Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 11

Amina Joy Smith POV

Same Morning..

“What the fuck is you doing here Marie” Devon said walking fully down the steps and standing beside me.

“No nigga the question is why the fuck you got bitches around my child.. where she at anyway” She said clearly mad.

I just looked at this bitch and laughed because she was mad..

“yo watch ya fucking mouth.. now you worried about ya daughter.. you weren’t worried when you dropped her off at my moms and dipped now was you?” He Said. I didn’t want to stand here any longer so I cut in before this mad ass bitch said anything else at least to me or about me, I decided to be a little petty while at it.

I grabbed Devon’s arm. “Babe Ima go get the kids up so we can eat breakfast.. finish up with this then come eat” I told him

I winked up at him and he looked down at me and smiled.. I just turned around and plastered the biggest smile on my face at this girl and turned to walk away.

I didn’t care about whatever else she had to say. I made sure I added a little more jiggle to my ass as they both watched me walk away.. as I was going up the stairs she started talking her shit again, of course.

“And you fucking this bitch with my daughter in here” I just laughed Loud enough where they both heard me and kept going my way. Maire never liked me ever since me and Devon became best friends. She was so jealous of our relationship, it was even times where she kept Dev from being around me. I thought the shit was funny because knowing him that nigga can’t stay away from me no matter how hard he tried, no matter who dev was with or messing with. I knew I had his heart these bitches just got his dick.. and that was the same for me.. I was just scared of a relationship with him because I know how Dave moves and Right now I wasn’t ready for a relationship shit I just got out of one I wasn’t trying to rush into anything any time soon.

I soon made it up stairs in Malik’s room and to my surprise they both were wide awake watching tv.

“Goodmorning babies” they both turned around so fast at the sound of my voice.

“Good Morning mommy!!” Malik said excited. Kylie just sat there because she didn’t know who I was. I just smiled at her and held my hands out towards her and to my surprise she came in my arms.

“hey beautiful.. you hungry?” She nodded her head yes.

“okay well let’s get you ready for breakfast.. Malik come on so we can wash you and your sister face and brush those beautiful teeth”

They both grabbed my hand and we were making our way to the hall bathroom. That’s until I heard a loud sound like glass breaking. I just knew it was Marie and Devon. I grew annoyed because it’s not even eight am and this bitch wants to start shit. Knowing that her daughter is here I can tell she was careless.

“Baby take your sister and y’all go back in the room Ima check on daddy” I said.

They did as told and soon as they went in I made sure they were alright first then I closed the door and went jogging down the steps, All I heard was yelling.

“BITCH WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU” Devon had Marie by the neck I never seen him hit a female before but I knew she did something that made him fucking mad, I saw Devon mad before but not this mad where he have to put his hands on a female.

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME” Marie yelled back I walked over towards them, Even though she deserve to be getting choked for calling me a bitch I wouldn’t let him, I mean what kind of person would I be for letting this shit play out.

“Devon.. babe.. let her go” I said grabbing his arm making him look at me. He turned to look at me then back at Marie before blowing out a breath of frustration.

“you lucky my fucking kids up stairs” he said before finally letting go.

“kids nigga you only got one fucking kid and that’s Kylie.. The fuck you talking about” I just chuckled cause little did she know.

“Yo get the fuck out my crib B you buggin” Devon said upset.

“And bitch what the fuck you laughing at” I guess she felt a little salty now that she had to come for me, I laughed but I wasn’t playing with this bitch this was the second time calling me out my name.

“alright.. I’m not gonna take anymore of your bitches.. what’s the problem why you mad ma” I asked her crossing my arms while smirking, I guess she wanted the Philly mixed with New York to come out of me and that wasn’t gone be a pretty sight.. I know how to fight, and I played with guns. I learned everything from my father so protecting myself wasn’t a problem, Shit I better. I have two crazy ass brothers and one crazy ass dad.

Before she could even respond Devon jumped in. Devon saw me fight many of times half of the times he was calling me to fuck somebody up that’s why he jumped in so quick, he knows I hate arguing.

“Yo didn’t I tell ya ass to watch ya mouth.. fuck out my house” he grabbed her by her arm pulling her towards the door.

“FUCK YOU, GET OFF ME I WANT MY DAUGHTER” I followed just in case he started choking her again.

“Don’t come back to my crib yo on god” and with that he closed the door. She must have taken an uber here because I didn’t see any other cars out here.

“Bum ass bitch man” He stressed.

“Well what the hell happened, I was getting the kids ready until I heard glass” I asked him as we walked into the kitchen.

“she wanted Kylie, why now do you want her...When you was fucking out and about you wasn’t thinking about her I wasn’t having that shit I guess she couldn’t take no as a answer so she picked up the Vase my moms got me and tried to hit me with it.. when she noticed she didn’t hit me she smacked me. On the real mama I wanted to kill that bitch”

“well I’m glad you didn’t.. that would of never been pretty”

“yeah.. she won’t ever have to worry about seeing her again though I’m going to court for full custody, not being nice nomore fuck all that..” I just nodded looking up at him.

“come here” He said. I walked over to him and stood in front of him while looking up at him. I noticed his bottom lip had a little blood on it so I took my thumb and rubbed over it.

“damn she made you bleed” I said. He didn’t say anything but licked his lips and shook his head.

“aye.. thank you I appreciate you for cooking breakfast I’m sorry this shit had to start off all wrong because my dumb ass baby mom”

“it’s okay trust me.. even though I wasn’t gone take too many of her bitches.. but Ima go get the kids.. Kylie finally warmed up to me. She came to me” I said low key excited.

“Awl snap that mean she fuck wit you cause she be acting shady towards every fucking body” I just giggled and said. “Well Ima go get the kids.. go out back and smoke because I know you are frustrated and we can eat” I told him about to walk off.

“you think you know me huh?” He said, smirking.

“yeah, know you better then ya other baby mother, she had balls for smacking you” I said laughing while walking away. He started laughing.

“That shit funny now.. but I saw that petty shit earlier don’t think you off the hook” he said laughing then smacking my ass extra hard. “OUCH DEVON!!!” I said rubbing my now hurting ass.

“shut up.. I see you real comfortable with my robe.. I like it though” he said licking his lips all sexy and what not.

“whatever.. and clean this glass up before the kids come” I said walking away going towards the upstairs to get the kids.

An hour later we were done eating breakfast and everyone was full. It was now 10:00am. I had a lot to do today. Good thing Devon was taking Malik, I’ll be able to do everything I needed to do. Not that Malik was a problem or anything butI had to go and make sure that my cars got dropped off, check on my buildings to make sure they were ready.

Before I moved down here I made sure I had my dance studio done and my hair salon so I wouldn’t have to stress when I got down here

“So what’s ya plans for today mama?” Devon Asked.

“Well..” before I could even finish my phone started ringing from my realtor. I answered quickly by putting the phone on speaker.

“Hello” I answered.

“Hey Goodmorning Ms. Amina Smith, I was calling to let you know that the keys to your house is ready.. you can come down to my office and get them today if you’re available.. Or meet me right over at the house” she spoke.

“YAYYYYYY.. yes I can be there in the next hour is that alright?” I said excitedly.

“yup, congratulations and see you soon” I said alright and ended the call well that’s another thing added on my list.

“Well now I have that on my list of things I have to do today” I said as I ran down to Dev the rest of the stuff I have to do today.

“Soooo can you run me to my dads?” I needed clothes and I needed to get Heather so we could pick my cars up.

“Of course. Might as well get the kids ready I’ll drop you off and then me and kids be on our way”

“okay let’s go” A hour Later the kids and Devon were washed and dressed and now we were on our way to my dads so I could get dressed and be on the move, just about thirty minutes we were pulling up to my dad’s house.

“Thank you so I’ll call you when I get my keys because I want to take Malik to see the house so he can pick his room out” I told him.

“Mommy mommy.. can my sister have a room to?” Malik Asked from the back seat.

I had a Five bedroom house so I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t up to me it was up to Dev, but I know Malik wasn’t letting up until I said yes.

“it’s up to daddy Lik” I told him

“please daddy” he gave dev the puppy dog eyes.

“Sure son” he said looking over at me.

“that’s alright with you”

“yeah it’s cool.. Malik wasn’t gonna stop until I said yes anyway” I told him laughing.

“Aight ma go do ya business woman shit” I smiled at him and turned around in my seat to say bye to the kids soon As i was about to open the door.

“aye.. where my kiss” He told me

“bye Devon” I laughed and got out of the car.

I made it up to my room and got right to getting dressed. I showered and everything at Dev’s house I just needed to get dressed.. I decided on a yellow sweat suit from 424 inc and a long jacket from Shop Shai and some red bottoms. I loved heels and could wear them all day. I just threw my braids in a pony tail.They was coming out soon anyway. satisfied with my outfit I made my way down the hall to Heather room. I knocked twice but she didn’t answer so I figured she may have been asleep but when I walked in she wasn’t there which was funny So I just went back to my room and made sure I had everything and went down stairs.

“Where you going so soon?” I jumped because it scared me. My dad’s house was quiet, nobody was here until I heard Heather’s voice.

“bitch you scared me where you was at I checked your room and you wasn’t there”

“I was in the gym.. needed to sweat this fat off.. which you need to do sis because you looking bloated.. where you headed?” She Said.

“Yes I know.. and I have a lot of shit to day today.. speaking of which I need you to get dressed I be back in the next hour I’m going to get the keys to my house and I need you to ride with me to get my cars”

“OH MY GOD CONGRATS BEST FRIEND” She told me, I knew she would be excited.

“soooo I have to tell you something I’m thinking about moving to New York?”

“You serious? Like really serious?” She just starting to nod and I screamed.

“OH MY GOD YES BEST FRIEND NOW WE CAN RUN NEW YORK TOGETHER” I hugged her as I said it because I was excited and New York would be good for Heather to get her modeling career to where it needs to be at.

“Okay Okay.. so take this picture of me I need to post on the gram” I said and Heather took my picture.

“Alright i be back be ready please heather”

“Okay okay.. get out” I begged her because she takes forever to get dressed. I unlocked my dad’s car and started it up. I sat there for a minute for the car to warm up and I decided to post my picture, letting everyone know im New York bound now.

I laughed to myself because I know Devon is gonna peep. I sounded just like he did and even added a little blue. Him and my dad are dying heart crips like this shit is crazy! That’s why him and my dad are so close like they are. After I posted my picture I locked my phone and I was on my way to start this crazy day I had a head of me.

Wish Me Luck!

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