Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 13

Devon “DevEast ” Jr. POV

The Next Day.. 3:30pm

“Yo mama’s you gotta stop being mad. She not fucking more important than you and you know that. You buggin yo” I said walking after her as she walked into my kitchen. she was supposed to be moving into her house but Instead I wouldn’t let her leave until I knew she wasn’t upset about that Bernice situation, I know she probably more hurt because she knew her the only thing is she didn’t know I that I knew that.

“Really Devon.. I’m buggin... I bet you don’t even know That I know this girl.. I did her hair any time she came down to Philly to STRIPPP!!... I am mad because I had sex with you and me being dumb should have known you was still fucking bitches.. I always fall back into your damn trap” she said yelling at me jumping to conclusions I knew this upset her but shit It made me upset too.

“Nah. Don’t feed me that bullshit you know fucking me wasn’t being dumb you wanted to just as much as I wanted to too.. why can’t you just admit you want to be with me.. you know I’m dropping every bitch in my phone soon you give me the opportunity to make you more then just my best friend mina.. So stop tripping and jumping to conclusions, if its gone be us let it be us fuck everybody else”

I basically spoke my heart out to her. She just sat there and looked at me. I grew impatient because I had a meet and greet to get to in the next fifteen minutes, I also had to host a party tonight and of course they made me and Bernice host this shit together.

“Come on ma speak up, I gotta go” I looked at her as she looked at me. I wasn’t expecting the next words that came out her mouth but it pissed me off making me heated.

“Devon I can’t be with you..at least not right now” She told me.

I wasn’t trying to hear that shit what the fuck was she waiting for thats all I could think of... was she still in love with the bull? If she did that’s all she had to say was the word and I was backing off. I started to walk away only for her to start pulling me back.

“wait Devon please it wasn’t supposed to come out like that.. I do.. baby I do want to be with you but don’t you think it’s a little too early?”

“Nah. Mina we have known each other for a grip now, we both know we belong with each other. It’s only one of us that’s ALWAYS stopping us to move forward and it’s not me this time mina” I told her honestly.

We just looked each other in the eyes and I can tell she was about to start crying she knew I hated that, I had a soft spot for that so I just looked up at the ceiling and blew my breath.

I know this might be selfish but she knows damn well just like I know we should move forward.. we love each other too damn much, I can’t stand to see her hurt or even hurt her in the process so I rather just leave her alone like she said. I knew what I wanted but she didn’t.. I felt like she never did.

“Let me ask you one question” I asked her, grabbing her chin making sure she was looking at me. She was so short I had to bend down but instead of bending I walked us over to the kitchen table and sat on the chair while sitting her on my lap while her legs wrapped around me. I needed her full attention for the next question.

“Aight it’s not no other way of asking this question..” I said pausing to look at her then I asked her.

“Are you still in love with your Ex?”

When she just looked me in my face and tears rolled down her face I already knew the answer to that.. I couldn’t even do nothing but rub my hand over my face and shake my head like that shit was crazy, The truth does hurt.

“Man I gotta be out, just locked my crib up and you can still have the key.. I’ll call you about my son.. I’ll see you” I told her. by now she was breaking down sobbing and had her arms around my neck tightly yelling in my ear, I thought she was over that she was telling me she loved me the whole time. Maybe it was me rushing her to be with me.

“DEVON.. BABE NOO.. NOOO PLEASE.. It’s not that easy. I just got out of a relationship why can’t you just understand where I’m coming from... i don’t even know how we got to this part. I don’t know what I want at the moment but I know one thing it’s not him.. I don’t want to be with him I want to be with you.. but I have to learn to love myself first”

I wasn’t even trying to hear shit else she was talking about. I was livid how she could sit here and say this shit after this pussy put his hands on her. She never denied that she wasn’t in love with him anymore. Getting more upset thinking about it I wanted to Kill this nigga. I smacked my teeth cause I was fed up with the conversation now it was a dub.

“aight mina, you wilding... let me go” I told her standing up. Her arms were still around my neck making sure I wasn’t going anywhere I was bending down a little since she was shorter and she was pulling me down. I guess she got tired of fighting with me. She ended up letting me go and she just stood there. I kissed her forehead and left out

Amina Joy Smith POV

That Same Night…. 10:30PM

I was currently crying my eyes out in my bed, I’ve been curled up in this same position since I got back, I was listening to Aaliyah - stay at your best. What happened between me and Devon made me emotional. I don’t even know how we ended up “breaking up” . I guess you can say everything happened so fast.

I swear we break up with each other more than anything and we are not even together. I don’t know why we never can get it together. I guess now it’s flipped on me. He may have thought I was still in love with my ex but no I wasn’t. That wasn’t the case, when he asked me that it caught me off guard. I never sat there and thought about me and Rasheed since I left him. I didn’t love him and I wasn’t in love with him.

I’m glad Malik wanted to stay with his grandma tonight because I didn’t want him to see me like this because I decided to get myself together. I wiped my face and sat up in the bed. I wasn’t gone sit here and cry about him all night. I love Devon with Everything in me. I just had to take care of me first before rushing to be with him or anybody else. Why couldn’t he understand. I grabbed my phone off my night stand and was scrolling through Instagram until I saw something I didn’t want to see.

“DevEast and Bernice Burgos spotted in Liv Are they a couple” I kindly liked it and got up, went to one of my boxes of clothes, I picked out a cute ass outfit while face timing my best friend.

“Best friend, where are you? We gotta go be petty” I said laughing because she already knew what I was talking about from when I left Devon house.

I didn’t even move my stuff into my house yet, I was being lazy so I called a moving company to come put my stuff in my house, my furniture comes tomorrow which was great.

“Okay, I’m on my way to you now anyway.. I drove your range to the Walmart, I had to get a plan B”

“Oh god HEV WHAT THE FUCK” I yelled.

“listen no babies coming outta here...” I started laughing at her because she was dead serious.

“Ok I see you when you get here” I shook my head at her crazy ass and hung up.

A hour later...11:45pm

Me and Heather were both simple but we were cute.

“Ok bitch Shooter said that they were still at the party. Let’s go” Heather said as we headed for the door and decided for my Benz. This was my baby. We hopped in and drove off going towards the club.

Yes I was going to be petty and might just fuck a bitch up tonight. I saw the little slick shit this bitch was saying about me yesterday so I wanted to see if she can talk her shit when she sees me. We soon arrived at the club and walked right in; we didn’t have to wait in no long ass line just because of who we were. Everybody knew us from Instagram. We walked over to the bar to order drinks. The music was popping which made me want to dance.

“Ouu Heather take a picture of me so I can post” I said laughing. She took my phone and took my picture so I posted it on Instagram.

I knew Devon was gone see but I honestly didn’t care. I took my braids out last night. It didn’t take long so I just put a quick sew in my hair.

“It’s cute bitch.. let’s take these shots” Heather said handing my phone over.

We threw back each shot and I asked for two more. By now I was tipsy feeling the vibe.

“Come on girl they saw us.. Shooter texted me and told us to come up”

“okay” I said while smiling. She grabbed my hand and we walked through the crowd of people until we made it to the section.

When we got up there the man at the gate let us right in, I’m guessing somebody told him who we was. Soon we walked in of course Devon looked up shocked to see who was walking in his section.. he was sitting with Bernice. They were over there laughing and “Lolly-gagging” but that shit was about to get cut short, I was feeling bold now.

I guess all it took was to get my feelings hurt seeing him with another bitch. I never been like this over a nigga before. I don’t know what kind of hold he had on me but I guess I had to show him that I really did want to be with him.

“Can I get a Glass of Henny.. straight please” I asked the bottle girl she nodded then walked away.. Heather left me by my lonesome to be over there laid up with shooter like they weren’t in the club. When her ass get caught she’ll be okay.. so I went over towards Devon and Bernice since that was the only spot open and sat my ass down.

They both jerked their heads and looked over at me, I just flashed my million dollar smile and turned my head. I went in my little Louie bag that I was carrying and pulled out a pre rolled blunt and lit it then started puffing on it.

“Here you go” the bottle girl said, passing me my cup of Henny.. by the time I was done with this drink I’ma be done for tonight. I finished my blunt all the way and I was halfway through my cup. I guess I really did hurt Devon feelings because he really wasn’t paying me any attention.

“Hey Bernice.. bitch you can’t speak now.. I saw you throwing ya little shots my way.. wassup” I asked her standing up in front of her by now. yeah I saw she had a lot more shit to say. I guess she didn’t take knowing my son’s father was Devon.

She was tight when she saw it because she was throwing little shots on her story all night about me. I wasn’t gonna give this bitch the time or day To react on the internet. I wanted to ask her in her face just so I can see that scared ass look she got right now on her face.

“Girl bye nobody worried about you.. you just mad cause ya “baby father” out here giving community dick.... if that’s even his child anyway” she mumbled the last part.

I looked towards Devon as he watched this shit play out. I know he heard the shit she just said. He wasn’t gone do nothing so I took matters into my own hands and grabbed this bitch by that little Ass bun she was wearing and started pulling her.. I’m dragging bitches for now on.

“BITCH STAND UP” I yelled. by now the whole section was looking at us.

“MINA... FUCK... NOO COME ON” Heather said yelling coming over to grab me.

She knew this was going to go down but she also knew how I got when I started fighting.. I’m going for blood.

“You buggin the fuck out right now let go” Dev said gripping me up.


“WHY THE FUCK WOULD I LET HER DO THAT.. man just let her go you tripping” I was standing here still holding this bitch down by her head and then I finally let go. Once she finally got up Devon grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards the exit but before we made it out Bernice had to get some balls.

“BITCH” she said while swinging on me but missed I got of Devon grip so fast and started fucking this bitch up. In my heels in all I didn’t get a fuck

“Dev get her, she gone kill that girl” I heard Heather yell out. I was now on top of Bernice bashing her head into the ground until Devon grabbed me yet again.

“NO GET THE FUCK OFF ME IMA KILL THIS BITCH” he had a good ass grip on me so I said Ima just stop struggling to get out his hold because It wasn’t no use to keep fighting.. I know this shit will be everywhere by tomorrow but I didn’t care as long as my Boobs didn’t fall out I was good. Devon carried me outside and put me in the passenger seat of his car before hopping in.

“I came with Heather, I can’t just leave her” I said.

“she with Shooter she cool”

“My car is here also” he smacked his lips like he was getting mad, Nobody told him to try and kidnap me anyway.

He pulled his phone out before making a call “Yo Cart come to my car nigga I need to you drive Mina car some where for me”

“aight b here I come” He said and they hung up.

We sat in silence just until A knocked on the window.

“Give me ya keys” Devon said, I guess he calmed down a little bit.

“Don’t crash my shit little boy” I told him handing Devon the keys and we drove off going towards Devon’s house which I don’t know why.

“I don’t want to go to your house,” I told him.

“did I ask you what you wanted to do?” He said back, being a smart ass.

“you don’t have to be a smart ass”

“and you didn’t have to show your ass tonight.. fuck you start wilding for anyway” He snapped.

“if you wanted my attention you got it now” he just shook his head and didn’t say anything the rest of the ride to his house. I sat back in my seat and laid back.

We were pulling up at Devon’s house in the next hour. I jumped out and walked up to his door..

“where ya key?” He asked.

“In my car” he just shook his head and unlocked the door. I was feeling a little hungry so I went into the kitchen and decided on an orange and some grapes. It was 2:30am too late to be eating anyway. Devon followed me in the kitchen so I wanted to be smart.

“So how ya little “girlfriend” gone feel that you left out the club with me” he smacked his teeth

“for one that’s not my bitch, I just fuck her” he said being to blunt.

“I don’t understand you sometimes.. you don’t want to be with me but buggin out because you see me with another girl in the club.. wassup why you acting out all of sudden” He asked looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say because he was right.. I was always saying how I didn’t care because he wasn’t mine but the whole time I was pushing him away.. so I just broke down. I couldn’t hold it anymore with my cry baby ass, plus the little bit of alcohol that I did give me a buzz.

“YOU.. it’s you.. I want to be with you Devon... I don’t want him and I don’t love him.. I love you.. I guess me seeing her with you made me a little jealous so I guess I thought I had to prove to you that I really wanted to give this a try”

“you didn’t have to go that way about showing me you wanted me ma and you know that, you showing out like that shocked the fuck out of me. That’s not my girl.. why would I leave you to go get with another bitch.. the picture wasn’t shit but a picture. We were hosting together of course it’s gone be pictures ma...my heart is with you..”

“I know and I’m sorry if I messed your money up.. but you should of heard what she said to me”

“I’m listening” Devon said standing now in front of me crossing his arms across his chest.

“she basically said that Malik wasn’t Yours.. so it made me angry.. you can talk about me all you want just don’t mention my kid cause I’ll kill you”

“Now you fucking know if I heard that shit I would of been blacking on shawty but I didn’t hear her. That’s my fault.. look I don’t want you to think you have to step out of character to prove to me that you love me because I know I got your heart just like you got mine” Devon said while pointing down on my heart I just looked up at this beautiful man. I wanted to fuck him right here on this kitchen counter but if we was gone do this relationship we was gone have to take it slow as possible.

“So let me know what you want ma, you sending me mixed signals got me going crazy” he said laughing a little. What I said next threw him off because he didn’t know I was gone say it.

“I Want You” I said smiling up at him.

“You shitting me?” He looked shocked

“Nah. I think we could try this out and see where It goes.. shit it feels like we are already together” he just smiled at me and grabbed my chin pulling me closer to him.

“so that mean you finally Mine” i was smiling my ass off nodding my head yes.

“Come here girl” he kissed me but this time the kiss was more passionate. We pulled away and looked in each other’s eyes.

“Don’t Hurt Me” i told him pointing up at him.

Let’s see how this goes...

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