so I had to stop her.

“aye ma, what you doing” but she just pushed my hand away and attached her lips onto my dick anyway. which was the best feeling ever. I couldn’t stop her. She didn’t want me to stop.

“damn ma” the first lick she wasted no time deep throating me. She never did no shit like this to me before so it shocked me. She started going faster going deep every time. She slurped and spit on it doing all types of crazy shit. I grabbed the back of her braids while moving her head up and down on my dick.

“Damn you not gagging or nothing.. ahhh yeah” I told her, feeling her whole mouth when she looked up at me while still sucking. I lost it, I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood her up on her knees and took my shirt off and laid her down and started eating her pussy like it was my last meal.

The next fifteen minutes she was busting all over my shit .

“Mmmm babe.. I want you... now” I wasn’t gone do it but I said fuck it and grabbed the condom out my top drawn and put it on my dick. As she watched me put the condom on she watched me with awe, I didn’t understand why.

“Told you.. full grown man.. now come ride it” I said smirking, and she did as told.

“ugh mmm damn babe it’s so big...... it’s too much.” She moaned out trying to back out now.

“take it” after I said that she turn around where her ass was facing my face but still riding me.. she turn into a fucking cow girl and was riding my dick like she didn’t want me to go any where.

“Damn Ma.. just like that.. ride that shit” I moan out while smacking her ass over and over again. All you heard was ass smacking and clapping, good thing my walls were soundproof or both of the kids would have been up by now. After about twenty minutes of riding I pulled out.

“Get that ass on all fours baby” I said smacking her ass. She did as told and made a perfect arch.

“damn ma.. that shit pretty as shit.. let me taste that shit” I said putting my face near her pussy.

“go head daddy” She said in the most sexiest tone.

“say that shit again... what’s my name?” I asked her while licking and lightly biting on her pussy

“ahhhh da-daddy” She yelled. I played with my dick on her pussy for a few seconds before sticking my dick into her.

“Fuck” we both said out loud I started moving my hips slowly before I started to turn it up..

“throw that shit back babe” I told her smacking her ass harder this time.

“okay daddy” she moaned out which was the sexiest shit ever.

“Yeah i like this shit.. what’s my name”

“oooh daddy.. Daddy”

“keep throwing that shit back” she went harder and faster this time. That’s when she started to tighten her pussy around my dick which made me get weak.

“Keep on doing that shit babe.. Ima nut” I guess she felt like she was snatching my soul. I’m Not going to trip she was and I honestly missed being intimate.. it was still tight and fresh just how I remembered. By now she was fucking the shit out of me, I was enjoying this I gotta reward her in the morning it had me thinking. By now I was getting ready to cumt.

“daddy I’m boutta nut” She yelled.

“me to babe.. shit” five minutes later.

“AAAAHHHH” we both yelled out as we came together and both dropped down on the bed. We were both completely out of breath.

“Come shower with me” she said looking over at me we both got up and got in the shower. We washed each other up and the next hour we were both out in different clothes. We changed the sheets because they were all soaked up and then got under the covers preparing for bed. We didn’t say anything to each other, we just stared at each other.. we knew what we just did...we were grown. We both knew where we stood in each other’s lives.

We always been around each other but now that we are actually fucking I knew our feelings and love will only grow stronger from here, we just started something. We never put a title on what we are, we always just went with the flow because it felt right, we both were too afraid to label one another because of how it might mess with our friendship. That’s why we never got together when we were kids and I think that’s what she was still scared of until this day.

“Tonight was amazing babe really, I missed her real shit” I said while cupping her pussy and pushing her so her back was to my front.

“Yes tonight was amazing, hopefully I remember half of this shit in the morning” she said yarning.

“oh you will.. but get your rest beautiful I’m bout to be out myself”

“okay goodnight I love you... papi”

“love you to ma.. goodnight” I said then kiss her on the cheek.

Amina Joy Smith POV

The Next Morning


I woke up to Devon’s phone ringing, he was still a hard ass sleeper. I just shook my head and let it keep ringing because I wasn’t going to answer his phone. I got up, well at least tried to get up but my legs were hurting like shit from last night. Last night was amazing, no more henny for me though that’s all I knew I’m A whole new person with that shit. I got up to use the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth, since I was up because of Devon’s phone I decided on making breakfast for the house.

I grabbed Devon’s robe and I went down stairs into the kitchen to see what he had, I knew Devon was Muslimso I pulled out some turkey Bacon he had with pancakes, cheese eggs plus grits with some fruit. I started everything up, Halfway finished I checked the clock on the oven and it read 7:30am.

I started to make plates for everyone, I finished up the plates and decided to go wake everyone, But knowing Devon and Malik I know it was gone be hard and probably Kylie too if she sleeps anything like her dad and brother.

Walking towards the stairs I heard the doorbell ring I thought rather or not I should get but I chose to get it anyway because I thought maybe it would be his mo, so I ended up answering the door without asking who it was and o course soon I opened the door it was a person I was least expecting.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Before I could even answer Devon came down stairs just in time shirtless with just some sweats on.

“What the fuck is you doing here Marie?” It was Devon’s Baby mother, I just smirked and just let Devon handle her.

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