Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 12

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr.

“Yoo y’all slow up, stop running, stay close to me” I yelled at Malik and Kylie. We were currently at the mall. I wanted to take them shopping first. I was here with all my homies plus my little brother Richard.

“Yo bro, young look just like both of y’all that’s crazy nigga” my cousin bull spoke.

“nah I think he looks just like his moms” wavy my dj said.

“Well good thing his moms not hit” I said laughing thinking about Mina. She didn’t call me yet to take the kids to see their room and it was now three in the afternoon now. I wasn’t complaining because I knew she had a busy day.. she was a busy woman and about her money which was another thing I cherish her for. She was a hustler.

“Yeah you’re right about that.. shawty was nice” my man drano who just got out of jail Said. He did his bid for two years, on some little drug shit.

“aight nigga quick thinking about my baby moms” I said and he threw his hands up laughing.

“my bad bro” He said.

I grabbed Malik and Kylie as we were walking into the build a bear before I could get there. Some little girls came up to me asking to take pictures with me.

“OH SHIT ITS DEVEAST” once they said that it caused a crowd around us, Of course my bodyguard was there, so it wasn’t that bad I took a few pictures and that was it because I had my kids with me.

It wasn’t nothing, they just wanted pictures. I took each picture with both my kids in my arms, if they wanted pictures with me every picture was gone be me holding my kids. Shit they are a part of me and plus I didn’t care who knew I had a child with Mina, she will be mine real soon anyway. She was everything she was smart, determined, confident, loyal and most importantly just real. I knew this was gonna be everywhere soon but I didn’t care. This was my family.

I was done taking pictures now, whoever didn’t get a picture they was just gone be shit out of luck because this was a day for me and my kids Sometimes being known gets annoying. When we were in build a bear, They both started to build the bear they wanted too. I let them go crazy in every store I paid and walked out going into the kids foot locker next.

As I was about to walk into the kids foot locker I heard my name.

“Dev?” I knew that voice all so familiar from this stripper bitch I use to fuck from time to time. I haven’t been hitting her up since I found out about my son and I was hoping she wouldn’t show her ass in this mall in front of my kids.

“Wassup Bernice?”

She looked annoyed at my response just for the sample fact that I’ve been ignoring her, I just didn’t want to start this shit in the mall plus with my kids. She wanted us to be more than what we were but it just didn’t feel right just for the sample fact that I know where my heart belongs. I wasn’t trying to cap these bitches up, I might have told lies here and there but I’m pretty sure they knew wassup.

“Wassup? Um why haven’t you been answering me?” She asked while crossing her arms making me smacked my teeth.

“yo you see me with my kids man, lower your voice talking to me cuz”

“yeah okay... fuck you” and with that she walked away.. she gone be texting me tonight.

“Damn nigga you fucking Bernice to?” Bull asked me.

“watch when Mina finds out about that shit.... do you know Mina does Bernice hair and make-up?” He Asked. I just looked at this nigga cause how he know that shit.. I guess he peeped my face expression.

“Bernice shouted Mina out on her page” he Said with quickness.

“yall niggas worry about the pussy y’all not getting and mind y’all business about what I’m getting” I told them.

“Aight Nigga” wavy said.

I continued shopping around for the kids and I even picked Mina up some new Gucci sneakers that just came out. I know she hates sneakers but she going to wear them. She probably not even gone to take them cause she’s going to think we are moving too fast. Well shit we are not moving fast enough, but if that even makes sense to me a gift was a gift.

After about a hour an a half we were all done shopping and now loading the cars up, I drove my range with my little brother in the car with me We decided on sky zone for the kids after they would of brought their kids well the ones that do have kids to the mall but they didn’t know I was bringing my kids.

I made sure the kids were straight and I hopped In the front seat and I started the car. I thought about Mina and decided on calling her.

when she answered she looked like she was driving but her phone was sitting on the phone holder. She was singing Jhene Aiko - while were young I forgot how beautiful her voice was and just thought about putting her on an interlude, Ima tell her to slide to the studio tonight and surprise her.

She started giggling after she stopped singing.

“Hey Devon” she said smiling

“chill ma, you know my name”

“oh really.. wait where are the kids.. where y’all at?” She stopped talking freaky when she noticed I could have been around the kids.

“You Good.. they in the back... knock the hell out now.. we just left the mall... you might see pictures everywhere later”

“and why would I see pictures everywhere.. What happened?”

“Nothing Bad Mama I was just taking a lot of pictures with fans and I was holding kylie and Malik” she just started to laugh.

“I guess I’ll be prepared for your crazy ass fan bashing me because they think they are in a relationship with you” She said and by now she was laughing even more because it was true.

Females would go to the extreme. one time on tour a bitch came into my room and started licking my feet like that shit was wild. I shook my head thinking about that crazy shit.

“but it’s okay.. it was gone happen one day... that’s our son. It’s not a secret about who his father is anymore.

“Yeah I understand you ma.. but I was calling because I figured you forgot about the kids picking their rooms”

“OH shoot Devon I’m so sorry I freaking forgot after we had got my cars me and Heather got caught up going furniture shopping then we went to lunch...I’m on my way to see my buildings now.. then take some interviews for stylists and then I’ll be on my way” She said sounding like a lot and I chuckled.

“It’s cool ma I know you’re busy don’t sweat it... aye but look we are one our way to sky zone now so bout time you done everything we should be back.. my moms want the kids tonight if that’s cool with you. I told her I gotta holla at you first”

“yeah that’s cool.. I have to get him some clothes”

“nah don’t worry about that I got it already chill out, don’t stress about his wants and needs anymore I got it from here on out, now how much you spent on your furniture” I asked her.

“okay I was just making sure sheesh.... shit a lot, I brought shit for my entire down stairs and mainly for the kids rooms”

“Ima need your receipt.. but aye after I drop the kids off I’m heading to the studio I want you to slide through Ima send you the address.”

“Okay that’s doesn’t sound like a bad idea”

“ aight madrive safe.. see you soon” I told her and with that she hung up.

Amina Joy Smith POV

I was on my way to my shop, I just left my dance studio. Everything wasn’t where I wanted yet, the people that were painting weren’t done yet. My New Shop was called Volume Hair Studio p2. In twenty minutes I was there and my shop location was on 125th and Lenox Ave. this was always my dream shop, It was big. I had ten chairs which were pink. My favorite color is pink. The colors I did was pink and silver but like a diamond sliver. I looked around excited. I wanted to cry because I really did come a long way to get here today.

I think god and my son every day because without them my faith and drive to get here would have never been as strong as it is now. Happy with how my shop looked I ended up doing ten interviews for stylists. I only like four at the most. I told them four their start date which is the grand opening of the shop, now I needed five more.. I can do some interviews tomorrow as I thought to myself.. I locked up, checked the time and saw it was 8:30 now. I decided to call Devon to see if he was at the studio yet.

HIs face came across the screen and I could Tell he was in the studio because he was high.

“Wassup Mama, you on your way beautiful?” He asked me high as a kite.

“Yes, I was just calling to see if you were there already.. did you eat?” I asked him.

“Yeah I’m good,” he said laughing.

“what’s so funny?” I question him.

“nun” he said, pulling from his weed before blowing the smoke out.

“Aight I see you when you get here, you know I hate when you drive and talk on the phone” He told me keeping it short.

“Ard see you soon” and I ended the call.

An hour later I was pulling up to the studio, I got out and made my way to the front desk and asked the lady that was sitting there on her phone and popping her damn gum like a cow.

“excuse me” I said but she didn’t say anything back she just kept looking down at her phone.

“EXCUSE ME!” I yelled this time because they didn’t pay you to sit here and be on your phone. I hated that shit, I knew this bitch saw me here too, But now I guess she caught an attitude Because I yelled at her.

“Bitch I see you” She said. I had to stop and look around was it me or everybody was taking my kindness for a weakness, Do I have “hi my name is bitch” on my damn forehead.

My reaction got the best of me but before I could reach that stiff ass weave she was sporting around like it was cute Devon came out of nowhere and gripped me up.

“NO Devon get the fuck off me, Ima show her who the fuck the real bitch is” I yelled struggling to get out his arms.

“nah babe chill she is not worth it” The bitch was laughing by now, I wasn’t gonna say nothing because I didn’t want this bitch to think that she won..

“I’m chilling.. let me go.. I left my phone over there” I don’t know why Devon trusted me so much but little did he and her know I was about to treat this bitch I slipped out my shoes so fast and grabbed this bitch by that stiff ass weave and dragged her ass.

Devon pulled me off and picked me up this time.

“I see Ima have to hold your little ass down.. you don’t listen” He told me in my ear.

“I don’t.. that bitch had it coming.. now put me down” I said back mad and he put me down, I went to grab my shoes but he had them in his hands.

“Put your shoes back on” He said and I did,we continued to the door where he was recording like nothing even just happened, I just felt very disrespected.

“I just knew your ass was out here about to pop that girl.. I know how she can be a dickhead some times and I knew you wasn’t gone have that shit.. Other people be letting her slide”

“hell no.. that’s the third fucking time somebody called me a bitch today.. She had the right one” I snapped a little.

“more like a bad bitch” Devon said, making me laugh.

We finally got to the door and he introduced me to everybody.. it was so smoky in here with a bunch of niggas they even had bitches in here. Since it wasn’t nowhere else to sit I took my jacket off and sat on Devon’s lap. He started smoking while listening to the song that he just finished just before I came. I’m guessing, Everybody was excited the song was hot. It was called DevEast - on god he killed it.

“Aww you sound amazing.. I love it already” I told him

“appreciate it... I see you still love singing.. hummingbird” he said calling me by another nickname that he gave me.

Nobody knew I could sing. It was just something I knew how to do. I never thought about taking it seriously or making it my career. I just liked to sing because I knew how. The only way Devon knew I could sing was because I was always humming a song. That’s how I got the nickname hummingbird one day. I guess he tested the waters and wanted to see if I could really sing.


“Yo mina why are you always humming? Can you sing?” David asked me which shocked me because I didn’t even notice I was humming that loud until he said something.

“Yeah....something like that.. I’m always singing in the shower I didn’t know I had a voice until maybe six my dad used to always tell me I used to just make stuff up and sing it randomly” I said chuckling looking down.

I heard him mumbling something under his breath but didn’t know until he said it out loud.

“hummingbird.. Ima call you that for now cause you my little hummingbird” He said, making me smile. I knew it was Corny back then but we were kids so you know I had butterflies just by that corny line he just pulled.

“That’s cute” I said smiling looking over at him

Flashback over...

“Yes I sing from time to time only to Malik, or when I’m in the shower or something.. oh my god remember when you first gave me that name.. you was so corny” I said laughing as he joined in.

“Chill ma off my Game. It had ya panties wet” he winked at me and took a puff and sat back to vibe out until the person who was fixing some touches on his song called him to get back in the booth to add some finishing touches to the song.

He tapped my leg telling me to get up.

“Let me up babe” He said and I got up to sit back down in the chair and decided to get on Instagram.

Soon as I got on I saw all these tags. My notifications were popping, Of course the first thing I saw was Devon baby mom trying to bash me.. clearly she was mad at dick she wasn’t getting, of course I saw the pictures of Devon and the kids at the mall today I wasn’t worried about that Some people was hating because Devon was the father of my child while of course some were saying congratulations I had more followers than anything.

“Damn a bitch popping y’all might as well come get y’all hair done” I posted on my Instagram story with the next one saying. “I got the bundles out to #hair plug” after I posted I went to Dev page to see if he posted anything.

He posted the kids of course at the mall today at the build a bear, I guess he saw what Marie said on Instagram Because he ended up posting me it was a lot of shady stuff going on right now everybody was mad. Of course I liked and put a comment on it and the picture was cute. I accepted so I went on my page and posted a picture of myself being my regular self petty.

Yes, of course I’m extra. I didn’t deal with disrespect and you’re not gone, keep talking, Definitely not gone, sit on social media and try to talk shit. Nah. I know it’s gone, get back to her the shade room already on it they gone put two and two together.

“What you over here doing” I must have been in my phone deep because I didn’t even peep Devon was done.

“nothing putting ya baby mom in check.. didn’t check your Instagram yet?” I asked him.

“Nah what she say” he tapped my leg telling me to get up. I sat back down on his lap and went to what his baby momma posted then my post.

“that Girl be wilding ma.. I’m sorry I got you in this shit.” He said looking.

“It’s cool.. you just making more money in my pockets” I replied shrugging my shoulders.

“that’s why I fuck with you.. you chase that bag ma”

“of course” I smiled and got back on my phone. We decided to keep these people guessing and mad of course so being petty was fun so we went live and chilled for the rest of the night.

It was going on two in the morning and we were now laying in Dev’s bed watching tv.. twenty minutes into the movie his phone started ringing it read.

“Bernice″ He just ignored it. I guess he was trying to hide the simple fact that she was calling but I wasn’t worried about it. He wasn’t mine. See I know this is what Ima have to deal with if we get together, That’s what I meant about how Dev moves.

We went back into the movie and his phone beeped three times before it started ringing again

“Bernice” he was trying to ignore it again but I just sat up.

“Why won’t you just answer it... it could be important” he smacked his teeth, he knew I was annoyed by now.

“Man Mina come on babe don’t trip , I’m not even sweating her ma” He told me.

“it’s cool Ima go take a shower.. really Devon”

“Nah come here cause I know how you are” he said getting up now walking over to me trying to grab me I just pulled away and walked into his bathroom and stood in the mirror looking in it he came in the back of me and hugged me.

“Devon I’m okay just leave it alone please” I begged I didn’t want to fight already.

“Why do you want me to leave it alone?” He Asked.

“we not together David you can do as you please”

“even if I’m fucking other women”

“long as you not fucking me while doing so I don’t care....best friend” I said being smart, he could tell I was being a ass now.

“aight , say no more” he said then walked away he was mad well so was I, he didn’t know I knew Bernice I do the bitch hair for god sake.. I was more upset because I now had shared the same dick with somebody I was associated with, I know she was calling because she saw the shade room bull shit But let her start some shit Ima finish..

believe that!

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